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Disengage The Simulator - Mukor Q1SP!

Its almost like weve all stepped into a slipgate and have been teleported to a dimension where muk releases a map outside of a map jam. WHOOOOOOOA THE ROOMS ALL SPINNING N STUFF OMG

Heres a de_dust themed slaughtermap for Arcane Dimensions 1.70

Go HERE to grab the latest patch as its required as well.

Screenshots here.

Quaketastic download here

Have fun! <3
This map is super fun, go play it! 
LOL About Time. 
Just Wrote A Review And Fugging Lost It! 
so this time you get dot points

- Awesome job with the scripting
- As usual good geo, excellent texturing and balanced gameplay
- I liked the ability to search the map before it started proper, slaughter maps rarely give you that opportunity.

I disliked one thing, it wasn't hard enough. Not for a slaughtermap.... That shit should be frantic.

Anyway, awesome job, was fun. 
Cool Map, Good Fun, Theme Works Really Well. 
[13:33] Shambler: i like the style and the bits of base in there too
[13:33] Shambler: the only thing that bugged me was the skyline was a bit flat and uniform
[13:33] Shambler: but the textures work well with fog and lighting
[13:34] Shambler: gameplay was fun, maybe a bit overpowered, but nail power up + quad was ace 
theres a cky song with the same title. made me nostalgic just now listening to it. 
This is my 3rd or 4th playthrough, i was trying finish the map without dying =D

This map is awesome, the level of detail on that first building is amazing, it's beautiful! The layout of the arena is not confusing at all and it's fun to run around jumping and killing monsters, but i didn't found the purpose of the bombs... is it to break something and find a secret? i don't know :P

Oh, and i changed the mp3 because i didn't want to get a copyright strike on youtube =D 
According to the readme, the map was actually named after the CKY song.

Neat map although I didn't have as easy of a time navigating as other people, possibly due to having basically zero experience with CS and thus the original Dust. Found the second secret later, not included. The button colors are backwards (yellow, turning to blinking red when pushed) and that bothers me way more than it should. Not as fast-paced as I was expecting, even on skill 2; skill 3 would probably be faster but the readme didn't specify what to play on so Hard it is. Demo here
Give This Man The $10 000!!! 
Blasted through this thing and had a lot of fun. Was genuinely laughing out loud when the techno music starting pumping and monsters were spawning.

I only have vague memories of the CS map, because I never actually played that game, only watched others play. I found only two bombs, and then when at the final crazy wave I got cornered into the emergency exit. Ridiculous fun. Great texture work too.

Going To Be Playing Through This In About 2.5 Hours 
Guess Im Your Only Cs Tester So Far? 
I'm familiar with CS and de_dust. For those who are not, the layout is not at all like dust or dust2 so if you're having trouble navigating, playing CS won't help you.

I really enjoyed this map. ~7 minute playthrough on my 2nd life on hard. Lots of fun and I unironically enjoyed Darude. The bomb plant mechanic was cool and I liked the inclusion of a CS elite T and AK at the bomb pickups. You certainly went all out including many Quoth monsters and powerups in such a small(ish) space, but it is a slaughterhouse and they were welcome additions. I initially though the map would be Qonquer since there's that particled backpack at the start. It would certainly be a fun Qonquer map.

I didn't know what the slipgates inside the crates were for. Once I planted the bombs and was told to find the emergency cutoff, my first thought was to stand in all the slipgates until one of them shut something down. I couldn't think of anything else they would be for. Monster spawns?

Overall, the map was lit well, had an interesting layout for the space, and made good use of the dust textures. Monsters, guns, and powerups aplenty. Well done.

One question: who the fuck is Shubex?

skill 2 demos 
Terrorists Win 
Damn that was intense. Finally a version of de_dust that isn't CT sided. I didn't really take the time to look too closely since I was too amped up but I think that my fallen brethren were Elite Crew, which is the only way to play T. This was a lot of fun and better looking than the original. I was also really happy to have plenty of ammo at my disposal.

Looking forward to de_dust2. 
Planted All Bombs And Nothing Happened 
Very good. Would love to see dust2, with more enemies and quads 
Finally Played This 
It's been on my list for a while. For whatever reason I hold off on ad_ maps until I have a bit more free time to enjoy them.

Was a blast. Beautiful work. 
So there isn't any bonus/secret for planting all three bombs? 
So there's no additional bonus/secret for placing all three bombs? 
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