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Quake 2: Legend Of Medallions - Circle Of God
New adventure for Quake 2 by A.Soldier of Light.
Info and Download:
This looks interesting, but I get a Trojan alert when I want to download from that Russian site. Is there another download available? 
Why Is The Text On That Page All In Russian? 
I feel unsafe with this crap. subroutines to alter USA's elections? 
may be sketchy, but here is the google translate of the description from that page:

Addition for the game Quake 2, a large single-player addon (DLC) + mod. About 250 maps for the main story campaign.

Partial conversion of the game: new models of monsters, weapons and objects, new sound effects and musical accompaniment in accordance with the location on the plot.

LOMCOG is partly based on the games of the series " The Legend of Zelda ", mostly on the game " The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ". Some locations from that game in one form or another are transferred here, but it's still the same Quake 2: action movie and monster mochilov, searching for keys or buttons on maps, finding out and secrets.

The player must collect 10 medallions in ten temples scattered in different locations. 10 episodes: one for each medallion. The first part of any episode is the road to the temple, the second part - inside the temple, the linear passage of the plot campaign. All weapons and items in the player's inventory remain with him throughout the campaign, however, unlike add-ons like "Remake of Doom 2", the ammunition limit is severely limited: almost the same as it was in the original Quake 2.

Also it's 1.56 gigabytes! 
So It's Shit Then 
probably sold as a bootleg game on russian streets 
I Did Ask Vondur Before Approving This... 
...but he was too busy smoking satanic weed and uploading black metal vinyl. Sorry if there's any dodgieness. 
Oh noes, cyrillic will hurt me.

No more than some random ftp hosting zips of quake mods on a 20yr old site. 
Cyrillic or not, my Antivirus programme won't let me download this file because of Trojan alert. Does anyone have an alternative download for this?

This map pack looks a bit overambitious and crazy, but fun. I really want to try it. 
...have a very good sense for modding and are very good at it. Screenshots look amazing. Seems to be a fantasy style campaign with even some new monsters. Hell, it even looks a bit like Quake 1. Great!
Download is also fine but weights 1,6 GB.

Funny thing about americans complain about foreign language websites. LOL. Yes, there are other people on this planet too. But that is another story. ;-) 
anybody play it yet? 
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