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DM4 Jam - The Bad Place
Quake DM4 is a beautiful map. Vertical... deadly... and dare I say... sexy. But... only in deathmatch!?!

It's time for you to bring this beautiful theme to the single player dimension.

***Your mission is to create a single player level using the DM4 visual/spacial theme.***

Verticalilty meets lava meets gorgeous runic textures. Epic or modest, speed map or Arcane Dimensions level of detail - all submissions and styles are welcome.

Here's the offical wad for the jam. You can add other wads and textures but please use at least one instance of each of the included textures somewhere in your submission.


UPDATE: New and final deadline is: Sunday March 18th at 18:00 func time.

There will be absolutely NO (more than the two we had) EXTENSIONS. Don't even ask. The jam admin (me) will NOT be submitting a map. Make sure and have someone playtest your map before submitting it. Use the email address in my profile to send me your maps. Or find me on the #terrafusion or #trenchbroom Discords to submit it there.

Name your map like this: dm4jam_<my nick>

Make sure and include a readme.txt and your .map file so others can learn from your hard work.

GO MAP!!!!
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Looking Forward To This! 
I've only just recently got into this great Quake scene, but I want you guys to know that you have fans out there eagerly awaiting what you come up with! Maybe once I watch enough of dumptruck_ds's TrenchBroom tutorials, I'll have my own contribution... 
There will be absolutely NO (more than the two we had) EXTENSIONS. Don't even ask. 
@metlslime thank you and yes I deserve the ribbing completely... never say "never" or call something "final" or declare "absolutely." 
”Only A Sith Deals In Absolutes!“ 
All Hail Darth Dump! 
If You Are NOT On Discord... 
If you are NOT on Discord and you WILL have a map ready for this Sunday's deadline please post an update for me below. Also if you have a playable copy now and would like me to include your map in the Jam trailer make sure and email it to me ASAP using my func email address.

If you could include a short demo playthrough doesn;t have to be the whole map that would help a lot. These trailers take a while to edit.

Please Read Post #81 
and update me here. So far we have 14 maps that should be ready for the Sunday deadline. 
I'm Out 
Couldn't progress fast enough. 
No Worries 
There are a ton of maps in this one. You can nail the next jam! 
I'm Going To Have To Drop Out Too 
Unfortunately some personal stuff came up that I had to deal with over the past week. I thought with the deadline extension I'd be able to make it, but nope :(.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the finished maps! Maybe I'll be able to finish mine another day. 
No worries. Your work is worth the wait. AND there's going to be a "DLC" release from Bal and others who won't make the deadline. 
DM4 Jam "Expansion Pack" 
As ALL content is d'loaded, hehe

Let's start calling it what it really is :-P 
Test Post Please Ignore. 
Spam Post Please Ban. 
Test Post Please Ignore 
I could try to make time for dlc 
Update On The Jam 
We are testing, collating, recording, readme-ing and start mapping etc. etc. etc. Don't expect the Jam on Monday.

At the moment, I would say Tuesday is a maybe and Wednesday is likely. I don't want to release something that has a bunch of issues. That's not fair to the mappers or players.

NewHouse has been kind enough to create the start map and that couldn't really happen until maps are submitted.

A handful of maps were VERY late.

I will say we will have up to 22 maps from 21 mappers. I've played all of them and they are fucking GREAT.

One map has some game breaking issues the authors are troubleshooting. 
calm before the storm 
Update On The Jam 
The waiting is the hardest part...... 
DM4 DLC Announcement 
@everyone dm4_dlc continuation is starting soon.
Everyone interested of mapping for it, just pm me or
email( mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com ) early on.

Deadline starts next week Monday 26th 0:00 Func Time and
Ends Monday 9th April 0:00 Func Time.

Hopefully all maps are well tested at that point too, and
having more than just 1 skill mode* 
Final Extension For Dm4dlc 
Deadline september 18nd and after that about 4 days for preparing the pack. Anyone interested still please contact me via mail mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com or look me after on discord, quake mapping channel or terrafusion. 
Small/final Update 
I hope I can get all maps ready for playtesting to Friday, ones that haven't been in that state yet. So this pack gets released before possible Halloween jam happens. 
Over A Year Now... 
This was a very enjoyable time to be involved in Quake. Maybe we can try for a DM1 Jam sometime later in the year? 
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