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2018 Quake Christmas Jam
2018 Quake Christmas Jam
1024 ^ 3 maps for Arcane Dimensions.

A reprisal of last year's Christmas event, a mapper's challenge where the level must fit inside a 1024 unit box. I find that the size limitation helps to rein in the scope of a mapper's ambition, and increase the chance of something actually being completed.

Don't forget to use all the space. Use every vertical inch the constraints, allow, re-use areas, use the wonderful AD entities to change the layout and progression of the map itself. For reference, feel free to check out the original Quake Christmas Jam:

The deadline is November 30th, 2018.

Send your completed maps to:

func DOT xmasjam2018 AT gmail DOT com

Maps need to be fully compiled, vised, and preferably tested. Skill settings and compatibility with AD 1.7 is also a must. If you need help with testing, post here and they'll certainly be at least one good Samaritan who steps up. Prospective mappers may submit as many maps as they wish (I know I certainly hope to have multiple entries). Ideally we'd have 24 maps for every day leading up to Christmas, but that may be a little ambitious. If you’ve got leftover maps from last year’s event that you never got around to finishing, now is an excellent opportunity to finish them off.

So, get to mapping. Any questions, drop them either here or on the Terrafusion or Quake mapping Discord channels. Best of luck to all of you.
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I always find these jams on the last day or when they are over! I seen some screenshots on twitter for some cool maps, so its looking good! 
Join us on Discord for continual updates. 
I used to be on the out I discord like nobody's business to never miss a jam. 
Discord is for cat pics and cuntflaps (meaning both skacky's links and Shambler's personality). The rest starves out Func in favor of an exclusive platform. 
The rest starves out Func in favor of an exclusive platform.

At least there are no anons there.

func is not a great place to drive new mappers. I'm not the first person to say this. It's an acquired taste. I do see func as the place to save "evergreen" information and I'd hate to see it die.

Using multimedia here is painful though and I think that an the immediacy is the best thing about Discord. 
Join us on Discord for continual updates.

Inclusive platform, fully supportive of func, includes Xmasjam channel and liberal main channels. 
I totally acknowledge Discord is a bit more (new) user-friendly than this forum, one could maybe even regard it as a modern version of the func_layout. And it's certainly nice for new people to be able to get mapping-related questions answered right away since there's always someone online, without having to search through the board or wait a certain time for a reply. But initially it's not as accessible being a private platform and thus indeed exclusive, because it requires invitation links and those are usually burried somewhere not immediately visible.

You can't deny the activity here has decreased noticably, and while this is of course not all thanks to Discord, it's still a downside if the majority of people choose to discuss jams and post feedback on releases (if at all) there instead of the public threads here where 'outsiders' can see them even long afterwards.

Just an observation. 
TL, DR: Get Back On Discord For Some Epic Bantz, Neggerz. 
36 Hours Remain 
The deadline is in 36 hours, so if you've got something in progress, you're in the home stretch. Hey, if you feel like even making a speedmap for this, go for it.

Good luck. 
Sent entry 1. 
Ill fucking fight you negke 1v1 me fukor 
It's perfectly possible to interact on both, I always try to and encourage people to do so, posting news, map feedback, discussions etc (should be obvious from my threads on here). 
We could always split the difference by reposting the important discord conversations here, like we used to do with the #tf IRC stuff.

Clench Throckmorton Today at 12:01 PM
i missed the activity of func in its prime
func also had the rare honour of being literally the only website i could bring up on my shitty mobile phone going back a few years before smartphones happened
i particularly respected it for that
i'd be on like a 3 hour train ride with just a nokia dumbphone, and func was the only thing i could browse.
really focused me
made me appreciate what was important in life
you could say that era shaped me into what i am today

ShamblerToday at 12:07 PM
fucking hell that's some damning condemnation of the func scene
But Yeah 
I did have a useful point which is that: information posted on func is easily googleable, can be accessed anywhere without needing membership/invites.

Bottom line: if there is some good useful shit posted on discord that really needs to be archived, just repost it to func. I've done it a few times when I've discovered some useful compiling/mapping info that I think others need to be aware of. 
Noticed This Thread Has A Distinct Lack Of Photos... 
Couple Pics Of Mine:

These are all looking good.
Strideh's (the one with the red sky) is particularly it when a new theme really pulls it off well. 
Love that you are staying on theme. I like these.

@Kinn agreed about cross posting Discord goodies to func! Most of the time notice of speedmaps and jams are posted here first as the official resource and home. The we post news items in support.

I am on Discord and func daily. I'm not abandoning either one. 
Twelve Hours Remaining 
The Time Draws Near... 
Xmas Jam 2018 Trailer Trailer 
WTF !? 
The whole pack is already available from the link in YouTube !? What the hell, is this the final version or a test version ? 
"You See Me, You See A Stranger, I See You, I See Danger" 
Is the title to Naitelveni's map a reference to "Pain" by Boy Harsher? Just asking because I usually listen to them when I play new Quake maps!

Looking forward to digging into this, thanks everyone! Merry Christmas! 
It's the final and the same link that will be posted here once the admin approves the post. 
News Item Anyone? 
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