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Q1SP: Simplex
Hi again folks! This is my second Quake map, a medium sized mossy ruin with some room for exploration.

shot 1
shot 2
shot 3


Very Nice 
I really liked this map. Interesting design and interesting solution with buttons.

2/7 secrets 
Loved The East Wing 
that whole area gave me cool tomb raider vibe. The rest of the map was fun too, I liked the scarce use of armor and the optional arena fight.

Nightmare Demo:

Turn it off after I turn back at the exit portal, couldn't find the last secret. 
I am liking this style a lot. Interesting exploration, beefier gameplay, nice map. A bit more variety in textures especially rock textures would be nice. 
Thanks for the demo! That was some impressive play! 
Playthrough With Lots Of Comments 
Very Well Put Together. 
This was very enjoyable, old school styled map. Although the textures are tried and true, the environments are nicely detailed and push this map above and beyond the old 90s aesthetic.

The gameplay was very well paced and actually quite difficult. I've started playing on normal lately, and even this was a challenge. Overall very well put together.

My only gripe is that the flames on the ground seemed a little off putting, and I think they could have had some sort of fire pit or mount to put them in, considering the level of detail of the map. Also, don't call my Quake monsters Strogg.

My Demo (with Commentary) 
A really enjoyable map with extremely well thought-out encounters. Your ogre placement is just plain evil! D: That coupled with the rather scarce supplies really kept me on my toes in a good way.

The map is also highly enjoyable to explore. Overall, very nice work! I guess most that I wanted to say is already on the demo, so you might want to check it out. The playtime is 27:30, so better get cozy before watching. ;) After the demo I went back to try to find the rest of the enemies and secrets. I found all the enemies but two secrets eluded me. 
Thank you all for the demos :)

Per the note on Strogg, my idea was to treat of the grunts and enforcer at the start as a separate faction that's also trying to break in and steal the rune, and they're the ones who left the generators, but I guess that idea didn't come through. Lesson learned for future maps :P 
Here is my playthrough on hard skill:

Ok, this is not a blind playthrough. Since i already played the two beta versions i thought i knew what was coming, but on my first run i was utterly destroyed by the enemies and didn't find most of the secrets... was a real mess XD

So i played it again, with more focus this time =D

Found 6 of the 7 secrets and killed all enemies =D 
No Demos :( 
Really cool map, definitely harder than the the previous one, but still manageable. I like the idea of giving the player two paths to follow, even thought in this case you have to complete both paths to beat the level. And fighting for the Thunderbolt was a neat experience.

On the other hand, I think the sliding pillars were not well implemented. The way it is, you just have to press whatever button is in front of you without thinking. Maybe having a timer or a correct order would make things more interesting. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea and I definitely want to see these pillars in the future.

Also, the details are nice and you are very good with the brushwork. But some areas are too flat in comparison with others. Maybe you are a bit eager to release your maps :P

Overall a fun and solid map. 
Simplex On The Quake Grave

I really enjoyed this map! Super challenging at times, loved the buttons controlling the pillars and very high quality build! Nice work! 
..Good Architecture 
Usually I dont like green/slime textures but you did good use of it !
ps: I'm a bitch for open-spaces eheh :) 
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