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RTCW - Age Of Horror
New adventure for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Contains 18 levels plus a bonus level.

Information, screenshots and Download
I'm really digging the cathedral shot. I skipped this Wolfenstein but I've heard good things about it. Didn't know that there was a modding/mapping scene for it so that gives me some more incentive to pick it up. 
another reminder that we need a wolfenstein icon 
Haven't played RTCW in ages but this might just be the opportunity to do so.

@Poorchop You definitely should try RTCW. It might have aged a bit now but it's arguably the best episode in the franchise. 
Thanks For Reminding Me I Haven't Beat RTCW Yet... 
Looks Good 
A pity i cannot play it on this laptop. 
Thanks For Reminding Me I Never Bought RTCW... 
I never really thought about getting the game back in the day, but now I've started playing with the very idea.

The id engine retro gaming bug bit me a couple of years ago. So I played tons of Doom 1-2 SP, then Quake 1-2 SP, got bit by the Quake mapping bug in the process, and now I'm finally starting to move on to the next engine: idTech 3. Unfortunately, there's really no proper single player for Quake 3 and I never really played any SP idtech 3 games.

So, would you guys consider RTCW the most "natural" continuation in the slew of id SP games from Doom -> Quake -> Quake 2 -> ? 
Unfortunately, there's really no proper single player for Quake 3 and I never really played any SP idtech 3 games.
Then make some! AFAIK the only "real" Q3 custom SP experience was some sort of weird lovecraftian mod. It's no id universe but it shows SP is possible. Import the monsters from Shambler's Castle and you're good to go! I sure wouldn't mind some true Q3SP experience...

would you guys consider RTCW the most "natural" continuation in the slew of id SP games from Doom -> Quake -> Quake 2 -> ?
Make that Doom -> Quake and we're good! xD
Seriously, in all logic that should be Quake 3... Anyway, RTCW's SP is generally overlooked (it was primarily viewed and sold as a MP experience due to its Enemy Territory heritage), but it's very good nonetheless. IMO the best Wolfenstein in the franchise. 
And if you can't get enough idTech 3 SP, you should check out Soldier of Fortune 2 and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault once you're done with RtCW :) 
Q3SP You Say? 
Hmm, should I start making Q3SP... Now that is a question I haven't thought about. You've definitely given me some food for thought there, that's for sure! :/ Guess I'd have to start learning Radiant; that's the editor people use for Q3, right?

Cool, didn't know SoF2 was on idTech 3 engine. (Haven't played SoF games either, though.) Any opinions on American Mcgee's Alice?

But anyway, to bring the discussion back on track to the subject at hand, maybe first I should get RtCW, if I want to try out this custom pack. 
Sweet. I admit its gonna be the first rtcw mod i ever tried. Wish me luck! 
Well, Im actually stuck on the second map. all the doors are closed and both ladders are up which i cannot reach 
Alice is a great game! You should definitely try it if you never did, though I'm sure it has aged quite a bit. Lots of crazy surrealistic designs.

I found the Q3SP mod I was talking about earlier. It's called The Dark Conjunction and if you wanna check it out, click here
Shoot the latch holding the red ladder 
there were quite some games.

i especially remember heavy metal fakk2 (3rd person) as well as alice and the star trek ones 
We were talking about SP maps/mods for Q3A, not games using its engine...

Guys, if you want to continue this discussion, let's move it to GA, shall we? It has nothing to do in a RTCW post. 
I don't understand this call for order on a msgboard that is barely alive.

Are you also one of those people who mark duplicates on stackoverflow? 
FAKK2 Was Well Cool At The Time. 
Alice too TBH. 
A Bold Proposition 
Now that I have bought RtCW, a bold proposition came to mind: What if I were to play Age of Horror before the main story, with no prior experience of playing the game ever before.

Would you recommend it? Would it ruin the main story for me? Is the story of this custom pack related to the main story? Would this campaign be too difficult for players unfamiliar with how the weapons and enemies of RtCW work? 
The story in RTCW isn't as "rich" as the newer games in the series. I think you will be fine but RTCW is pretty cool, especially the crypt levels. 
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