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New Q1SP: Luna In Silver Shards
Small, 100 brush Heretic2 texture map. Quoth required. Quakespasm recommended.


An Espresso Shot In Map Form 
I already know I like this one a lot, since I tested it. It's a really short and sweet 100 brush map in the spirit of the 100b4 contest and absolutely fucking frantic on Hard. Highly recommended if you like maps you can blow through, guns a-blazing, laying waste to everything in sight. (The readme could be better proofread, though.)

Hard demo, 3:19, 45/45 kills, 1/4 secrets, featuring the most heart-stopping-dangling-over-a-cliff-right-at-the-very-end moment I've ever experienced: 
nice little map. two embarrassing deaths, got it on third time :) I didn't intend to skip last boss, but I guess that is what happens when you spawn ground shaking monster near the exit trigger :) my demos if you want them:

Skill 2, 44/45 kills, 2 of 4 secrets 
Good Map. Finished It With Only 6 Hp Left. 
All kills, zero secrets (woohoo). I did see the one down the cliff, but I didn't want to risk jumping down since i only had 6 health left in the end.

Skill 2 demo: 
You Should've Tho 
Fall damage always takes 5 HP (if not wearing body armor, not sure if fall damage is calculated differently in Quoth, though), so you totes should've checked out the secret! >:C You would have had ample 1 HP left to spare. 
Short And Sweet 
After playing sm182, I got my first taste of short and fun maps and I'd add this to the list. I haven't played a lot of Quoth maps yet so it was cool to see some new monsters and I think that they added to the game play, especially the final fight. I couldn't figure out how to avoid taking fall damage in some areas although it wasn't a problem since there was plenty of health available, but it still takes me by surprise if a map forces the player to take damage. I liked how you made use of verticality in a small area. 
hey, this was some good action 
So... i went to download Quoth to play this map and i noticed that the file is named

Is there a quoth1 or quothpt1 there i'm missing here or just quoth2pt2 is enough? :/ 
*that i'm missing 
you are good - bad filename - good file 
Thanks =D 
Yeah is the good stuff. Just make sure that the mod folder where you put its contents is still just named "quoth". 
@Johnny Law 
Ok, thank you! =D 
Great Balance 
I think on skill2 the number of enemies was perfect. I didn't find the secrets right away- had to go back for them. You will also notice a shambler fell into the bottom pit in my run. Good stuff :D 
Playthrough With Some Comments 
Nice map. I almost forget it was a 100brush map while playing.

Here is my blind playthrough:

Yep, you'll notice that i was afraid while i was playing. Running like a little girl XD

I never played Quoth, so I didn't know what the new enemies' attack is like, how much damage they do and how much health they have XD

It was pretty much like to play a horror game =D 
I Played This Instead Of Mapping 
Better way to spend time, honestly. Was fun but the first demo was shot because I fell to my death like an idiot with one kill to go, so you get the second demo instead, in which I find a secret I'd missed and then completely forget to grab the grenade launcher instead. As others said, easy to forget it's a 100-brush map unless you go out of your way to notice the convex shapes. Usual skill 2, 5-something minutes, all secrets/kills, it's 5:30 AM and I'm not watching the whole demo again to see the intermission screen. 
I liked the new textures. Wish more mappers would use Heretic textures. Thank you for this map! 
Yep.. From The Screenshot 
..I like it very much !
HurrĂ  for open-space maps 
100 Brushes 
This could have been perfect for one of the 100 brush jams or competitions. Very well done. I missed one secret though. 
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