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Underwater Map Jam
Here we go with another Jam!

What you have to do is an Underwater map.
It can be a base or a temple, any WAD you like, but must have a lot of water :D

Maybe Atlantis corrupted by Shub-Niggurath, or a flooded research complex?

You decide!

One twist though... we are using extras_r4 mod :D
You can make dynamic water and water currents with it.
It has other useful entities too. You'll find all info in the package below.
All this exotic stuff can get messy, so in case of bugs, let me know and we'll try to fix them :)

Theme: "Underwater" (base/temple/dungeon/etc.)
WAD: any you like
Mod: Extras_R4
Deadline: 31th July 23:59:59 (11:59:59pm) GMT - 2 weeks from now.

Universal deadline counter

Good Luck!
(and most importantly)
Have Fun!
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Good luck everyone! More Quake mapping. Thanks Khreathor for calling this! 
Interesting theme! It would be great if Quake had more threatening underwater monsters. 
The Theme Sounds Very Cool 
I wish I could take part in this, but I'll leave for a vacation in a few days for more than a week. So I'll miss the whole thing (and all quake awards voting as well). I wish luck to everyone.

btw there's nothing more threatening than underwater vore or underwater spawn. 
Use Quoth ! 
Netradiant-custom Ent File For Extras_r4 
R4 Video 
The end of my Liquids tutorial has a bit of info on extras_r4 - some of the bugs have been fixed BTW. 
Lots of actual underwater gameplay can be annoying as hell so hopefully a map that leans more heavily towards the must have a lot of water fine print will still be in the spirit of the jam. Ha ha. Ha. Fuck. 
I created FGD for extras_r4.
All FGD updates will be under this link.

I'll post progs update tomorrow, with better spawn functions for monsters. This way you won't be forced to make box with monsters to trigger-spawn them.

...also I uploaded documentation, so you can read it on any device.

"Use Quoth !"

"Lots of actual underwater gameplay can be annoying"
Make it cool then! :)
You can do combat on the surface and puzzles/traps in water. 
Thanks :) Personally I'm not too fond of dynamic mob spawning in old style games like Quake and Doom outside of boss fights, I like the player to at least kind of know what they might be up against the moment they boot up the map. So if I were to make a map for this I would probably just stick to good old monster tp closets, it's not like they're that difficult to make anyway. But I'm sure people will find good uses for it nonetheless. 
Dynamically spawned monsters can still be included in the total monsters tally from the beginning of the map with no problem. 
Spawn Boxes Are Old School Though 
in keeping with the theme, the spawn boxes should be flooded with water too. 
I decided I would try to make a map for this jam, not sure if it's allowed but I decided to go against the grain and make a map that is full of lava instead of water 😂 I recently realised that the biosuit doesn't protect against lava though so I need to figure out a way to keep the player protected enough to where they can swim in it while not just throwing pentagram of protections everywhere (even though it would make sense thematically with the map itself) because that could screw with where I can reasonably place enemies without making most of the map fairly monster-dense so that it feels like they are being put to good use. Right now I'm using slime volumes masquerading as lava but I may take a different approach if I can find a better one. Also if using lava instead of water isn't allowed do tell me so I can stop while it's still pretty early 
Says Water 
But if its cool I guess go for it 
Beer Map ? 
Why don't you make maps filled with beer and piss, instead of water?

A pool filled with some oily, viscous white fluid would be fun too, sort of. 
"Why don't you make maps filled with beer and piss, instead of water?
A pool filled with some oily, viscous white fluid would be fun too, sort of."

Do it!

"I decided to go against the grain and make a map that is full of lava"

You could mix both, lava and water. I have this lukewarm lava texture if you want :) 
Sure, more texture options is always good :) 
Couple Of Quick Screenshots 
Nice Style There. 
Looks good Pritchard. I’ve always been a very big fan of that rock texture. 
Thanks Guys 
Does anyone have advice on what is the 'best' engine that has lit water support? I tried the winquake.exe that mh (i think?) made which supports it, but it crashes on my map for some reason, and is just generally quite obscure and really only has that one feature.

I can live with my water-based map looking ugly when there's water involved, since it's Quake and that's what I signed up for, but it'd still be nice... 
This Is A Cool Idea For A Jam 
Might make some sort of underwater base or something if i can come up with enough ideas 
Change Of Ideas 
Instead of making a map full of lava I decided to make a map that takes place in and around a dam instead :) I dont have much to show for it at the moment but I should have something to show by Monday at least 
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