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[11:29 AM] DraQu: What About My Ugly Speedmap
A madfox textured speedmap by DraQu.

Screen #1
Screen #2
Screen #3

52/78 Kills. 1/2 Secrets. 2/2 Eyes Damaged. 
Just kidding, the textures weren't that bad. Proper lightning helped in this case.
Interesting how some areas with the red armor and megahealth weren't marked as secret.
All in all, good speedmap.

Demo Here 
Cool Map. 
Not an eyesore at all despite the name.

Liked the scale and the layout, had strong Romero vibes.

Not sure what was the deal with unmarked secrets.

3 demos 
"52/78" Whoops Typo 
It's actually 52/58. 
I played this map a while ago when DraQu posted it on twitter. I didn't even noticed it wasn't posted here :/

Skill 2 Hard
Secrets = 2/2
Kills = 52/52

The map has only 52 enemies. It shows 58 because of the fish count bug :P 
mirror pls 
so, where can I find that purple wad? 
Though the textures originally came with DMM, I believe. 
Short And Fun. 
Textures were, errr, yeah. Design and size was nice. Gameplay interesting. I liked the water that ended vertically! 
You could extract it from the bsp, or download it

Original it is a commercial release of the Thred v0.6b editor on the Aftershock CD. It was included as mywad and had poor colours. I had an entrence on the sm59 speed map.

And I must play this one of course. 

I love a tight map with the GL! Good use of the spawns as well. I thought it may have been a bit too easy to blast the monsters through the water wall near the gold key room since they couldn't see me initially. 
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