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New DM Map: The War Zone
Hello Everyone,

I just finished a new (though very old school) DM map for 2-4 players and put it up on quaketastic. There's also a blurb by scar3crow (who together with Bal gave me a lot of greatly useful feedback on the map) on facebook, if you want to check it out:

The map is available at quaketastic:

And there are a few screenshots on my blog:

Hope you dig it!

Looks like spinev2 :D 
SP remix STAT! 
No .map = no crap. 
Congrats! Welcome back after your ~18-year hiatus.
It's a fun map! Someone 1v1 me. 
Congratulations and welcome back. 

Congrats on the release!

Is it intended that the lifts insta-gib you if you get caught trying to exit? 
I recorded two playthroughs of this map using DMSP2 mod on hard difficulty =D

And its claustrophobics corridors can handle 80 enemies very well =D 
Thanks. Yeah the instagibbing is intentional. They're built so you can escape through them both ways (you can also jump down without triggering them). This way you can't trigger them from below and step out without being gibbed. 
Thanks. I really enjoyed your tutorials for TB btw.! 
Thanks, glad you like it. I watched your videos - gory stuff ;-) 
Thanks a lot for patiently testing so many iterations of the map! Hope we can actually 1v1 in the final map on a server soon. 
Khreathor has the latest version up on his server, we played it a few times (1v1, and up to 4 FFA), was fun. 4 FFA is kinda messy though. ;D 
Frogbot 1 On 1 Demo 
Plays Great! 
Just downloaded and played with some bots. Great flow and a nice balance of weapons/items. Really enjoyed this one. 
Oh shit Headshot, great to see you back! I remember the time you sent me a chunk of your Hidden Agenda map to help a broheim out =D Can't wait to dig into this one... 
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