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Underwater Map Jam
Here we go with another Jam!

What you have to do is an Underwater map.
It can be a base or a temple, any WAD you like, but must have a lot of water :D

Maybe Atlantis corrupted by Shub-Niggurath, or a flooded research complex?

You decide!

One twist though... we are using extras_r4 mod :D
You can make dynamic water and water currents with it.
It has other useful entities too. You'll find all info in the package below.
All this exotic stuff can get messy, so in case of bugs, let me know and we'll try to fix them :)

Theme: "Underwater" (base/temple/dungeon/etc.)
WAD: any you like
Mod: Extras_R4
Deadline: 31th July 23:59:59 (11:59:59pm) GMT - 2 weeks from now.

Universal deadline counter

Good Luck!
(and most importantly)
Have Fun!
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Thanks Guys 
Does anyone have advice on what is the 'best' engine that has lit water support? I tried the winquake.exe that mh (i think?) made which supports it, but it crashes on my map for some reason, and is just generally quite obscure and really only has that one feature.

I can live with my water-based map looking ugly when there's water involved, since it's Quake and that's what I signed up for, but it'd still be nice... 
This Is A Cool Idea For A Jam 
Might make some sort of underwater base or something if i can come up with enough ideas 
Change Of Ideas 
Instead of making a map full of lava I decided to make a map that takes place in and around a dam instead :) I dont have much to show for it at the moment but I should have something to show by Monday at least 
New Screen 
Finished this room today.
The water rises to just below the level where the moss stops when the player hits a switch.

Does anyone know any good solutions for having enemies standing in func_water? They make loud, repetitive splashing sounds when they move around :/ 
The Human World, Its A Mess... 
You can spruce up your underwater kingdom with this new mermaid model.

Was quite a challenge to capture Ariel's form using under 1000 polys and the Quake palette. But I had a half decent concept art model sheet.

Might be useful for a secret area or a joke prop:

Download the model here, instructions for animation setup are included:

Life is much better down where its wetter... 
Fuck Mr. Quake Replace Him With Areil 100% 
Work got me beat so I'm playing catch up now. I had no idea Extras_r4 had so much to it. I probably won't be able to take full advantage of the features on offer but I'm surprised I never heard of it before now! 
That looks great. I dig the colors and that room has an atmosphere to it whereby I can practically smell it. You didn't even have to go crazy with brushwork to make something that looks excellent.

That's hilarious. I would like to have seen the process of creating that. I really enjoyed the video you posted of you making the reaper model for your future map. 
Therektafire #15 
Rename your favorite lava texture *slime and use biosuits. Like orange flaming slime. Make another texture for the biosuit, to show it protects from "lava". Like asbestos suit 
Drop the player into the renamed lava when they get the envirosuit. Next time they see the lava they will more eager to try and drop. Even if it runs out they will realize by the damage. 
Updated Mdl 
Just an fyi I have overwritten the previous mermaid mdl file with a new one

Same link. The vertex normals have been fixed as qME had ruined them along a seam. 
Just Saw This And I Gotta Say... 
...Yay!!! Luv me some underwater gameplay! Don't expect me to take part in this jam but I can't wait to see what fucked up tricks and designs you guys are gonna come up with.

@khreathor I suppose you thought about including the fish count bugfix in your progs, right? It would be quite annoying to play a whole jam with wrong kill counts. Also, I know it's a bit late with barely one week to go, but for variety's sake, you might wanna consider adding the eel from MP1 (or was it MP2?) and the hydra from Seven's SMC (originally converted from Hexen 2, I believe) to the baddies roster, which we all know is sorely lacking in the pisces department. 
Screenshot Saturday 
Very cool style. 
Hot Damn 
Now there's something Quake has never done before. 
Screenshots From Jam-map 
Some Screenshots From Day 10! 
Here Are Some Screenshots :D 
Your 2nd to last screenshot is the most compelling I've seen yet. This jam is gon be so cool. 
BloodShot Shots 
look amazing! Moody AF. 
I don't have any neat finished screenshots to post because I keep getting hype over Bloodshot's screens and delete chunks of my own techbasebomination. Please beat me with a wet noodle. 
PRITCHARD thos are some pretty good screenshots 
Very work in progress, I have lots of the textures & oddities present in the screenshots fixed in the next couple of days. 
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