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Quake Expo 2018
My site could EASILY host a quake expo. All I would have to do is make 1 sub-forum named Quake Expo 2018 and create a sidebar to list all the threads in that specific sub-forum. This would take me about 5 minutes (maybe 1). You can embed damn near every imaginable thing that is embeddable on my site with nothing but a link posted in the visual editor... documents, audio, video ~ there is 100mb of storage right in your profile ~ you can easily make image galleries.

So, all that being said, if I can get a decent promise of participation in this thread I'll have an expo up and running so fast you'll wonder if it was always already there.
I'm In 
...but 2018 might as well be over at this point. The holidays are fast approaching and there are Jam being discussed all over including the Xmas Jam.

Personally I have a project that realistically will take me through this year to complete.

Maybe something for Spring time so ppl have time to plan? 
I can do it whenever y'all want. I had a bunch of ideas last night so, this will take me more than 5 minutes to set up but, I don't see it taking more than 1 or 2 days. I can do better than just dedicate a sub-forum to it.

By Spring I should have some other ideas I had in place, as well. Y'all will have more tools at your disposal to showcase your work. I'm never going to stop pushing things further and further ahead. 
I like the idea of spring. 
I'd like to participate but the rest of this year looks like a write off. Spring sounds good though and the effort is definitely appreciated. Always great to have a forum (and deadline/motivation) for people to show off all the cool stuff they've been making. 
Spring It Is Then 
I'll have something really nice for all of you to showcase your work long before then. Let's say April 2nd. I chose that day because it is the day after April fool's. Meaning: this isn't a joke, and it's easy to remember. I'll start throwing reminders up all through May.

Please take me very seriously, I am definitely going to have a portion of my site dedicated to Quake Expo 2019 by April 2nd. 
Can We Just Take You Slightly Seriously? 
LOL! Sure. 
I just don't want April to roll around and a large group of people have forgotten or assumed "that was then, this is now". I am looking forward to that date and I have a bunch of ideas. I don't know if I will be able to implement all of them but, I have 8 months to bang out as much as I can.

I just want to really do it. That's all I'm trying to say. 
If we get reminders in time travel one of the booths? 
@Time Travel One Of The Booths.Yes, Yes It Is. 
Yes, yes it is. We will time travel from April 2nd (2019) to every consecutive day, in 24 hour increments. It will be exactly like Dr. Who except for the fact it will be a lot more exactly like regular life. It'll be awesome! 
if it happens next year i suggest renaming it to Quake Expo 2019 
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