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SM183: Bases And Outposts
Originally, the plan was for this to be a followup to 24hr Jam, but when I absentmindedly announced the theme early, it became a weekend speedmap pack instead. Five submissions, all base themed. As follows:

Artistical's piecemeal outpost:

Dumptruck's power struggle:

mariteaux's caustic copperbase:

NewHouse's luminescent lockup:

prengle's fishtank:

Congrats Everyone 
Some info I wanted to add to the readme:

This pack features my first "true" id style base map. I made it over 2 sessions totaling ~12 hours. I wish the gameplay was better but it was interesting to have a new set of challenges. I usually prefer making wizard themed maps. For anyone considering doing an id base map I HIGHLY recommend this wad:

I discovered it a bit late in development so there aren't too many uses in the map, but I'll be using it again. Looking forward to playing everyone's entry. 
Here are some demos for everyone. Forgive me if I ran through your map too quickly and missed anything cool. I love quick, short maps like these. 
Smaller Maps, Large Enjoyment 
24 Hour Jam? Map Pack? Non-confrontational contest? What a bunch of word salad. Props to the authors for banging out these maps so quick, especially those who did so hot on the heels of the 100-Brush Shenanigans. Short thoughts/highlights:

Artistical: Really like the contrast of the warm level lighting and the cool blue skybox, even if it doesn't 100% make sense. Especially liked the details like the electric 'wired' lights casting their own whiter light sources. Easy to not believe this map was designed as modular segments.

Dumptruck: This is really your first base map? Could have fooled me. That damn armor taunted me the whole time, I was tricked by at least two false secrets otherwise. Ran pretty low on health and had to cheese out the final enemies, probably user error.

Mariteaux: Thought I glitched through a wall at the start, thought it was a cheeky way to do things backwards, then realized you can just jump through the window anyway. Also, the slime pit's hurt trigger doesn't do enough damage to kill a full health player, they instead die from one tic of the slime underneath. Intentional?

NewHouse: Did part of this map backwards by accident and got a Spawn to the face for it, then did the rest forwards like I was supposed to and still got a Spawn to the face. Enjoyable anyway even if I made it needlessly difficult for myself.

Prengle: If I were a gaming blog author you would get an article but instead you get this text blurb response to the readme. Way more enemies than I was expecting, and the Quad makes the arena fight almost too easy- wound up with a ridiculous surplus of shells and nails by the end of the map. Only map I missed enemies on, can only assume they're off someplace with the secret I also missed.

Usual skill 2 demos for all and running in-game comments here
Thanks for the demo. I made this one tough on purpose. There are two health packs on easy & normal and one on hard. You grabbed the only pack with 92 health! :P I suppose I should have kept one in. You were VERY close to the Yellow Armor secret. I made that skybox for Jam9 but it's re-named after my dog. I made it here. 
Oh geez, that would explain it then, I probably ran over the health and didn't even notice it because I'm so used to accidentally tagging health and not worrying about it due to there being other ones to pick up. Very close, huh? Now I've gotta go play it again until I do find it.

Also holy cow that's a neat site, bookmarked immediately. 
Scratch that, found it this time. Boy I feel stupid now. 
Here are my Skill 1 demos.

Artistical: Enjoyable but very dark and repetitious. I wished I could have found the NG. I assume there was one I missed.

Newhouse: You have such a gift for unorthodox designs that still work well. I was expecting this to be much harder as I routinely struggle on your maps. Great little surprises throughout. Glad I was able to find the secrets.

Mariteaux: Nice layout and fun encouters. I really liked this one and cool to see Rubicon textures. I think I am getting really hooked on the base theme now. Thanks a lot! :P

Pregle: My favorite of the pack. Is it too easy? Yes. Is it DooM-like? Yes. Was it fun? Hell yes. It was a breath of fresh air and expansive for a speedmap. Nice work. The fish and slaughter room were highlights as well as the holding tanks. Very cool! 
Demos Here. 3:25 onwards.

Will try to write more later, but this was really good for an SM pack. Varied, interesting, fun gameplay, and each map had something notable about it. 
So far i recorded 3 blind playthroughs:

Bay Sick (sm183_dumptruck.bsp)

Pygmachophobia (sm183_prengle.bsp)

Fluoroantimonic (sm183_mariteaux.bsp)

I have to say this is one of my favorites speedmap packs, just because i love base maps XD 
skill 2 demos
All blind except mari and dumptrucks 
Thanks Gentlemen 
Demos are always fun to watch. And helpful for design. 
I'll admit I never understood how useful and entertaining demos could be until I started mapping :D 
More playthroughs =D

Security Complex (sm183_newhouse.bsp)

Last Outpost (sm183_artistical.bsp)

Thank you, all the mappers, for these little moments of joy =D 
Note, all screenshot links and the download link are broken 
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