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Questionnaire To Help Quake-engine Developers
Hello, before using the FTE engine I tried to create something in different game engines, such us Cry Engine 3, UE4 and Unity3d.

I understand that there are some certain problems in creating or modding something in quake-based engines. I sure that some of the problems can be solved with a few simple steps.

I am really interested in helping to all Quake-engine developers and I would like to understand the interests and needs of the Quake Community. Please help me in that by completing this short questionnaire:

I will be really greatful to you if you help me with that. I will publish the results in this thread later! Thank you!
Learn To Program And Read Dpextensions.qc 
Your questionaire is ill informed. You didn't include Quakespasm, the most common Quake 1 engine. Or Quakespasm Spiked. There were a few other things that were overly broad or vague. Didn't seem like you'll get much out of it other than maybe a few people's emails (really?? Use something less intrusive and pushy for personal information like surveymonkey next time.) 
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Thanks for your reply!
I included QuakeSpazm into this survey.

First of all, this survey is not for collecting personal information. You can see that all personal information like age and email is optional and you can pass without it. If you worried about it, you can pass this survey fully anonimously.

As I already told you I am going to help developers with problems that I see myself. I worried that my problems are not really common for the community. Now I can see which of them affect to other people too.

May be there are some problems which you see and you would like to understand if they are common for other people. In that case you can just tell me about that in this thread. I dont really understund such negative reaction on this survey, I really try to find out if people see the same things as I do.

So what exactly would you like to see in this survey? 
As I already told you I am going to help developers with problems that I see myself

So what exactly would you like to see in this survey?

I think what we want to see is more about you, what you do, and how exactly you're planning to help developers with "problems". I mean, are you a coder? A content creator? Throw us a bone here, yo. 
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Thanks for reply! Sure!

I have a small team and our team has a small Russian community with about 230 people. Our community mostly interested in creating games for portable platforms. Just look at that!

At the moment I am working with 2 of my teammates on our own little mod for Quake 1. I create maps and edit models. Also we have a QuakeC programmer, and a level-designer.

We will have 2 versions of the mod:

We would like to use some graphic improvements and use Darkplaces engine for that (PC and android version). For older devises version of the game I am going to use winquake (psp, nintendo ds).

I found out that I spend much more time for things that take only a moment in modern game engines. For instance in quake-based engines I have to use additional tools for work. In modern engines all additional tools are made inside the scene editor. You can find the source code for many utillities so that makes it possible to include them into map editors. That is just a little step. I am going to write about my ideas detailed later. 
Ah, scene editor. So you want to make Quake editing more like Unity? 
A model viewer in Trenchbroom would be useful for the misc_model entities...sort of like how Hammer does it for the prop_static's or prop_physics. 
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Yea, in some ways Unity has simple solutions which makes it easy to use. But unity sucks with optimisation. Quake-based engines are really well-optimised for "closed" maps. And as I think quake-based engines are really suitable for portable devises. I really like that.

I think that Trenchbroom is the most convenient quake map editor for now. But Radiant allows to work almost with any map format and it allows to work with almost any model formats. I hope that some more model formats would be supported by Trenchbroom 
More Model Formats In TB 
are planned as we add support for more games. Next on the list is Quake 3 support, which includes md3 model support. This should land in the coming weeks. 
+1 To Quake Based Engines 
Unity is really just a racket for generating sales from its asset store. They’ve had years to sort out its appalling performance issues but they’d rather just focus on pushing it as the go-to asset flip factory for banging out quick buck shovelware, and they seem to be wildly successful in doing so. 
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That is a good News!
I hope that it would be as simple to work with q3maps as with q1maps. I wish you good luck!

I copy the link to the pole here for those who still didnt complete it:


And Idk who did renaimed this thread because this pole is really important for me 
was me. had no idea I wasn't logged in lol. 
Time For That Anon Crackdown We've Been Promising... 
Where Is The Original Name For This Thread? 
That is absolutely wierd. Well, I visit this forum and created this thread with one name. Somebody came and decided to make another name for this thread. That is strange 
Kinda Lucky They Did... 
...since this pole is really important for me , it suits it better now ;) 
#1 Was Not Me Though 
That's a proper troll. 
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Read the first post: "I am really interested in helping to all Quake-engine developers" and " Please help me in that by completing this short questionnaire" 
And beacause of that it is important for me 
I Completed The Questionnaire HTH. 
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