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Q1SP: A Once Glorious City
Hi everybody, it's been a while since I released a map, so here it is!

This one is actually the first ever map I thought of years ago, a greek themed one where one of the first areas would be the inaccessible entrance of a temple, that you had to get around with in order to get inside. After so many years, I am relieved to have finally put this down.


Screenshots: 1 2 3 4
You guys need to fucking play this.

There's a few flaws. Design is a bit boxy/angular in places, detailing a bit unsutble, ending combat is a bit IMBA.

BUT. It's got a good theme, some nice designs, nice outdoor bits, and most prominently a cool, non-linear, exploratory feel. I really liked getting a bit lost and keeping track of the monsters I had to kill and rooms I had to explore. Works really well. And combat for the most part is proper fun and balanced - lots of lurking monsters but rarely anything overwhelming. 
Felt a bit well oldschool like it was part of the MP2; more focus on exploration than combat challenge. Things like the optional SNG side area add to this.
The areas could have been a little more detailed to make them less samey-looking and easier for navigation. Combat feels mostly low-key, except for the exit fight which can turn sour if you're unlucky. Careful with spawn in such a room - the ruined bits look cool there, but the mid-high stuff creates ramps for the spawns to jump off from which can make them deal a ton of damage if they land on the player's head.

The roof/sky part is pretty sloppy construction-wise. And since it's all so open, it would have made for a nice opportunity to allow the player to climb up there at some point.
The wall fixtures for the torches are func_detail - better to make them func_detail_illusionary actually, so that one can't get stuck on them.
Too many torches for the vanilla protocol to handle, unfortunately.

A nice classic-feel map overall. Demo 
It's a cool map, very close to id1.

@negke I playtested in QS with protocol 15 and it ran just fine, maybe I got something wrong. However I did tell Daya to contact you over e-mail specifically to look into this ;-) 
QS Is Unreliable For Testing This 
It loads the map where normal protocol 15 ports would drop to the console or crash. And if you look around, you'll see that the torch models aren't there.
On protocol 15 it also omits the critical signon buffer warning which is the ultimate showstopper in this map. I replied to Daya's mail with a fixed version (albeit too late, when he had already released this one), but even there I was unable to lower the signon buffer significantly enough to make it work on protocol 15 ports. There's too many models spawning on mapstart - the very same issue that plagued my Egyptian map and the reason I included the awkward workaround with the progs.dat that spawns in the items after a delay. 
Good luck finding the gold key secret trigger! 
good fun, lotsa exploring, 1/5 secrets found 
Glorious Gameplay 
Loved this map. Forgot to record a demo until half-way through but here it is

Really solid game play and exploration. Felt old school in the best possible way. I agree with a lot of the comments above but overall it's very good and a must play IMO. 
I got spawn'd my first run through, but I was pretty tired and worn out. Second playthrough was much better. I forgot I had the grenade launcher until about halfway through. I really liked the shallow water area with the arches. Great encounters all around.

On Youtube

I liked the map. Despite the fact that it was not linear and I often ran in circles, I liked to explore and look for a way out. Map was too rectangular. And this, in connection with research, is very reminiscent of good old Doom.

The monsters and the weapon were well balanced and, on the whole, the game did not let you get bored.I found 3 of 5 secrets and did not find the gold key.

Overall a good job. 
Most underrated map of 2018?? 
Could Be. 
I really enjoyed this one. The exploration aspect was a nice change from other recent releases. 
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