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2 New Quake2 Sp/coop Maps By Macanah -- The Boss Returns
Hi i just finished 2 new quake2 sp/coop maps yesterday -- here is link for download --
title of maps is -- THe boss returns
Screenshots And More Details Please 
mapnames -- mnhq2spcoop6a mnhq2spcoop6b

To load map type -- map mnhq2spcoop6a in console

Editor used -- Quark
Time to make -- on and off for a while

single player -- Yes
coop -- Yes
deathnmatch -- no
CTF -- no

Tested with kmquake2 --
and q2pro --

custom textures used
map files included
author -- macanah
website --
Link Doesn't Even Go Directly To The File You Need 
Just some mess of a folder 
Direct Link File 
Next Time. 
Can you release them with longer bsp names, please. At the moment, there is still the slightest chance a few people might be able to remember how mnhqspcoop6a is spelt after loading up the game, and actually play the maps. Stick in a few more characters and numbers and you could fix that and make them completely inaccessible.... 
Updated Op With Shots Anyway. 
Long BSP names could be a good method for discouraging people from loading the wrong level. For these levels, there's no connection back to the first level so you can safely rename the first BSP. I suggest naming it after this place:

These levels look like a good example of the kiddos getting ahold of the level editor (and texture editor), which there's absolutely nothing wrong with, just to be clear on that point. But it doesn't mean the resulting levels will be of release-caliber. But with that said:

@macanah: please, continue making levels. So what if these aren't good; I imagine future ones will be better. And if you enjoy it, then... One part I did like was the last room with the moving columns. I don't think I've seen this before in a boss fight, and it added an interesting dynamic. 
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