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Q1SP: The Secrets Of The Mansion
A Medium sized medieval and base map by nolcoz.

I was hoping to finish this and provide some feedback today but I've been struggling for a while and this is the first map I've ever played that I legitimately can't finish. I honestly have no idea where to go. I thought that I did a good job of stumbling into some secrets but it wasn't long before I started to feel like I was going through the map in the wrong order.

I've pretty much hit every wall looking for a secret and I've traversed everywhere that I can go without noclipping but I don't know where to go. Otherwise, it's a strange map but it has some good ideas. The interconnectivity is nice with the garbage chute into the lava pit that links adjacent areas above and below. Some texture glitches and a bit strange to not see any grunts where half the map so far is a base, but I'd probably enjoy this more if I could figure out where to go next. 
Thanks for letting me know about the problem you had with the map, next time I will try to my others maps less confusing.

Also, could you tell me how far you got into the map?
(by that I mean if you got the golden key or the silver key) 
I ended up figuring it out shortly after I made my comment but I didn't wanna post twice so quickly. I was up to the point where you explode the two turbines being guarded by a fiend, so before obtaining any keys. I was confused by the water pit behind the fenced area that opens because I kept thinking I had to shoot a grenade into the pipe to continue - I didn't understand the significance of that area opening up otherwise unless it was already open before and I just didn't notice. Was it just to show you the pipe connected to the exhaust in the next room over, which causes the wall to explode?

It took me a long to discover the elevator in the room that takes you down to what I think was the gold key. The map also started to make more sense there as some sort of facility where they were maybe investigating these monsters and stuff like that. In retrospect, I feel like an idiot for missing the elevator but the space to squeeze through was so narrow that I thought it was a simple break in the barrier, not a potential passageway.

The light in the pipe actually takes you to a secret area if you shoot it with a grenade launcher. Looking back at it, I should not have made a door there, as it can lead you to believe you have to do something in that area.

And yes, the entrance to the elevator makes it seem like there is nothing there. 
My First Run And Link To My Review 
I really liked this map. Down below are the links to my blind run and my review at Quaddicted:

(1st run, 16:55, 65?/72 kills, 2/4 secrets)

Is this your first map, nolcoz, because for a first one it's great! Destroying machinery really brought Scourge of Armagon to my mind. And did I spot a Pacman reference in one of the secrets? :D 
Thanks! I am glad that you liked my first map.

Also I want to tell you that I have tried playing the demo but it doesnt allow me. It gives me a host error
and it tells me there is an unknown command ``cl_serverextension_download┬┤┬┤ 
Which Engine? 
Were you trying to play the demo on Quakespasm, because I recorded the demo on Quakespasm-Spiked:

My 100 % run at Quaddicted was also recorded with QSS, if you want to watch it too. 
Yes, I was trying to play it on quakespasm.

Is there a way to play it on regular quakespasm? 
I Don't Know 
It may be a bit of a chore, but the easiest solution would probably just be installing QSS.

QSS has the neat feature of making the game physics framerate independent, so you can play Quake on high refresh rate monitors without any physics glitches. Got you interested in trying out QSS yet? ;D 
I just installed QSS and saw your demos. I really liked how you commentated what you saw in your first run.

Also in the final battle, I never thought about standing outside with a grenade launcher. Next time, I should probably spawn them in. 
A Bit Too Secretive? 
Nah it was okay. Quite rough around the edges but some nice bits like the courtyard with the tower above. Very odd mix of base and medieval though, needed a bit more harmony and polish. Keep at it. 
QSS uses by default a custom protocol (FTE+666) that is not supported by other engines (apart from maybe FTE, I guess?). There is a command to force it to use protocol 666, you should do that to record your demos when possible to ensure max compatibility. 
I was wondering about that but was too lazy to research it. I ran a Google search for it now, and looks like the command is "-protocol 666". 
I played this a while ago on stream, finally got around to uploading on youtube. Good stuff!

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