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SM190: "Six Textures" Pack Release
2019 : SM190

Fifteen maps from thirteen mappers using only six



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Dig's Map Is Missing Textures In A Few Places 
There are several windows-like places in Digs map that are apparently missing a proper texture, or the texture is badly mapped.

Thios map is terrific, by the way. I like it a lot. If only Digs could fixe the texture mapping on it. 
Can you show a screenshot of at least one place where the texture is missing? I tested a lot, but did not notice such places 
he's wrong.
your map is awesome.
So many fucking awesome maps in this pack!
Very impressed with almost every entry here.
recorded some quick 1st run demoes, til 1st death, so some not very long at all, will post... eventually! 
No texture errors but rather funky abstract art from Digs! Makes sense as there was a texture limit and he didn't want to waste a texture on ornaments, teleporters etc. As for missing textures on windows, look again, I take it you haven't found all the secrets! 
First Impressions So Far... 
Digs' map was fun. I am a sucker for Wizard themed maps. Some really nice moments and encounters.

Gave up on ish's map. Some design issues that really ruined this for me. Too dark in many areas, not enough ammo or biosuits to navigate underwater. Cheap deaths had me rage quitting. I'll try it again on my main gaming rig. I am on laptop making it harder to enjoy or play well.

Ing's map had a great look to it. Reminded me of some Quake 2 slime maps. But same issues with progression. Somme weird dead ends and once I got stuck in a puzzle room I quit out and gave up for the evening.

Balance and progression were very lacking for me for these two maps. I'd like to know what playtesters said about the maps. 
I dig the Dig map too, as usual 
Digs Textures 
Well, maybe the textures aren't missing on these windows and frames, but they are looking weird. Too stretched. It feels weird compared with the walls. Maybe a moving smooth color would be better looking (like what can be found on some teleporters, in maps I don't remember). 
Itching To Play These 
When limited to 6 textures, no one said you couldn't upscale to 100 and use only one pixel to color a whole brush, so maybe that's what seems off to Barnak. Ofc there is always the issue of gl blend abuse, using the corners of pixels to blend and get wierd colors for things at huge texture scales...but that borks when you have pixelly-goodness mode turned on. 
What you call windows are actually pictures. We have only six textures. If I hadn’t used stretching, it wouldn’t look interesting at all. 
Very Cool Pack. 
Few textures, such variety, so effectiveness, much wow. Well done all, lots of really impressive stuff whether it was texture choice or designs or just ideas. 
What client have you used to play? I'm going to make some improvements and fixes. 
I'm using QuakeSpasm, but I'm using a version from December 2017, so I admit the problem may have been on my end. I do not generally have that problem, though. 
Awesome Pack 
Posting the demos I've recorded so far before I forget again.

Digs: Great map, peak creativity as usual. Amazing how you managed to fit in two floor textures in this. Also the "water" was a touch of genius.

Dumptruck: Felt like Sandy popped up with a previously unreleased E4 map. Inventive progression through and through, maybe even a bit too much so (the SK/Quad bit was a proper head scratcher). Jury's out on whether the white brick and the green wizmets compliment eachother or not, but I understand that it was part of the "snakedriver" theme.

Ing: Props for taking a stab at the "hrimfaxi wizard" texture theme I suggested about 36 hours before the deadline. I didn't finish the map though, sorry - much too dark and too hard.

Ish: Another hypercomplex ish layout, I'm getting really jealous of your skills. Props for designing your own texture set for this challenge - they're decent but I don't know if I like the "ancient egypt as reimagined by the Deus Ex HR designers" look. I finished this one but just barely, the ammo and health were severely lacking.

JCR: Another favorite of mine, a really nice base map with a white/sterile twist, tied together by the colored lighting. Not much to say other than I liked this a lot. Liked the ending too, hinting at a never made map 2.

Newhouse 1: What the fuck, totally bonkers map, felt like Sandy popped up with a map he's been quietly working on like Romero's e1m8b. Probably the first map to make me feel scared since 2008 (the music helped a lot). Bonkers progression too, all sorts of unusual tricks and things that aren't normally done (but still work). Loved this to bits.

Newhouse 2: Much closer to what is considered a Quake map on average but still a pretty madcap map, with a super twisty layout and lots of underwater progression. Pretty impressive for 6 textures too.

nyo: Cool idea for a map, feels like something that would make a nice base map where you unlock some sort of spawning vats in sequence. Liked the layout (though it's a bit big on the scale) and the eclectic texture combo. TexMex says this map uses 8 textures though??

The rest coming tomorrow hopefully (including 100% demos for skacky which I'm failing to produce for a week now). 
Nice Maps 
Proves that you don't need lots of textures to make good-looking levels. Challenge: can you do it with only three? 
SM191: 3 textures
SM192: 1.5 textures
SM193: 0.75 textures??? 
one texture + color light 
From It's Own Mega-discussion Thread.... 
SM190 "music" Thing [EDIT]
Posted by wintertowns on 2019/01/06 08:01:23
I made some sounddesign inspired by playing the sweet SM190 release: 
I'm A Newb 
"From It's Own Mega-discussion Thread.... "
Sry, I just saw people post music stuff in general discussion, thought about posting here first. Thanks for moving it. 
No worries wintertowns ... thanks for making something! It sounds like it could even work as an ambient track for a map, if the map was disturbing. :-)

As for this speedmap pack:

The promo image is cool. Between that and the general concept/rules for this one, it reminds me a bit of the neat old "geocomp" Q3 map pack projects. The textures aren't as abstract tho, which makes for a more interesting challenge.

I've only had the chance to play through digs' map so far, on skill 2. Kind of a panicky opening. :-) No spoilers here I guess, but FWIW I was really wondering if I had screwed something up and then eventually everything worked out. That's a fine line to walk but I found it more fun than frustrating.

The rest of the map was pretty choice too, working the paths through and around and up the structures. The way you occasionally transform a room to make progress reminded me a bit of Andrew Yoder's recent maps, although of course that's not a new idea in general. A funny psych-out moment at the end too. Thumbs up! 
This might be my favorite speedmap pack in recent memory. Here's a playlist I'm slowly adding my playthroughs to for those who missed my stream. Speaking of, I am working out some kinks for better quality video reviews overall.

SM190 Playlist 
Let's Post In The Right Thread This Time, And Only Once! 
I finished streaming these as well, viewable here :

Sorry for that first stream, was really tired, Nait and JCR especially deserved better from me hah.
Great pack overall, my highlights were sm190_newhouse which was crazy genius, and sm190_skacky2 which was just a really solid and fun map. 
Four Demos 
two completed - digs and nait
and two incompleted - newhouse and newhouse1

thanks guys

didn't like the jumping parts on digs' map ^)
the ammo on nait's map was a bit scarce

couldn't beat newhouse maps yet, i would once i'm ready 

Some of these are super lame, others I feel I do a good job of being entertaining enough.
Thanks guys, super impressed by mappers and speedmapping these days 
I went back to do a bit more of this pack, and I wanted to pop in quickly to comment on Newhouse's maps.

The first map diverged in several ways from a standard Quake thing: it was quite dark, had a weird/puzzley progression, made use of "unfair" monster ambushes, and was very low on ammo (on skill 2). You can get away with 2 or 3 of those, but all 4 is ... rough. I couldn't finish it without godmode, but it's interesting. Genuinely scary in spots too, and I don't think that would suffer if you ever wanted to give this one more playability polish.

The second map was great! It reminded me of e2m6 a bit, which modern maps rarely do. Fun and non-frustrating use of water, a swiss-cheese sort of route through a crazy medieval jungle-gym, and some strong combat setups. I appreciated how you set up monster mixes, staggered the introduction of some enemies, and put them in interesting places. I would recommend this map to anyone; it's not just "good for a speedmap".

Woo! I'm happy to see relatively-new mappers do stuff which has echoes of very early Quake but also sports a new odd flavor. It would be boring for custom maps to fall into one particular "production mode". 
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