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Halloween / Horror Jam 2018
It is time to celebrate Halloween by making own personal quake map with that theme in mind. Maps can be anything Halloween or horror related, spooky, terrifying or silly even.

Mod Used:
Voters picked AD mod as winner for this jam, so download the latest version and you're ready to go.

Remember to also add extra quoth monsters. It's not necessary but can be used in maps.
Extra Quoth Monsters (version 1.7+)

Submitting levels: or find me from discord "terrafusion" / "quake mapping"

Remember name your maps like this hwjam_authorname and level exits to "start" map.

Textures and further resources:
Here is direct link to google drive,
Halloween Jam Shared Media recommended texture wads, models and such will be there all in one folder to keep it simple. I will announce when something gets updated there.

Deadline counter, FEAR IT:

Goal deadline is to get all the maps tested/ready at 29th October so we can launch the pack at 31th without huge pressure, so please keep the scope manageable*

Go Map Everyone!
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One more thing!

Remember name your maps like this hwjam_authorname and level exists to "start" map. 
Ignore #1 Exits* 
Monster Portraits 
Put together a few spooky monster portraits, which can also be switched with regular equivalent portraits.

Screenshots :

Download :

Will update it if I have the courage to do the last missing ones. 
just classic 
Since Bal Is Sharing 
I made a couple of "spooky" sounds loops for the jam. BEWARE!!! These are tonally more like Scoobie-Doo than House of a 1000 Corpses. ;)

Howls and Groans for Halloween Jam.

These are 22khz 16bit mono wav files with markers (cues) embedded so they will loop with a proper sound entity.

They were liberated from a 99 cent Halloween CD so use at your own risk. Since the original CD sound files were over a half hour i'd say this usage falls under "fair use" for copyright purposes. 
Timer By Khreathor 
Awesome, Love It When There Is A Clear Timer 
Too bad we can't embed the timer in the top post.

Itching to make something for this but not sure if I'll have anything worthy by the deadline. Hrmmm... 
[Halloween Jam Shared Media] Update 
updated, tweaks by @Grim_Fandang0 to halloweenjam_2018
- spiderwebs indexed
- chains are now transparent
and for halloweenjazz.wad by queenjazz
-eye wall panels
-pale yellow window, seamless version(with side frames and without)
-cool wooden skull detail textures

next update will contain prefabs:
tombstones, bookshelf, boxes, crosses etc. 
[Halloween Jam Shared Media] Prefabs added contains lots of prefabs:
-skull decorations
-shambler's rotation tutorial scene
[Halloween Jam Shared Media] Bal's Q1 Monster Paintings 
bal_hlwportraits.wad added 
Who Made The Pumpkin? 
Been playing around with the pumpkin model - who made the original? 
Joshua Skelton Made That Pumpkin Mdl 
[Halloween Jam Shared Media] Halloweenjam_prefabs Tweak 
rotating door didn't have targetname on info_rotate entity, which made it shake like crazy when opening. so now that should be fixed. 
^ Added Double Door Example & Now Target2 Has Pivot As Target 
H2p_skeleton.mdl Added, Converted By Xage 
Halloweenjam_prefabs Trees And Exit Update
-Trees and skullgate level exit prefab added
tree1.mdl from quoth added
jcr's tree and textures 
Where is the link to the shared media for the rest of the stuff? All I see are wads. 
I am seeing the mdls in that link. 
Everything is there* 
On Sunday I decided to add some extra skins to the lovely pumpkin model in the pack - in fact I carved the pumpkin with some nice glow-in-the-dark designs:

1) Skull
2) Jaws
3) Quake logo
4) Pentagrams
5) Right arrow
6) Left arrow

Most are just for visual effect although the last two could be handy to aid navigation. Anyway, if you want to use them please do - the model is also designed to be drop-in compatible with the original model (so skin 0 and frame 0 are unmodified). 
Are the fullbright pixels at the top intentional though? 
Mostly Intentional 
Except for those on the original skin, don't know what the point of those were. On the new skins those points are where the light shines through the lid of the pumpkin : - ) 
Ok. I might patch the original skin later tonight. The lid thing makes sense. 
Pumpkin With Full Brights Removed On Skin 0


I'm trying to pump (get it!) something out for this. Keep getting wonky compile issues. Missing faces and the like. Argh. 
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