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Skacky Strikes Secondarily, Supplements Selfmade Slaughtermap Series
Another map joins the demo of skacky's slaughter episode Quenching Urges of Constant Killing. This one is even harder and purpler than the two previous ones!


This map requires Quoth:
Top Alliteration Sir. 
Extremely Loud Combat Ensues 
Good looking arena to circle-strafe around. I liked the stardate 20X6 colour scheme and hexagons. The reveal with the bobs looked especially nice and was intimidatingly loud. Overall, a bit easier and less engaging than map01/02, but still a good laugh.

Here's a youtube in lieu of a demo file: 
Messed That Up, Sorry! 
proper youtube link here - 
Good Video! 
Here's skacky's playthrough: 
Nice to hear som good old chiptunes/mods in quake :) 
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