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Quake Mapping Discord
In case anybody missed the announcement video, dumptruck_ds (Trenchbroom mapping tutorial creator extraordinaire) has set up a dedicated Quake Mapping Discord:

I needed a place to drive my YouTube audience that's more "on topic" than the TrenchBroom Discord and not as "freestyle" as terrafusion. So this space will be more focused on learning/improving than other Discord channels.

Click HERE to join the server.
dumptruck die it aigain. Thanks a lot! 
did it again ;) 
That's Funny 
Because I'm actually the server owner and set it all up... but there are 3 other mods. Yes one is OTP and thankfully, he's worked very hard on keeping things running smoothly and keeping people on topic in a polite manner.

Sorry this bothers you. 
Bump For Cocerello 
Anon Bitching Comment. 
Deleted because it's anon bitching comment AND because it's completely wrong. If you actually go into the channel you will see that it is working very well for mapping discussion and mapping help. 
Didn't See The Post But 
I want to be clear the Quake Mapping Discord is really for people starting out or coming back to Quake mapping. We have a #i-need-mapping-help channel that works really well and an @experienced-mapper role that experts can opt into if someone needs immediate help.

More Quake mapping is a good thing. I didn't do this to split the community up or draw a line in the sand.

For anyone who cares, I REALLY did this because the TrenchBroom Discord was not a good place for me to drive mapping newbs. I won't go into any further specifics.

So far, the new Discord has been relatively drama-free. We only ask that posters keep it "work and school safe" and on-topic.

I still go to #tf every day.

If anyone has a beef with me or the other mods please email me or DM on Discord. I'm not perfect and I've lost my cool plenty of times in the past both here and on Discord. But I am all for solving issues as soon as they arise. Or at least talking about them like adults. 
Just When I Needed It 
Thank you for your video tutorials, channels and all other resources! They really help a lot. 
Dear Administrators 
Please purge this thread from memory SVP. 
Nice Bump Otp. 
My Request Stands. 
<a href=">Here's some advice.</a> Hope it helps. 
Any plans for an irc channel? 
No. Why do you ask? Are you opposed to Discord for some reason? It's a good service that has fantastic multimedia capabilities. IRC would be a step back from my experience. 
Are you opposed to Discord for some raisin?

Yes, very much opposed. 
I was once too. I also didn't really have a reason. I dunno, maybe it felt too hip or something. 
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