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Halloween / Horror Jam 2018
It is time to celebrate Halloween by making own personal quake map with that theme in mind. Maps can be anything Halloween or horror related, spooky, terrifying or silly even.

Mod Used:
Voters picked AD mod as winner for this jam, so download the latest version and you're ready to go.

Remember to also add extra quoth monsters. It's not necessary but can be used in maps.
Extra Quoth Monsters (version 1.7+)

Submitting levels: or find me from discord "terrafusion" / "quake mapping"

Remember name your maps like this hwjam_authorname and level exits to "start" map.

Textures and further resources:
Here is direct link to google drive,
Halloween Jam Shared Media recommended texture wads, models and such will be there all in one folder to keep it simple. I will announce when something gets updated there.

Deadline counter, FEAR IT:

Goal deadline is to get all the maps tested/ready at 29th October so we can launch the pack at 31th without huge pressure, so please keep the scope manageable*

Go Map Everyone!
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Deadline Extension By 7 Days 
Timer should be soon updated, + 7 days.
For this year pack will be more about horror and late-halloween map pack, next year things will start much earlier for sure.

New deadline will be 5th of November and then pack will be released soon after. 
Dang. I've been cramming up into the wee hours for nothing? Guess now I'll slack off, lose time, and give up after feeling like it is too unpolished. Ok no. I will finish this one. Must. Beat. Old. Habbits.

I think I found a bug in the AD progs. Has anyone else noticed that when using custom sounds on trigger_relays that they are played immediately rather than after the delay? I looked at the code but in my sleepy daze it didn't seem like it should be doing that. 
Try always value your progress, gameplay/visuals everything. We too easily think that time doesn't run fast and soon it is already 5th day. 
Still Wanna 
make a resque mission map

there's a prison, a buddy you have to resque from a zombiefied prison, and there is you and your axe

and a lotsa zombies

ala most resent tv shows 
Why Not Eh. 
Sounds like a potentially cool idea. 
is it ok, if the axe would be the only weapon allowed 
Could Be Boring Yes. 
But then use of different zombie types, normal axe with Quad to start, power-ups etc.....could be functional?? 
consider the map as the sm_jam_turtle offspring

sort of 
Axe Only, Could Work 
Could progress from axe to shadow axe. Start with the easy enemies, couple death knights, then sprinkle in zombies, after a bit of running around either give the Quad, or then drop in a shadow axe, then start adding in harder knights, give a quad at the end with a fury knight battle. Could work. You could even have shootable button secrets still, just have to take a leap of faith and thwack them. Keep it relatively short and it won't be terribly boring. 
How Goes It?? 
Hmmm...this is probably my most complex entity setup yet. I'm making heavy use of the entity state system, finding its limitations. Thankfully, trigger_relay remains the most amazing entity ever. And with AD 1.70 you can have it start disabled and enable it later. Yes! This is the coolest replacement for a hack yet.

How goes your mapping? I find I'm having trouble avoiding being too campy. I have some nice creepy sound effects in my library of mods that I'll include with the map though to help out. 
Random Thought 
This being a Halloween jam and Redfield being a fan of Disney, I'd imagine this would be the perfect opportunity to try and recreate the Haunted Mansion.

Redfield? I hope you haven't retired. 
Hope Qmaster pulls through
I liked your previous maps 
I think so, since I have all the wprkings finished now. Just need to add monsters amd arrange it. 
Announcement About Paths For Misc_models, Sounds And Such 

We will use ad devkit packaging for this jam and to not upload duplicate files remember put them directly under first folders. Models for progs/, sounds for sound/, gfx stuff to gfx/ etc. 
^ *to Not Upload Same Files Multiple Times Under Subfolders* 
Wait so even sounds will "hang loose". That never happens in mods. 
Well If They Were Originally In Subfolder, Then It Is Fine* 
Just trying to keep things a bit more standardized. 
I'm Assuming Bsp2 Is Not Allowed? 
Can send the files to mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com? 
Hey guys, I have been a bit busy recently and I will have days off next week tuesday and wednesday so I plan to try pack everything in those days. Sock will be helping with dev kit packaging but I hope I can get all the files if not 5th, 6th would be the last date probably.

Meanwhile I will try finish up own entry and start map closer to the deadline to know exact number of entries.

Keep on mapping until the final day* 
You got it boss....need all the time I can get to finagle them brushes and spitshine the scary. 
can everyone package the latest files and dm me them(on discord) or email mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com. Remember zip files. After work about 8h~ I can go through them. 
Remember Checkout Deadline Too 
It is in the first post but just in case. About 1 day and 16h+ atm. 
5h+ Before Timer Is Over. 
You can send me files close to deadline, or mention that you can make it for the tomorrow morning (gmt+2). I will playtest each of entries and see if there is some bugs needed to be fixed etc. It will take couple days to wrap up everything anyway. 
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