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New Q1SP: This Box
Hello everyone! Here's a small remix map using the knave textures. Detailed information in the readme. I would like to thank dumptruck_ds, Tribal and jcr for playtesting it.

Screenshot (a bit old, but still gives an idea of the level):


Have fun!
ps: it may not work properly on FTE.
Nice! I like the weird, fleshy growths that seem to be taking over the level. Killed all the monsters in the main areas before I had found all the switches to open up the exterior. I think I didn't realize I was stepping on floor plates during the fights, until I had to find the last one.

Enjoyed triggering monster spawns. The pattern was establish quickly and it gave me a sense of control over the experience, even though I didn't know which monsters would show up. Well done! 
Thanks for playing, Rhoq!

There are only two plates required to open the door, so it's natural to only notice when the "one more to go" message appears. Now I think that it was a mistake to put those plates on top of the stairs, because the visibility is a little limited.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the map. 
Here is my final playthrough =D

Man, I loved that new red lamp floating in the air. I wish all maps has something weird and cool like that =D

But my favorite part is still the first fight. The dance with all those vere-balls... it's already a classinc in my book <3


Oh, and i played with FTE and didn't noticed any issues with the map =D 
*vore-balls (not vere-balls) =D 
Nice Arena Style Map 
This map kind of reminds me Doom style arena maps that I've played, like map07 from Doom 2 with the Mancubi in four corners and the outer perimeter filled with even more enemies. It was fun to blast through but I felt that you might have oversupplied the player with power ups and with mega health. Oddly enough the greatest danger for me came during the platforming over the lava. I died there twice until I tried bunny hopping past the nailgun trap as I couldn't figure out any other way to get past. The pent that the player needs to take in order to walk back over the lava lasts well into the final fight with the guardians and makes it way too easy, especially with a loaded lightning gun.

Fun map though. Interesting and action-packed without being overwhelming. I'm also with Rhoq and Tribal on liking the details like the growths on some of the surfaces and the floating lamp. 

Thanks for the video! Last time you said that you couldn't see a thing, so I increased the brightness a little. Good to know that you had no problems this time.


Thanks for playing! Indeed, it's inspired by this map: But I tried to break the symmetry and take advantage of the Quake engine by making a second floor. The lamp idea came to avoid two identical stairways on both sides of the map.

I also think I oversupplied the player, because someone pointed out in the beta that it didn't have enough ammo. From my previous map expererience, I learned that it's better to give more ammo and an easy gameplay than give less ammo and a frustrating experience. 
Here's my demo:

Before falling in lava

After loading:

Fun arena-like map. I would have changed stairs, made the steps lover, so you smoothly go down them. 
New Demo 
Here's a new demo, not sure what's changed but I noticed something changed with the final fight which I think helped keep things moving: short and sweet! 

Thanks for the demos! I'll try to use clip brushes to smooth down the stairs (I don't want to change the archtecture again and again). I'm glad you had fun.


Yes, I changed the final fight based on your playtesting. I also changed the lava area and made some tweaks here and there. Thanks for the demo, you played like an absolute madman. 
I agree that it is better to oversupply ammo, but I was referring to power ups and health. Between the quads, pents, and mega healths, I felt like an indestructible powerhouse. Health drops can be tough to get right but if you made the mega healths a little less immediately accessible, it might have made the map more challenging. Still fun nonetheless. 
True. I was constantly wondering if the hard skill is harder than the normal skill, because of the amount of megahealths. But I was kind of afraid to remove them. Now that I'm thinking of, it's a short map and there are two of each powerup on hard skill. Definitely a mistake. 
Hi. playthrough and comments here. Not a fan of arenas and this was quite "first map", but the theme, brushwork and lighting are all fine and show plenty of potential. Gameplay was fun too although I derped the fuck out of it! 
Thanks for the video!

This was my second map, but it was the first time I used monster teleports, trigger counters and other features, so it might feel like a first map. As for the secret, it didn't feel super hidden because you needed the silver key (which was hidden) to access it. Thanks again! 
Heads Up. 
The person "running" Quaddicted is incapable of such simple functions as "rename a zip file", so to get this map on Quaddicted, you're going to have to replace the space with an underscore yourself. 
Did you saw the speedrun that Kills Alone made of your map? XD

It starts at 02:20 
I don't think I made a good map for speedrunning because there are practically two autoscrollers, one in the beginning and the other in the end. But that run was quite nice!

I should have used more clip brushes XD 
That Youtube Clip 
was rather bad and should not influence your map.
I enjoyed it. Keep it up, great work! 
Fun little arena map. From the RA at the start, I knew this was gonna be intense and indeed, it took me a few tries before I beat it.
Skill 2 demo, 41/41 kills, 1/1 secret. 
Hey, Mugwump, thanks for the demo! I like how carefully you play.

Glad that you had fun. 
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