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Quake 1024 Christmas Jam Released
The 1024 Quake Christmas Jam is upon us. Twenty-one maps of compressed Arcane Dimensions goodness.

Download it here:

Jam Poster:

The Lineup:

Wintry Advent by Bal and Ionous
Entering the City of Pale by Bal
Train Station Infiltration by Ing
Shadow and Flame by Ionous
Abyssal Nimiety by Ish
Surrounded by Ish and Rhoq
Airgapped by JCR
Fully Integrated by JCR
Coal in your Socks! by Krampus
You see me, you a stranger. I see you, I see danger by Naitelveni
Hall of Shards by Pinchy Skree
Gift of the Boxlord by Qmaster
Cop Speed Gentlemen by Qmaster
Aftermath by Queenjazz
NoQuarter by Scampie
Chapel Perilous by Shambler
Moonlit Keep by Shotro
A Christmas Romp by Spipper
A Crooked Clergy by Strideh
Mutagenesis by Strideh
Frozen Demise by Bloodshot
Ear Piercing Noise 
I don't know what's wrong, but playing pinchy's map, 2 times i got this ear piercing noise, it really hurt my ears. Am I the only one?

once when i jumped on those 2 red platforms, and 2nd time when i reached the exit, the noise actually continued through the loading screen and into the start map. 
What A Pack! 
Demos coming soon, meanwhile I'm already stuck at trying to figure out the NM entrance. 
Ok Here's A Demo!!! 
Chapel Perilous by Shambler

A map as tight as the mapper's arse isn't. Pretty amazed how it fit within the 1024^3 box AND had such a well built layout as well.

Visually it was ok, pretty perfunctory looks compared to some stunners from this pack that I'm salivating at the mere thought of, but it's a very competently done "id + sock" style map.

18 secrets though, jeezus, this probably requires its own strategy guide. I already dread the inevitable ionous playthrough.

A promising start to the pack! Even though it's neither the first in the start map or alphabetically...... 
I'm Going To Perfunct Your Face You Cunt. 
There will be a secrets walkthrough at some point. 
P.S. Well Done Everyone, Huge Jam. 
Nightmare Entrance Is Cool! 
Started playing this jam. Start map is top notch, upper floor reminds me of Sock's xj2017 map. Love the frozen blue fishing ogre! Just one minor gripe: torches don't flicker, a bit of a shame for a map otherwise this gorgeous.

Began my playthrough with Negke's secret level, basically a sm189 map in AD. A fun little romp, I wish it was longer and had at least one secret.

More later. 
Spipper's A Christmas Romp
I didn't enjoy this one much. Realistic architecture generally doesn't look good in Quake and this is no exception, regardless of the obvious care given to build it. Also, the music, while thematically fitting, became annoying quite fast and I had to turn it off. I'm not very good with puzzles and got stuck a few times roaming around, wondering how to get to the next part of the level. Better signposting might help in your future maps. Secrets were mostly nice, though I'm not so sure about putting some in places the player has already visited - I also found the RL one only after it was too late. Oh BTW, the red curtains and some of the books are suffering a case of fullbrightitis.

Pinchy's Hall of Shards
A nice and short quickie (a quakie?).
As I previously stated, the main hallway (and to an extent the rest of the map) has a unique look that I haven't seen before. Love the exploratory stuff with girders & ladders. One weird thing: I got the silver key but never got to use it because the silver door was already open... 
Two More... 
Shambler's Chapel Perilous
Probably my favorite of your maps that I've played so far, the last one being shamsp3. Design is less monochromatic and more detailed than some of your previous efforts and I love that you took advantage of every nook and cranny of this 1024³ space to stuff it with secrets. Combat is fairly challenging, just right for skill 2. Good stuff! One small nitpick is that with all the interconnectedness, I wish progression were a little less linear.

Strideh's A Crooked Clergy
This one is all about ambience. What a mood! Thick, dark and gloomy. I loved the bit when you come across the praying congregation in their backs, reminiscent of Firetop Mountain. However, I felt the map was a little empty and could have used twice the amount of enemies and secrets. The final combat is a little too hectic compared to the significantly more relaxed rest of the map, mainly because of that stone golem used in a too confined and cluttered space that restricts movement. Also, the map's extreme linearity could've been alleviated by allowing alternative routes in that upper section. 
Queenjazz's Aftermath
I love the absurdly abstract nature of this map, like some cosmic being was playing LEGO with disparate scraps gathered across the universe. If only it wasn't so short! Combat-wise, you're thrown into the thick of it from the get-go with only a shotty and no armor. Very brutal! Besides its brevity, I'd like to address a couple things:
- when you make a map where falling into the void is so damn easy, the least you could do is teleporting the player back to safety (perhaps with a little damage) instead of instakilling him. I feel like F6/F9 spamming should be overkill, not a necessity, in such a short map;
- the music. OK, I have no idea what that is or what went through your mind to think it would be cool but it's not quakey one bit and doesn't fit your map either.

JCR's Airgapped
Wow! This one's a looker! Mixing Koohoo and base makes for a very interesting style, somewhere along the lines of Starship Troopers meets Tomb Raider. Combat is on the tough side from start to end. Some progressive ramping up would've been preferable. Still, a very pleasing map that I'll probably replay, possibly downgrading to skill 1.

And this concludes our tour of the second floor. Next: third floor! 
Some Playthroughs 
Streamed four of these yesterday evening, quite tired so I was playing horrendously... :D

In order, I play maps from Shambler, Pinchy Skree, QueenJazz and JCR. Will try to comment more on them later, but it's been fun so far, cool work! 
Two Demos 
bal skill '0' and krampus skill '3' (first run)
thank you guys 
One More Demo 
<- Genetically Mutated 
A Crooked Clergy and Mutagenesis by Strideh

What a way to make a mapping debut! Both very different, but also very similar maps, so I'll be commenting on both at the same time.

Really liked how both the maps started off as relatively quiet, and then kept unfolding until mayhem occured.

Some very striking visuals in both of them, specifically the contrast between cold/damp and warm/cosy of Clergy (despite using predominantly green textures), and the vivid colors of Mutagenesis. I don't think I've seen such a virulently angry looking Quake map before.

Like to see good i.e. limited use of the expanded AD bestiary as well. I was really dreading having to fight several dozen of Minotaurs every map, so not doing that was quite refreshing!

I also spy some custom textures in both maps - yes please.

Some really outstanding work! 

This was quite fun, for what seems like a long abandoned scrap. Visually it held together rather well, even though I'm already sick of seeing Doom textures, and the bright yellow pit was certainly unique.

Some pretty classic [REDACTED] progression too, with the silver key door that serves purely as a shortcut, and the gold keycard hidden in a cupboard. Those pesky Ogres!

I also died once, not realising the obvious.

Good work, but would like to see more! 
You Didn't Do Your Homework 
It's actually a conversion of a Doom2 map I made for a 1024 event in 2006.
The key would open both the door and the switch to lower the exit bars. Originally it was supposed to be like that and the roof part a secret ("must have missed this one last time"), but then I decided to make it part of the normal progression to extend the playtime.

The tentacle pit is so bright, because the texture would look bad at anything darker than that. The Doom textures are a bit finicky on the Quake palette, they tend to have ugly pixels if it's too dark.

This was supposed to be a quick tongue-in-cheek low-effort submission, but it actually took longer than anticipated due to fixing the brushwork and touching up some of the textures.
In my view, it makes for a nice little bonus map and throwback to the 1024 theme origins..... or would have if you despicable speedjammers hadn't ruined it all shortly afterwards!!! :D 
Coal in your Socks! by Krampus

The moment I saw this filename in the zip I knew this would be a short throwaway map by somebody we already know, and yet I was still surprised!

I didn't really find it as engaging as your other past endeavors for some reason, but I still liked it, and it was obviously as well produced as usual. Obviously the visuals were top notch, as were the palace textures - glad to finally see them in Q1.

The layout was fine, but the progression through it could have been a little more interesting probably, since it's pretty much a single run and gun route like Shambler's.

The secrets and the way to access them reminded me of the stealth only passages from ITS quite a bit. Maybe bring back the "brush entity slowly fading into nothing" trick sometime in the future?

Good map! 
I'm away from home this week and couldn't wait to play these maps. So I decided I would stream and provide commentary from my work laptop :^). I've uploaded what I played so far to youtube and plan to stream some more tonight. I hope my new format is welcome. Appropriate links:

Xmasjam2018 Playlist
My Twitch Channel 
Frozen Demise by Bloodshot

Another well done map! The trademark Bloodshot good looks were here alright, both on the micro scale (snow drifts, dynamic fog, lots of destructibles) and the macro (the giant mountains looked cool, and the final arena was a proper highlight of the entire jam so far). I'm not convinced that Quake can pull off nature areas well, though this map certainly seems to make a good counterargument.

The layout was fine but I found the progression a little weird, not sure if the SK -> teleporter -> GK sequence was necessary, since there didn't need to be a SK door at all IMO, and then you could use the space above it in a more interesting way than the RL secret.

I played on skill 1 and didn't find it too challenging, despite messing up on a couple occassions - but I suppose that's fine, considering all things. I'll be replaying this on Hard for sure! 
Another Demo 
scampie skill 0,
i gave up beating this level on skill 3 
Started With Negke 
Mainly because I wanted to find the NM entrance myself. I have skipped reading this thread to avoid spoilers.

Fun map Negke! Makes me want to go back and play the original. 
Im stuck in Moonlit Keep by Shotro. I've pushed one button, that opened the gate with 2nd button inside, I pushed it and went outside, so the gate closed in front of me. Am I stuck? 
Trigger Fail. 
Yeah. I tested for hours (all difficulty modes with several playtesters) without a problem but on the final compile for the release (I changed a light value and compiled), for some reason, a trigger that requires the ax upgrade won't fire anymore. There were other minor problems but even after fixing all of them this issue still remains on the map. I am contributing to the DLC and will fix this problem but sadly this made it into the final compilation of the map before submission and passed all testing. 
Demoes For The First Floor 
Recorded some demoes for the maps on the first floor (+the secret map) on skill 1.
Excited to play through the second floor tomorrow. 
Bal Map Is AWESOME! 
Wow, what a map! Can't wait for its extension in 2019, according to the secret room I've found.

The mail box on the roof is cool too! 
Xmas Jam 2018 Reviews 
(in my play order, taking notes as I go)

Strideh 1 (clergy): Nice gloom and good use of color. A bit hard to jump around the rafters and I got caught on some book cases where you have to jump up before the ladders, but other than that was a good layout. Liked revisiting areas.

Naitelveni: Wonderful! Only complaints are that there was only 1 secret, too short, some trim was wierdly oversized, a couple roof textures were rotated kinda funny, otherwise solid and great details. Loved the spike bars and your shelving is great!

Spipper: The best "my house" map I've ever seen. Amazing details. Hilarity. Just, great. The ending was so funny I was dying. It was brutally hard though. Had 4 health for half of it and exited with 1 health. I had to fight the wraith with an axe in the living room. Fun but sheesh a box of shells on the mezanine or something would have been nice.

JCR: Wierd theme. Well executed. Nice secrets! Didn't like how you could get behind the large teleporter on the edge of the cliff (the one that redirects to an exit) an not get back out, needed a secret and a door to get back. Took me forever to find the exit after hitting all 83 kills and 4/4 secrets...turns out the large teleporter turned into an exit...maybe should have added Exit signs that appear by it or a note body next to it.

queenjazz: vibes...wish it were longer. Liked all the gadgetry and the music was intriguing. Had a peppy space garden fight feel to it. Liked your buzzsaws and use of bobbing rings. Nice!

JCR2: Love the theme (wierd too but better). A bit dark in places. Could have used more health or more light. New rule, no sparks allowed above water...or sock should fix the splash noise. Your exit elevator peeps through the floor underneath. Very cool. Wished there was a prize for destroying all computers...or maybe I missed one, still couldn't find the last secret area.

Shotro: Very oldschool. Nice and tight and dark. Surprising that it fits in 1024...or does it? Secrets were great! I still missed 3!! Had to noclip past some zonked doors but figured it you'll fix it for the follow-up.

Ing: This was rather lame, just add ammo to make it work. Sneaking idea wasn't bad but without getting secrets I don't see how you could kill all the enemies which I think is a bit lame. Oh well. Interesting power failure and security breach idea though. I didn't like the insta-kill latrine, rail, or invisible forcefield.

Ionous: Excellent start. Loved the shadowaxe fight! Probably my favorite axe encounter ever! I was thinking, superb as usual at this point.... Then there was the elevator. The elevator to get down to the lower level sucked so bad...should have been a door. I got stuck fighting that stupid elevator while trying to fight the other guys. Shot like a bajillion shells into the floor between levels as the elevator went up over and over and over--that or fell in the lava 50 times. There was no floor to stand on and dodge down there! Hate that stupid corner room, terrible setup. It was downhill from there. I loved what you did at the exit switcheroo, hated fighting chthon with an axe though, not cool. Some respawning ammo would have been nice...had 0 ammo for the chthon fight and ran out halfway through the firelord fight....although I killed the firelord by jumping out the window on the top floor and axing him in the head - probably my greatest axe kill of all time but seriously WHERE. IS. THE. AMMO!

Pinchy: This was perhaps the most eerie and mysterious map I've played in a long time if ever. The whole time I was like What? What? What? Where am I? Very cool theme. Marble was nice. Love love love the extending ladder!!

Shambler: Probably the best map I've played in a long time. SOOO tight and loved every bit. Couple doors ghosting through walls but was otherwise superb and loaded with details. Did not dissapoint.

Bloodshot: Really good. Loved the usage of ice...chill out! Your mountains were great! Cool ice shattering and the rotating floor trap doors were really cool! Good setup overall.

Strideh 2: Best new theme ever. Reminds me so much of Crusader: No Regret/No Remorse. Amazing lighting. Top notch. Did I mention the lighting was excellent. Oh the mutagenesis fluid glow was great! Also, those are best pipes I've seen in Quake yet. Incredible visuals overall. Gameplay was good, but I was able to spam the boglords from up top pretty easily, but then again it was good to have cover. The skorpions coming out of the mutagenesis fluid areas was a great way to keep with the story of the level. Best one in the pack so far for overall visuals, play, story, and everything.

Only 5 more to go... 
All of the player combat fits in the 1024^3 space... except one secret. The secrets do go outside the bounds for items and the enemies will attack from outside those bounds. I thought the 1024^3 box is pretty apparent from my perspective but it is good to hear that players are questioning it. Really wished that door wasn't broke though. A remix/fix is on its way with the DLC release in a few days. 
Got around to playing some more tonight on stream.

Did Spipper, Strideh(1), Ionous, Qmaster, Ing, Shotro (think I broke it though!), Ish & Rhoq, JCR (2), and Nait.

Lots of cool stuff in these. 
Quick Newcomer Question 
I'm extremely new to the Quake Modding community and I have one very quick question regarding Xmas Jam 2018. Lets say I wanted to post a wall of text type review of all the maps in this jam with some links to my youtube playthroughs of said maps, would this be a good place to do it? I know Quaddicted is the review site but the jam hasn't been posted on there yet and I don't know how y'all do things around here. 
Yeah this is the place to do it.
Hopefully it should go up on Quaddicted eventually. 
Entering the City of Pale by Bal

The blueballs I got from exiting the map were a prime example as to why the 1024 limit should be more strict. I practically forgot that the map is not actually going to let me visit the rest of the city until I was about 2/3 done with it :(

Visually it's an outstanding map, obviously. Felt like some medieval version of Blade Runner actually, with the fog and the candlelit windows in the distance, and the feeling of skulking like a rat through the lowest decks of an absolutely massive city...

Really reminded me of the kind of things necros was doing in Quake before disappearing, with animated setpieces featuring unreachable enemies as actors, and vast masses of brushwork outside the playable area to increase the sense of place. The moving bridge setpiece at the start was exactly that sort of jam, and I adored it greatly.

The textures from Daikatana E3 usually don't work for me, but with the colored lighting and the hours of photoshopping spent on them, it didn't take long for the aesthetic to click for me.

So once again, it's quite a shame that we don't get to spend too much time in this dingy seashore medieval metropolis, and not only because of the 1024^3 limitation, but because the map is actually pretty short even considering its size. The Bal map from last year ran for at least twice as long, with a lot more of revisiting of areas and a tighter layout - this map, being a much less abstract affair, consequently features a visibly simpler layout. It's well designed, though, and also nicely interconnected (I liked the unlockable ladders, reminded me of Rubicon 2).

There's around 100 enemies on Normal, and while the map begins as relatively difficult (my early game misplays were punished pretty strongly), the ancient "harder to start than it is to finish" Q1SP syndrome also surfaces here, since after you get the stronger weapons, the enemies come in bigger quantities but not necessarily stronger types, which doesn't make it more threatening. I wouldn't say the map bored me, but it could have been more interesting in the middle section.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the ending and the apparently infinite Imps either - having monsters pop up on the intermission screens while I already had 100% kills, while also having used enemies that don't increase the counter, gave me an overall feeling of unfinished business (as if I didn't already have it, thanks to the setting).

Overall, a very well crafted map, but not quite a masterpiece. Perhaps I should just need to replay it on Hard to completely get it. 
...sequence Complete. 
Scampie: Really good. Nice secrets! Interesting shambler caves, was tempted to axe my way through the shambler but once there was a 2nd one I figured it best to move on.

Ish & Rhoq: Good layout, liked the room especially right above the ladder...good corner ledges. Could have done with another secret maybe. The ramps to nowhere were interesting, liked how they ended up leading somewhere by the end.

Ish: Interesting, liked the abyssal maze of ductwork...nice use of the theme. Very interconnected, nice! I didn't like how dark it was and I had 0 ammo for more than half the map. Of course it didn't help that it was dark and I didn't know what the ladders looked like at always always takes me ages to find ladders unless they are 1. Well lit, 2. Obviously a ladder and not trim/pipes/vines/single-rope, and 3. Have a giant arrow and a sign saying Ladder or Ladder Access...seriously though a small arrow might help. It wasn't until close to the end that I found out there was a ladder litterally right where you start.

sock: Insanely awesome as usual. Trimmed to the max, skulls on books were nice. I love the stairs...the simple angled parts and how they draw you to the direction you should go. The ceilings are great too...liked how the beams don't touch the top. The angled in portions really give a solidity to the place and make it feel sturdy, cozy, and look great. Excellent ITS-type secrets...liked how you disabled the illusionaries. Amazing custom textures...figured out the oreo bit right off lol. I might use your black bricks to remake the Black Cathedral from hipnotic someday.

Bal: Tie with Sepulchre and Swampy for one of my most favorite maps of all time. You really nailed the atmosphere...skybox was ridiculously impressive. The beginning drawbridge sequence had me staring for the first minute just watching the drawbridge and taking it all in. I had fun axing all the death guards in the beginning, ramped up nicely from there. The hell knight jumping across the rooftop really took me by surprise! Nice and interconnected. Simply amazing overall. Found all super secrets. Nice mailbox. Amazing..also yes the view was nice ;) I probably spent as much time noclipping around at the end as did playing it and it was a long one. Excellent gifts at the end too. Definitely needs to be longer...I have just a taste now and now I'm starving for the rest.

negke: Ugly, confusing since it is too symetrical, didn't realize there were 2 courtyards at first. Wierd layout, not sure what was up with the transparent fiends...NO EXIT. :(

Merry Christmas All! This was great! 
Abyssal Nimiety by Ish

Arachnid Nimiety more like. I swear this map had more spiders and scorpions than all the ones I've played combined.

Felt pretty much like a sequel to your underwater jam map, with some common motifs i.e. a looped, almost DM-like layout, hardcore-bordering-on-excessive difficulty, and the textures that I don't have a single clue as to where they came from, but somehow they remind me of negke speedmaps from the mid-to-late-2000's.

I rather enjoyed the exploration based progression and the twisty layout, but I suspect I'd have more fun with more health/ammo/around around ;-) I played on skill 1, and what's there is just about acceptable for Hard.

If anything, this map helped me realise that almost 3 years in, and two dozens of maps with change later, I can truly say that I find AD gameplay more annoying than fun in principle. :(

Still, I enjoyed the map, and it makes me want to up my own layout game. Thanks for making it! 
Co-op Demos 
Incredible jam you guys, really impressed with everything on show this year.

Of all the maps though I am stunned at Bals entry, truly a masterpiece of design and I hope to see another jam on this dkt texture theme.

I would have liked to see co-op spawnpoints as standard, some of these demos start with a lot of telefrags. Also the start map should have reset guns and ammo, I had to keep restarting the server and losing the progress of which maps were completed.

Anyway, here's the link to the demos for every map (90ish mb)-

Only 1 map couldn't be completed and it's due to final trigger not firing. (sorry bloodshot) 
XMAS Jam 2018 Part 1 
Just letting you all know that I streamed some of the XMAS Jam earlier today and you can find that here:

I got through close to half of the maps here, below are the ones I played through (sorry these are not in order of playthrough). Don't worry I'll get to the rest in a Part 2 and 3 if I have to.

Entering the City of Pale by Bal
Airgapped by JCR
Fully Integrated by JCR
Hall of Shards by Pinchy Skree
Aftermath by Queenjazz
A Christmas Romp by Spipper
A Crooked Clergy by Strideh
Mutagenesis by Strideh
Train Station Infiltration by Ing
And the super secret map from Negke! 
Ps Co-op Demos 
you have to cache the demos by going to the start map first. At least that's true on my machine. Also the readme tells you which engine I used and a link if they dont run on your preferred engine. 
Gift of the Boxlord and Cop Speed Gentlemen by Qmaster

I ended up playing the second map before the first map, probably the right thing to do since the first map is much better than the second.

Both decent layouts but navigation felt stunted, spent a lot of time falling through holes or climbing pipes. The fact that both are very dark didn't help matters.

The first map was nice conceptually, though the eventual Boxlord fight was hindered by the area, some more arena-like design would have been decent. I also liked the violet snow unlike some haters!

The second map didn't mesh with me very much, sorry. :( Good job on getting two maps in the pack, though! 
Final Stream 
Finished playing all the maps on stream just now, also did a kind of quick post-mortem on mine while I was at it.

Was a great pack overall, so many cool maps. I'm still in love with Spipper's christmas experience, and Strideh's second gorgeous map.
Also thanks for all the kind words on my map! 
One more thing - your maps would have benefitted tremendously from using (a lot) more ambient sounds, even just the Quake sky ambience. 
xmasjam2018_bal 5
xmasjam2018_bloodshot 5
xmasjam2018_ing 3
xmasjam2018_ionous 4
xmasjam2018_ish 2
xmasjam2018_ishrhoq 3
xmasjam2018_jcr1 3
xmasjam2018_jcr2 4
xmasjam2018_krampus 3
xmasjam2018_naitelveni 3
xmasjam2018_negke 4
xmasjam2018_pinchy 3
xmasjam2018_qmaster1 3
xmasjam2018_qmaster2 3
xmasjam2018_queenjazz 3
xmasjam2018_scampie 4
xmasjam2018_sham 4
xmasjam2018_shotro 2
xmasjam2018_spipper 4
xmasjam2018_strideh 4
xmasjam2018_strideh2 4 
*evile growling voice* S̡͠҉̲͈ͅh̢̻̟̠̜̀a̮̪̠͇̫͞ḑ̸̹̦̝̕ͅo̸͕̗̼̦̪͙ẁ͍̤̺̰̪ ̸̢̭̫̪̦̞̟̕a̫̯̗̘͕͝n͏̛̣̗͓͚d̛̙̻̺̯̦̺̥̻̕͡ ̡̙̤̕F̠̲͖̫͈̬͢͡͝l̸̫͖͔̝̖̗̝̦a̗͔̰̟̕͢͡m̢̡̛͍͚̗̯̹̮̖̯̦ȩ͇͉̭̯̕ͅ!̧͎̭͕̻̤̖̕!̛̮̲̬̮͜!̧̹̹̠̖̮̮͚̝̘͘!͏̶͙̹ by Ionous

I'll have to eat crow for something I haven't even physically said yet. When I first saw screenshots of this map (in usual ionous fashion i.e. a high resolution of 1024x768), I wasn't actually very enthused by how the map appeared - I thought the colors were clashing and the whole thing was a bit too derived off Firetop Mountain.

So of course as soon as I loaded the map and took a few steps, I realised that I was a big doodoohead to ever doubt the ionous.

Obviously there are still shades of Firetop, but the architecture is chunkier, the metal is more prominent and more colorful, the fog is thick and sulfury, and the ceilings are ornate and intricate, all of which makes the map stand well on its own.

As was the case with Qmaster's both entries, though, the near absolute silence made the map a little unatmospheric, which was a shame.

In terms of reusing the space and fitting within the xmas jam limits, this map is a clear winner so far - Shambler managed to fit a Warp Spasm map within the 1024 cube, which is admirable but this map is a lot more elegant, and barely feels like it was anyhow constrained. It's not quite as tightly packed as the 2017 ionous map, but it's still a full size Q1SP.

And what a fun Q1SP it is, too. I played on Normal so I didn't experience any of the previously reported overcrowding and/or ammo starvation - the only "horde" was the big flock of lost souls up top, and that was easy to take care of with my shotguns. (I wouldn't have minded getting some other weapons than just shotguns, though...) If anything, this map helped me realise that there's still hope for me and AD to get along!

The trademark ionous secrets are here too, of course, tantalising and plentiful alike. I managed to hunt down a total of 5 in my demos, found one more while hopelessly noclipping later, and am completely dumbfounded with the last one. At least I found the one that's the most traditional of them all, and it did not disappoint.

The boss battle caught me by total surprise, while I really should have seen it coming. I think a more peaceful denouement than a Firelord at the exit would have been appropiate, though - unlike in real life, one climax is just enough ;-)

Basically, an excellent map, and a hell of a ionous Q1SP to cap of a year full of ionous Q1SPs. Thanks for making it! 
I found it interesting how this failed-SM185-entry-cum-xmasjam-map was named Shadow and Flame - my own SM185 entry was titled "Forged in Flames" before I realised I could make the map a brief encyclopedia of the denizens of Quake. 
Since when does AD actually have the Death Brigade from Quoth?!

All that we need know is the Polyp and the Gug and we can get rolling! 
Short Comments 
A Christmas Romp
Small, but very interesting. I liked solving puzzles, but not everything was obvious the first time. A wagon with demons looks cute :)

Hall of Shards
Too simple, but thanks :)

Chapel Perilous
Very cool! I liked the sound atmosphere. But most of all I liked a lot of moves. The map was linear, but due to the fact that I had to constantly raise and lower somewhere, I completely ceased to realize where I was. Very cool done.

A Crooked Clergy
Beautiful and atmospheric. I liked the detailing.

Some incredible jumble of metal. It was interesting, but too short

I liked it. Detailed. For a while I ran around in circles for a long time, not understanding what to do. In the end, I found the buttons that I needed to shoot. But even after destroying all the monsters, I unfortunately did not find a way out. And I broke everything that could break :)

Shadow and Flame
Interesting architecture, interesting gameplay, a lot of unexpected moments, it was fun.

Gift of the Boxlord
Beautiful architecture and beautiful game. I was very careful. I had to move in small steps. :)

Train Station Infiltration
Simple enough architecture and a tough fight. Not enough beprivopasov. I tried to go several times, but not always successfully.

Moonlit Keep
I could not pass the map, because there are a lot of mistakes. In one place I closed myself. I tried to start over and go the other way. I managed to pass this place, but then I closed myself in another place and could not get out. In the end, I stopped trying again.

Good but too short

Good performance. I liked the template idea. Good gameplay. There were some interesting solutions.

Fully Integrated
I liked it. Technologically. Small but nice

Cop Speed Gentlemen
Simple enough, but good gameplay. Feature: a lot of knights, but they were not very effective.

Abyssal Nimiety
For several attempts, I could not go far. Perhaps it was necessary to choose some other strategy. The space was too closed. There were several places where it was impossible to pass without loss. And the ammunition was not enough in my opinion.

You see me, you a stranger. I see you, I see danger
Not great, but very pleasant. I liked the detailing. Perhaps in the end it was necessary to put a stronger monster. I played at level 1.

Technological. Good detail. The gameplay was good. The last arena was a bit complicated, but that was her interest.

Coal in your Socks!
Nice, nice map. I liked the secret areas. Creation of a full lock of secrets was created.

Frozen Demise
Real winter, good atmosphere.

Entering the City of Pale
Awesome atmosphere! Good details! Interesting gameplay. Many different passages, but they did not allow to get lost.

Doomic Recycling
Good Doom style map. It is a pity that there were no secrets 
Short on time tonight, so here's 3 quick ones.

Aftermath by Queenjazz

I've played this one before of course, but not with the lower gravity (which was a good addition if I dare say so myself). Very interesting theme, must have been more annoying to put together than it seems. I think that a full map in this theme, with several of these kinds of "stations" floating in the void, would be probably a real treat.

Surrounded by Ish and Rhoq

A collaboration, pretty cute. This time round the layout wasn't as interesting as ish's other offerings, but it was still decent, and rather nicely populated. Not sure what was the deal with all the pushables, seems like they were more for decoration than something functional, unless I missed something obvious.

Train Station Infiltration by Ing

Sorry, didn't really like this, instant death traps and being forced to use no ammo isn't my idea of fun. There already are other mods that explore the idea of stealth in Quake and they're much better at it. It's a shame since the actual train station map idea is interesting. 
There were some breakables that if broken keep you from getting up to the key without the pushable. Its a sub-puzzle. Only necessary if you, like me, shoot all crates, barrels, wood, windows, globes, red things, Q symbols, and demons. 
Airgapped and Fully Integrated by JCR

The zip is twice as big as my other ones combined, nice.

I liked this pair of maps, both were really pretty (save for some minor misaligned textures) and seemed to flow into eachother well, as both used the Rubicon 2 texture set rather extensively, with similar characteristics.

Both were pretty hardcore gameplay wise, even on skill 1, but nothing that was overly difficult or unfair. After what was way too many axe starts, I enjoyed that both maps gave me heavy weaponry relatively early on - it made for a nice change of pace, and opened up some different gameplay possibilities.

Map 1 was off to an interesting start, and was very interesting looking, but to be fair I wasn't a big fan of the layout, the progression was done nicely but it felt like I was moving across a box rather than a real place.

I remembered little of map 2, despite having tested it, so some of it was a nice surprise. This time the warehouse/military base justified the somewhat boxy layout, and I felt it was more interesting than map 1. Really liked the sinister "story" of this one.

Are these two maps meant to form a coherent unit together? It felt that way when I played both in a row.

Good work overall! 
New Promo Image For Bal's Map.... 
Wow. Even with an HD texture pak it still looks good. 
Hall of Shards by Pinchy Skree

A late write-up to a demo I recorded two days ago, so apologies for not remembering too many details.

A decent mix between a classic Quake map and one that is totally off the rails, with all the unique detailing that I appreciated (but not necessarily liked). Definitely felt like the most lived-in map from the jam together with Bal's, but for different reasons entirely. Big props for using the more obscure textures like the marble walls and the ornate carpets.

The layout could have been more interesting (the top floor was decent, despite being just 3 rooms, while the bottom felt like a box was placed first and then bits were added) but the progression through it was fun. I never want to fight another spider or scorpion in AD again, though.

Nice map overall! 
I noticed that your map "Gift of the Boxlord" has a line in the bsp where it says:
"_texpart_sky_xsnow" "fte_weather.tex_skysnow"

but there is no snow falling from the sky, even when i write r_particledesc fte_weather or r_particledesc weather on the console :(

I'm using the last version of quakespasm-spiked-win64, but i also tested it with Mark V and quakespasm 0.93

Is there something that i have to write on the console to make it work?

XMAS Jam 2018 Part 2! 
Here's Part 2! This episode finishes up the final maps within the pack.

Here is the list of maps in this episode, again sorry, list is not in order:

Shadow and Flame by Ionous
Abyssal Nimiety by Ish
Surrounded by Ish and Rhoq
Coal in your Socks! by Krampus
You see me, you a stranger. I see you, I see danger by Naitelveni
Gift of the Boxlord by Qmaster
Cop Speed Gentlemen by Qmaster
NoQuarter by Scampie
Chapel Perilous by Shambler
Moonlit Keep by Shotro
Frozen Demise by Bloodshot

Overall amazing pack! I can't believe we have another 5-6 hours of Quake we can play here (for free!) and the majority of what is in here is good! There are a few maps that I was not the biggest fan of and you'll hear my thoughts on those when I play them. To those people I say, please don't give up and don't take the criticism to heart, just keep working your craft and you'll get there. ;)

Merry Quakemas all! 
I'm not sure how to get the snow working myself actually. I slapped that line in there because ionous said that was what was needed for snowy maps to have snow effect....oh well. 
For Qmasters map I believe it should be adjusted to this:

"_texpart_SKY003" "fte_weather.tex_skysnow"

Which translate to this:

"_texpart_(your standard 2D sky's name)" "fte_weather.tex_skysnow"

Since he didn't USE "sky_xsnow", his 2D sky's name is SKY003, nothing happens.

At least that's what I think is going on. 
"fte_weather.tex_skysnow" is the engine directive of what to display, hence:

"fte_weather.tex_skyrain" would be rain instead of snow.

Sorry for the triple posting on this but:

Using MarkV's "copy ents" console command plus Notepad2, I successfully created a "xmasjam2018_qmaster1.ent" file. Where you can change the incorrect Worldspawn key/value pair to:

"_texpart_SKY003" "fte_weather.tex_skysnow"

Then snow will fall in "Gift of the Boxlord"

HOWEVER, it will not be correct :( The snow particles lifespan is not long enough to reach the lower part of the map and so, it looks really odd ingame.

To correct this, I had to edit the "fte_weather.cfg" inside my "...xmasjam2018\particles\" folder and set "die", under section "r_part tex_skysnow", to "14". It is initially set to "8".

This of course has an effect on the whole pack and so may not really be a viable solution.

Wrapping up, I don't know if it's possible to set this on a per map basis in Worldspawn. If possible, the .ent file alone would resolve this without a recompile/release.

Anyways... just thought I'd let you guys know. 
A Christmas Romp by Spipper

About to have Xmas dinner so keeping this short.

Probably the funniest map from the pack, had me loling from the first time I saw a screenshot. I knew right away I'd have to wait to play this until the 24th.

The gameplay was fine, but a bit too many pushables than necessary, and that one blue Death Knight was a very harsh spike in difficulty.

I adored all the destructible detail like the boxes or the snowmen. The map pretty much ended up getting destroyed too, with lots of clever AD entity setups. The only way I'd improve this is if maybe the presents were actually a hollywood timebomb (since the family is already dead).

I didn't mind the music but after 2 minutes I ended up switching it off.

Only 1/5 secrets found, while some of the items I got I'd definitely have marked as secrets personally (like the mega in the basement).

Nice map overall! 
Had to cheat twice, once because the chimney killed me when I was falling down with 1HP, the other because the Minotaur wouldn't stop spawning Imps infinitely. 
@Qmaster, @Tribal 
I figured it out!

Deposit that into your xmasjam2018 folder and you're set. 
Sweet! Thanks and Merry Christmas dumptruck! 
Thanks! You're awesome!! =D 
Map From The Poster 
Where is map from the poster? 
I Think It's Just A Brushwork Doodle 
purely for jam promotion 
... And Demoes For The Rest Of The Map. 
Finally managed to play the rest of the maps. Here are the demoes:

I was a bit tired when I played through some of the maps from the 2nd floor, so the playthroughs are a bit rushed and my "commentary" perhaps not too insightful.
(Also, sorry Ing if I were a bit harsh on your map. Seeing some other playthroughs of your map, made me appreciate what you were trying to do a whole lot more) 
Twilight Keep Update 
It will be included in the DLC update but for anyone wanting to play a working copy of the map:

The original release of the map somehow had multiple entities that had the target/targetname settings all set to the same thing in a vertical slice of the map across multiple floors. This led me to hunt down all the affected entities.

To prevent this in the future I also adjusted the brushes in the left hallway to no longer allow non-linear navigation through the map so I can test the map without missing something like this again. With that, two areas of the map received brushwork.

Another complaint came when a couple of (non-tester) players overlooked a major trigger for proceeding through the map and couldn't move forward, I added brushwork to make the logic of the map far more apparent. With that, the adjacent areas got some additional brushwork in order to accommodate the change and since I ended up with a dead end because of this, I added a new functional set piece to fill that gap.

The rest of the map is the same layout and is the same as it was upon release... if entities would have triggered correctly. I had time to re-test the map and added a few quality of life improvements relating to button triggers, messages, and fixed the map sounds. I added a joke two-part secret to the map and added a secret in an area someone reached that I hadn't expected (now has a wall and an item. Oh my). 
Thanks for the demo! 
Xmasjam2018 Playlist

Thank you all for your feedback! I made playlist from when I streamed my playthroughs. I hope my commentary is useful to you all. I really enjoyed all the maps, each brought something to the table and it was a real Christmas treat for me to participate. 
Is anyone playing this maps with quakespasm-spiked?

I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, but there are, at least, three maps that crashes when you try to save or quicksave. I'm not getting any warnings or error messages... quakespasm-spiked just crashes, closes and goes to the desktop :P

It is happening with both Qmaster's maps and with Spiper's (that one with santa's sleigh). I didn't tested with all the maps yet, but i know these three have this "save" issue with quakespasm-spiked.

What these three maps have in common? What do they have that is different from the other maps? Do I have to change something, like change protocols or write something in the console to make it work? 
No Clue 
Yep, I played the pack with quakespasm-spiked, and I confirm that three maps are crashing to the console. I use QSS on OS X.

I didn't noticed which maps were crashing. 
Finally Played The Pack Yesterday 
Very cool maps! Once again, highly impressive how everyone managed to make something unique within the 1024 restrictions. The levels are so varied in theme and style; some amazing details; some clever puzzles or twists. Some maps feel more polished than others or more accessible in general, but overall every map has something interesting to offer. GG everyone involved and special shoutout to the new people. See you in 2019! 
Still Haven't Played This.... 
....I was busy with other stuff etc. But I will do very soon!

In the meantime, I've heard rumours that 18 secrets was a bit too much in mine and some people didn't find them all?? Shocking. Anyway, so here's a walkthrough with some design thoughts and all the secrets. Sorry it is a bit rambling as it's the 3rd time I recorded it and I got bored... 
Played Amost All Of These Now 
didn't record any demos, sorry. Loved Negke map. Scampie's map deserves more love, though end battle was too tough for me to play manfully.
Sock's was annoyingly good as expected, same for Bal. Really hope that's gonna be an episode.
Shambler, one element I particularly enjoyed about your map was when the uberscrag spawned and I fell below, and as I climbed back up, acid kept raining down on me from the ceilings.
Ugh lots of good maps, anyone who hasn't downloaded and played should ASAP! 
I finished streaming these as well, viewable here :

Sorry for that first stream, was really tired, Nait and JCR especially deserved better from me hah.
Great pack overall, my highlights were sm190_newhouse which was crazy genius, and sm190_skacky2 which was just a really solid and fun map. 
I finished streaming these as well, viewable here :

Sorry for that first stream, was really tired, Nait and JCR especially deserved better from me hah.
Great pack overall, my highlights were sm190_newhouse which was crazy genius, and sm190_skacky2 which was just a really solid and fun map. 
Top Post Bal. 
Played In Reverse Order Over Two Days, First Thoughts, Fairly Random: 
Entering the City of Pale by Bal
Top AAA+++ design, with amazing backdrop, the most beautiful in Quake yet. Great playable map with good variety and great secrets. Makes a bit of a mockery out of the 1024 restriction and gameplay woefully undersupplied to start, but better and fun to finish.

Frozen Demise by Bloodshot
Cool captivating style with lots of neat tricks and funky AD stuff, just a bit boxy in places. Gameplay was spot on as were some optional side-areas.

Train Station Infiltration by Ing
Tried once, axed and enforcer, and fell down an infinite black pit. Tried again, pressed a button, got one-shotted by plasma grunts. Tried again, went down a corridor, got instagibbed by invisible lasers.

Shadow and Flame by Ionous
Cool design and build quality, constantly stylish and well-detailed. Kinda small but nicely done with the twisting around. Gameplay was great for the first half, the second half was gruelling and lava was 90% of my problems as expected.

Abyssal Nimiety by Ish
Sorry axing Bobs at the top of a ladder doesn't do it for me.

Surrounded by Ish and Rhoq
More like a very tight Q2 Duel speedmap, but okay for that. Decent theme and gameplay fairly well balanced and challenging.

Airgapped by JCR
Style seemed quite aesthetic but gameplay was just nope.

Fully Integrated by JCR
Decent design for a single box, strong style and working machinery, but felt strongly like one arena. Ladders a bit obscure and gameplay a bit save-scummy and OTT for the area.

Something by Negke
Quirky! Which jam was this for again?? Nice design and sure to appease Doom fans, and of course, translucent Fiends. The textures didn't do it for me and the end combat was fairly horrible, tho.

You see me, you a stranger. I see you, I see danger by Naitelveni
Okay so it's just one room. But it's arguably the coolest, crazily detailed room all year.

Hall of Shards by Pinchy Skree
Not my style at all. Felt like a collection of ideas rather than a holistic theme, and the gameplay at the end was too much. Some neat ideas tho.

Gift of the Boxlord by Qmaster
Good design and layout for a "one room" type thing, got some variety in. Decent theme but the extraneous details were by far the highlight. Gameplay okay overall but needed more ammo in the middle.

Cop Speed Gentlemen by Qmaster
Simpler and plainer but the fog and angles were good. Could have done with more details. Gameplay was quite fun especially the knight hordes.

Aftermath by Queenjazz
Some funkiness with the skybox and spinning blades, but felt like a collection of prefabs. Gameplay fully random, didn't get very far.

NoQuarter by Scampie
Great design, great variety, loved the curved quarter of base. Cool progression. Gameplay frustrating and overly hard / reliant on replaying.

Moonlit Keep by Shotro
Really like the tribute to E1M5 start. Complexity and value was interesting but progression and gameplay was frustrating, I got stuck by the axe upgrade. Very easy to get stuck on scenery.

Coal in your Socks! by SOCK
Krampus ffs. What a troll. Brilliant map despite that. Great designs and aesthetics, the layout was a bit obvious but the lovely secrets made up for it. Spot on gameplay too.

A Christmas Romp by Spipper
Interesting ideas and the fiend sleigh amused me. Not a fan of the theme and the crate mechanism b0rked for me so couldn't get past the flames.

A Crooked Clergy by Strideh
Very nice. Perfect vibe and details. What I was striving for with mine! Nice little exploratory feel. Needed a shortcut from the bottom back up to the top.

Mutagenesis by Strideh
Brilliant. Superb details and style. Good gameplay balance throughout, keeping the "arena" type combat fair and fun. 
@ Mugwump
Shambler's Chapel Perilous
Probably my favorite of your maps that I've played so far, the last one being shamsp3. Design is less monochromatic and more detailed than some of your previous efforts and I love that you took advantage of every nook and cranny of this 1024³ space to stuff it with secrets. Combat is fairly challenging, just right for skill 2. Good stuff! One small nitpick is that with all the interconnectedness, I wish progression were a little less linear.

Thanks! It was initially a bit plainer but I tried to cram in more details, I still could have done better detailing in the crypt bit at least, that was me being lazy. Yes nooks and crannies, that was definitely the plan, partly inspired by xmasjam2017_ionous. If I found a space the player could fit into, I added a secret there ;). Yup it's linear, that was partly the plan, to get the maximum mileage out of the size.

@ Qmaster
Shambler: Probably the best map I've played in a long time. SOOO tight and loved every bit. Couple doors ghosting through walls but was otherwise superb and loaded with details. Did not dissapoint.

Thanks! It's maybe a bit tighter than ideal but I tried to alternate tighter and less tight areas, and I think the lighter enemy work okay. Not sure which doors were ghosting through walls, I tried to make the rotating ones all work around hinges.

@ digs
Chapel Perilous
Very cool! I liked the sound atmosphere. But most of all I liked a lot of moves. The map was linear, but due to the fact that I had to constantly raise and lower somewhere, I completely ceased to realize where I was. Very cool done.

Thanks! That was exactly the plan, to make the map feel a lot larger and longer than 1024 restrictions, due to labyrinthine progression. Glad it worked for you. Sound atmosphere is all down to AD's creepy monster noises. 
Fix For Chapel Perilous 
"Chapel Perilous" (xmasjam2018_sham.bsp) exit points to Start.bsp (capital S) which causes the game to shut down since there is only a start.bsp included. In Mark V at least this is a problem.

Does anyone either have the .map source file of this level or maybe already a fixed .bsp which points to start.bsp (small S at the beginning)? 
I didn't have any issues with "Chapel Perilous" using QS, AD-Mod(not QSS) or MarkV(DX9 | 1.98)

But, since you do...

In MarkV bring down the console and type "copy ents"

Load up a plain text editor and hit cntrl+v(copy from clipboard)

Search for "Start"(capped), found just after trigger_changelevel, change the Big "S" to a small one "s"

Save as "xmasjam2018_sham.ent" in the maps directory alongside the xmasjam2018_sham.bsp and xmasjam2018_sham.lit files. TADA

Alternatively, you could hex edit the plain text of the .bsp changing the "S" as well. Simpler

To wrap up... I already have the .ent file if you simply want me to upload it to quaketastic and you could d'load it ;)

If You Can Upload It 
... that would save me a lot of time. Fast reply is appreciated, mate! 
See if this helps:

Strange but, the .ent file did nothing for me! I changed it to e1m1 to test and it still went to start, wutface

I included the .ent that goes to "start" AND the .bsp the I hex edited "Start" --> "start". Just in case that works for you.

I loaded the level from my save so, it all works here.

Thanks A Lot 
... for this. Really fast service, highly appreciated. This map pack made last Christmas great again! 
Well Now. 
Apparently I did b0rk that. And I never tested it as part of the final pack so I never noticed. It always just went to intermission and then I moved on or exited Quake. Oh well. Thanks for helping damage_inc 
We didn't notice it during testing (we tested going from and to the start map for all the maps) cause it only happens on Linux and other case-sensitive OS, in Windows the changelevel works fine. :( 
Errrrmmm k. 
Capital Letters 
Maybe it also didn't happen to you since you are not using the latest Mark V build. I am using 1.99 Rev.4 (May 23, 2018), maybe that makes some difference. 
T-minus 45 Minutes To Playthrough 
Finished This Yesterday 
Had a blast. Besides that initial problem with the exit of "Castle Perilous" (on a Windows system!), I did not encounter any other issues or crashes. Really a solid release with some visually impressive maps inside! 
I've only played Bal's map so far, but it is excellent. Tremendous attention to details. I officially suck at finding secrets, though, as I didn't find a single one. A whole City of Bal episode would be amazing. 
Posted my reviews so far in the wrong thread but long story short, these maps are pretty amazing and I'm having a really good time playing through them. 
Just A Few More Words 
There are some real masterpieces in this pack. I was blown away by Strideh's maps. They're some of the best that I've ever played and they pretty much combined all of the best aspects of the game into them. Not only were they fun to play, but they were beautifully designed. Instantly one of my favorite mappers and I really hope that you make more in the future.

Ionous - I very briefly watched you stream a bit of you building this map and I'm glad that I finally got to play it. You managed to fit a lot into a tiny space including a pretty cinematic boss fight. However, I don't think that you can make something that I won't enjoy and I already knew before going into this that I was going to love it. Can't wait to catch up on your other maps that I've missed recently.

Bal - I can't really add to the praise that has been sung about your map. It's great and you already know that. It has a lot of the good game play elements that I've learned about from hanging out with the pros and moreover, it's a treat for the eyes. I usually don't ever use cheats before running through a map at least once but the second I spawned, I had to noclip out of the playable area just to soak it all in and appreciate the view. I also liked the little Easter egg that you put in at the top of the highest building. I kept wishing that the map was longer and not constrained by space or time limits.

Scampie - great base map and fitting for the season. I liked the connection between the boulder and the shootables. I also liked how you started off with the Shambler cave and I thought that the backtracking made for good use of space.

Krampus - I'm not able to guess who this is based on the map style although I have a few ideas. I saved this for last aside from the secret map and to me, it was another perfect map. Not only was it fun to play, but I really enjoyed looking at it. This is the sort of map that captures exactly what I love about smaller maps. I liked the secret poem as well.

Negke - still have to play through this but I took a brief look at it and it was a pleasant surprise especially after having just played your Doom maps only last week. I still wish that you'd make more Doom maps but I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of changes that you made to this one. 
Thanks for the kind words. The boss battle seemed to take a lot of people by surprise, which is what I had hoped for when conceiving it. 
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