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New Q1SP/MOD: The Deepness Below
Take a strange and fantastical journey to the bottom of the sea. Encounter beings never seen before and uncover the legend of the Sea Witch...

A small mod featuring many new assets. Designed for single player, but coop is supported.
Currently only Quakespasm v0.93 and Quakespasm Spiked v0.93.1 are the only supported engines. (See note about MarkV in README, it cannot display one model correctly as of v1.99.)

Please see the deepness_README for full instructions, story, credits and more. You will launch the mod as any other (game deeepness) and start a new game from the menu.

A big thanks to everyone that supported me in making this most strange mod. It wouldn't have been possible without all the help.



Looks Good! 
I hope there are enough envirosuits.
Models are polished and have a bright touch.
I wonder how it plays. 
I've been seeing all your work on this over the past few months. Congratulations. Will def check out! 
Are Those Sunrays Added In Later? 
Very Enjoyable 

I thought the setting was excellent, all the custom stuff was a nice departure from the usual quake. I appreciated the thunderbolt replacement and the fact that it worked underwater ;) I think the hooded wizard monster was pretty well placed throughout, spooked me around a corner or two and its unique attack was pretty interesting. I have to ask though, wouldn't the proper word be "depth" instead of "deepness"? I don't mean to be that guy. 
OK, So I've Played This... 
...and I'm reeeeally not sold on the new assets' visuals.
Also, did you just disable running? I felt like I was slugging through the map.
And the 2 shootable buttons were invisible during my playthrough, I had to crank gamma up to see them. Did you defullbright that button texture?

That said, the map itself looks good and plays well. 
I enjoyed playing it, the new assets, ambience, all matched well and created a unique experience. Also liked the ending. 
Thanks for the feedback/demos!

Yes its supposed to be refreshing, its is not supposed to look/feel like Quake.

QMaster: Yeah its a silly photoshop to just highlight how bizarre the map is. .

Mugwump: Well, I suppose you could capture Disney characters in .mdl better than I can...
Running has not been altered. 
That's Weird, 
I really felt like I was slower than usual. Gonna have to figure this out. 
Everything mostly felt fine to me except for the Super Shotgun. Maybe whatever happened was due to the change from the Thunderbolt into the Deep Trident and the addition of the Air Bubble?


Skill: 2

Kills: 40/40
Secrets: 2/3 (I know where the 3rd one is, but I couldn't figure out how to get to it. Though I have ideas...)

Let me just get that out of the way right now: I love this map. The sheer difference from playing a more generic Quake map was just refreshing. Also, a nice job using Quoth as the basis for this mod (the pickups gave that away.)

You were also clever in your use of The Little Mermaid as inspiration though you also outright copied Ariel at the end there. The design was... blah if there's anything the Quake engine can't do right it's faces. I shuddered looking at both the Sea Witch and the Mermaid's faces.

You also introduced an enemy I hadn't seen before in those Sharks. Way too tough in my opinion to kill. It shouldn't take so many shells to blow them to pieces.

Finally, I found something cheeky after noclipping through. Anyone interested
should try and find it; it's pretty easy to find.

This map is an example of the potential the engine has in creating different worlds, enemies and avatars. I hope more stuff like this comes out to wow and inspire others. 
More underwater jam combined with your trademark Disneyness. I was surprised how short it was considering all the content you made for it, but that's fine. The map was a bit on the dark side, although it makes sense being set on the bottom of the ocean.

Obviously the models aren't much Quake in style, or to be precise, their skins. They are so smooth and comicy instead of having the usual grit. And, yeah, the faces... Just wondering if it had been possible to harmonize both styles. Kind of reminds me of the Travail boss who looks goofy in comparison to the rest of the mod.
I like the sharks best; Quake is a bit lacking in terms of underwater enemies.
SSG sound is bad though.

Overall a cute little concept map; a break from the usual stuff.

Well Done On Getting This Out. 
Not my sort of thing but might check it out at some point. Based on ur Alice 100 brush map I'd expect you've done a good job. 
Very cool, wish it was longer!
This looks amazing. Didn't make it past the first Shambler (on normal mode) my first run. Can't wait to see the rest of this map, tho. Well done! 
Really happy to see a new Redfield release. I probably won't get to this for a while but next time I'm knee-deep in Quake, this will be top priority for me. Congratulations on the release. I know that you've been working on this for a while. 
First map I decided to play after a hiatus of several months. I've been looking forward to this one. Since I saw your progress on some of the enemy models well in advance, the surprise was lost on me but I still thought they were nice and that they worked well in the game. The reapers were cool albeit low visibility, but that just meant that I had to be more cautious for a change.

You did a great job on the models. The seahorse lights were a nice touch. I also really liked the main underwater segment with just looking at that massive blue abyss above me.

The layout seemed a little simple to me. It would be nice if you recycled some of these monsters and the theme itself for future maps. Nice job overall. 
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