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Mapping For Quake: TrenchBroom 2.0.x Tutorial Series
My new tutorial series has begun. This is appropriate for total beginners or experienced mappers who want to give TB2 a try (or just a look.) Links and a cheat sheet are available in the description.

Watch here
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Do that, and make a fresh install of TB since you copying stray dlls into the TB folder is a bad idea. 
OK, I did the fresh install of tb, I didn't place the directory directly inside program files but don't think I need to. There have been issues with other editors if it was not placed inside program files. All I have now is game not found and can't locate palette but that should only be because I have to set up the parameters. 
You should be following these steps from my Quickstart video if you have further issues. 

before anything, thanks for the help from previous, i appreciate it

where are you getting START.wad, ericw-tools, andNecros’ Compiling GUI at listed in your quick start pdf guide? is there some place to download this at? dumb question?

i am running dark places and you are running quakespasm 
Start.wad is on Quaddicted , there are lots of other texture packs on there as well, if you want all the vanilla quake textures get "quake101.wad", here is the link for that 
All those are linked above the comments at the video. 
if you want all the vanilla quake textures get "quake101.wad"
I thought the wad containing all the id1 textures was Q.wad...? What's the difference? 
quake101.wad has all the Quake textures plus Hipnotic and Rogue textures.

Q.wad is only id1 and I believe there are a couple of issues with renamed textures IIRC.

I recommend quake101.wad

I used start wad in the tutorial as I considered it a more manageable amount of textures for a noob. It was also a last minute decision when I made. I've been criticized for not using quake101.wad which would have been the smart thing to do. :(
OK Thanks! 
I did find those downloads under comments thanks. 
Custom Sounds In Quake 
Did this quickly. I wanted to do something a lot more comprehensive but this will get newbs into the fray easily. 
News For October 
Quake News for October

Note: if you read func_msgboard you already know all this stuff but feel free to pass it on. 
Custom Textures Overview 
Mostly for newbs. The first in a series. 
Mapping For Quake: Custom Textures Part 2 - Wad Tools 
Mapping For Quake: Custom Textures Part 3 - External Textures 
Mapping For Quake: Custom Textures Part 4 - Wally 
Mapping For Quake: Testicles 
Unofficial, unauthorised, unapproved, but potentially useful:

(I don't think this was covered?) 
Thanks for excellent guides! I generally detest video guides as it's so often a waste of time compared to quickly finding the appropriate tips in text, but these guides don't have fillers ("please subscribe to my channel!" etc), instead focusing on quick hands-on tips throughout rather short videos.

Trenchbroom also seems to be very intuitive, so much easier to work with than I thought. 
Yup I hate tutorials that don't get to the point. I can blather on and on in other videos but I try to get right to it in these.

Glad they are useful! 
New Tutorial From Bal! 
Bal shares some advanced techniques for making curves in TrenchBroom. Part 2 is coming soon. 
Is That The Award Winning Bal?? 
Just checking... 
You Know What? 
I think it might be! 
2nd Advanced Tutorial From Bal 
Advanced Curves Part 2 
New Episode on Screenshots and Flythroughs (Daz style!!!!) 
More Episodes For New Mappers 
Forgot to update some of these:

5 Must-Use Wads

My Workflow Part 1

My Workfow Part 2 
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