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SM191: Origins
Sixteen maps of pure, unadulterated ID1 goodness. A tribute to the classics of 1996.

Download it here:

Jam Poster:

The Lineup:

Miles Beneath the Mold by Breezeep
Lair of Xtalculum by Danzadan
Tiir Heldral by Danzadan
Classic Dungeon by Digs
Chapel Agony by Giftmacher
Raiders of the Lost Map by Ing
Ephialtes by Ionous
Counter Measure by Ish
Indignus Nominis by JCR
Ode to Chthon by Maxx
Hideout by Pinchy Skree
Caterpillar by Queenjazz
The Door to Wabbah by Scrama
Now & Then by Ukko
Metal Gate by WW
The Slipgate Redux by Yoder
Another day, another brilliant speedmap pack! Perfect remedy for Blue Monday (err sure, killing hundreds of monsters fixes all wrongs in life...)

Demos, please note I didn't finish every map, running on limited time (which is why I didn't finish my map (again)) and patience.

My favorites were ww's, Ukko's, JCR's and Breezeep's. 
Yeah I Missed The Deadline 
But the map I started will get finished. 
Does Anyone Else Think... 
...that the sounds the zombies make (particularly their "alert" noise) are reminiscent of an annoyed cat? Like if you woke up your sleeping cat by petting its fur the wrong way?

I've only played the first three maps so far, but they're fantastic. Excellent architecture and gameplay from BreezeEP and Danzadan. Particularly liked the little surprise at the end of Danz2! ;) 
Are there any first time mappers' maps in this pack? 
It's Maxx's second map made but first one released I think. 
Good map imo, does not look like early expirience 
Full Size Image 
Some Pretty Good Stuff. 
Some of these really hit the mark with id1 style nostalgia. 
The Best Way To Kill Zombies Is To Have A Lady Friend. 
Streamed half the pack just now, some great stuff!
VOD is here :
Played Breezeep, Danz, Danz2, Digs, Gift, Pinchy, queenjazz and Yoder (not quite in that order).
Will try to play the rest later this week, cool work everyone. 
played digs and Breezeep.
very nice maps, especially Breezeep had nice route/flow and generally very good aesthetics 
Final Shambler Is Always Optional 
Ok just finished playing these, great pack!
VOD is here :
Played ing, ionous, ish, maxx, jcr, scrama, ukko, ww. 
Good Maps. 
Full set of demos here:

Very old school and refreshing maps. GG all. 
Good maps. In particular, really enjoyed Maxx's, Pinchy Skree's, and Scrama's levels!. 
Going To Be Playing Through This In Two Hours 
so far I've enjoyed Ish's and Dig's maps the most 
Breezeep's: perfection, very tru to vanilla ID. Ukko's very cool too, liked the horde combats 
Slowly making my way through these. Ditto for all the nice things said about Breezeep's, but I also just had to pop in here and give props to Giftmacher's map for being a challenging & fun & sometimes scary set of fights and ambushes (skill 2).

Cranking out a string of good combat setups as a speedmap deserves some kudos. There's a lot of use of shadows and blind corners to create monster advantages, so some folks probably will be annoyed, but I didn't feel it was cheap... more like "I _know_ some things will ambush me in there so let's make sure they regret it!" Good times; nice work. 
yeah, liked Giftmacher's too. no secrets found tho. what a shame the Ish's map's last sector is so dark, would be even better map with a light entity or two added. thanks a lot guys for making this nevertheless, great fun 
Still going!

One very NON-id1-ish thing about several of the maps is their lack of ammo on hard mode. On JCR's and Maxx's maps for example I had to leave some monsters un-killed and just run for the exit, and that is definitely unusual for me. Not a triumphant way for things to end. :-)

A couple of positive comments about those maps though!

First a quick note that JCR's map has one of the best uses of the wind-tunnel effect that I've seen in a while.

As for Maxx's map: this is wayyyy strong for a first release. I liked the chunky but interesting brushwork and the way the spaces fed into and back through each other. I liked the lighting. Even the mild puzzley bit and a bit of "watch your step" flooring without turning it into a jumping puzzle. Thumbs up.

On to the final third... 
Scrama, what is up with that transition into the second major area? Ridiculously good.

And overall this map had a great feeling of a mini-adventure with progression into new spaces.

Good nostalgic id1-ness in the middle stretch of the map. Although the lighting was more bright/flat/yellowish than the original id1 spaces of that kind, it still rang a familiar bell, probably from some very old custom maps that looked like that? And the layout was a nice little Quake gem.

One last concrete detail I liked: the crusher trap. Cool little associated secret, and also the use of pulsing light there made the trap feel more dangerous than it actually was. 
Ukko: Great scene-setting. The horde fights were fun, although the first one seemed to have kind of a "right way" to do it, i.e. you have to notice/get the NG right away or you'll be hosed. Not a big deal tho since it's easy to restart.

WW: Excellent ebonfortressyness! Kind of reminds me of Andrew Smith stuff? Disappointed that I didn't see a GL to pop those moany zombies. :-)

Yoder: I'm glad there was at least one remix/tribute in the pack. Good callbacks while still being different in entertaining ways. Only found half of the secrets -- bed time now -- it'll be fun to go back in and look for the rest to see what other cleverness you got up to! 
This pack was amazing, here's a playlist I'm slowly uploading:

SM191 Playlist 
Ww's 1st Run Demo 
amazing map. some errors popped up in console, something about info_teleport, dunno waht is it 
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