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New Q1SP Keep: Egyptoagula (plus Keep Patch 0.56)

A coagula style Egyptian map with traps, mazes, oases, hordes, and tons of secrets. Go skydiving through this epic journey into the floating upside-down pyramids.

Map Download (10MB zip):

Map Download Mirror:

Requires engine with extended limits such as Quakespasm 0.93 or MarkV.

Requires Keep mod 0.50 to be installed first (348MB zip):

Requires included Keep 0.56 patch progs.dat to be pasted into your Keep mod folder as a replacement for the 0.50 progs.dat file. Changelog included in zip for the curious. Up to date fgd included as well for Keep.


Singleplayer YES
Coop YES
Difficulties YES Easy, Normal, and Hard
Deathmatch YES
Custom Textures YES
Custom Mod Features YES YES of course!
This Looks Wonderful 
And I look forward to playing it this weekend. 
Looks Funky! 
First Run 
Gotta Say 
I do like the way that the map includes 241 files that are already in the keep install. ;) 
You're making me jump through a load of cunting hoops to get rid of fucking awful pixel mode before I can play this damn map... 
Installation Is Suking My Cock, But I Feel The Teeth 
Fuck I hate these kind of Quake installation! 
Fucking Clippety Clop Galloping Horse Jumping Sound 
My ears are actually vomitting in disgust. 
Okay I Got There In The End. 
Horse galloping sound is awful. Lighting a bit too flat, textures a bit plain in places especially the inside which could have had some more visual hooks to match the quality of the outside. A few too many spiders maybe.

BUT a lot of coolness aside from that. Crazy design / theme, floating above the earth was cool. Early coagula style progression was fun. All the switches inside got a bit confusing but it was okay in the end. Really liked the scale and weird connectivity of it all, felt like a suitably bewildering temple structure, I got a bit lost but it felt like a good place to get lost in. Good secrets too. Gameplay was spot on and well balanced throughout, despite promising tricks and traps there were no nasty annoying moments, just plentiful meaty ambushes. The ending could be totally cheesed but I liked the area it took place in. So despite a bit of unrefinement, a really cool experience overall. 

I should mention that Keep 0.50 is not intended to be overwritten over Keep 0.40. The files got totally rearranged for 0.5 so maybe that's why it's saying you have 241 existing files. 
So this has a lot of different monsters and weapons? 
hopefully it's just all Floyds. 
Here's a 100% Nightmare run:

Only thing that kept bothering me was the fact that you had to unlock all the 20 secrets for the Osiris' door to open. It kinda ruined the flow because you're forced to climb that tedious climb segment in front of the Osiris door twice (well I RJ'd the second time). The first time wasn't even worthwhile because I already had picked the red armor from the other secret in that same room.

Places where I died a lot:

- The ogres with cluster grenades.

- The first quad run (the nail ogres, nail scorpions and dcrossbows are a strong combo) 
Congrats On The Release 
this is the one of the better maps i've ever played,

loved every bits of it

liked the slow paced gameflow, no crazy ambushes, no overwhelmed hordes

the recorded demo(s) ended up somewhat at 5gb 
Ok, Scrama needs to be my new beta tester. That was painful in places. Learned a lot. 
I am moron. Not as Barnak, but close enough. 
There's A Reason 
I sent my demo directly to Qmaster! I fell off those bricks in the temple about 500 times. 
Can You Record That Bit With Obs And Upload It To Youtube?? 
Maybe sped up a bit, with Benny Hill music... 
Very cool architecture. Great job. Despite the large size, I did not get tired of walking through different halls and almost never managed to get lost. I died apparently in the last hall. In this room, I made a foolish thing. In previous times, I took a quaddamage and at this moment monsters appeared. I also took a quad in this room, I took a pentagram, but nothing happened. Only then did I turn my attention to the pillar that had to be destroyed.

I had no problems with aid kits and ammunition, and the invasions of monsters were not too aggressive, so until the last hall I felt confident.

I will not be able to upload a demo somewhere, because even in the archive there are more than 450 megabytes.

Excellent work. Thank you! 
Cool Map. 
Pretty lovely architecture, the progression was fun as well. Had not thought that i'd find my way around it this well, not getting lost and all. 
Great map. I loved the progression and floating architecture, gameplay as well. I can see the Keep mod has a lot of potential. 5/5

One thing I did notice that no one else seems to have had issues with is that the ammo icons on the HUD were mismatched for some reason. 
This was a long one, loved the aesthetics, the puzzles were neat. You'll notice I'm pretty tired since I go around in circles a bit. The map had a nice flow to it. I also enjoyed the secrets that involved risky jumps, though I eventually realized there's not really any risk in falling.

Playthrough with commentary 
I downloaded Keep mod to play this map, and i noticed a lot of other levels in the "keep/maps" folder. I always thought that Keep was a (huge) devkit for mappers to use to make levels, but i didn't knew it already comes with it's own maps.

I look at the readme, but i didn't find any info about them (author, year, etc)

Are all these maps playable or they are just test maps? 
Seems like Qmaster got busy IRL. Have not seem him post in weeks. Anyway I asked the same thing a while back on Discord. Here is his answer back in late January:

Um....uh no those were just there. Just some old maps released with v0.40 that I forgot to remove for later versions...the other test maps aren't supposed to be there either lol, nor all my other WIP maps...I didn't do a very good job with 0.5's was a rush job while I was sick. Originally that short episode was meant go be a standalone pack and the Keep mod started out as just a mod to get the few extrs things I wanted from the mission packs. My focus shifted away from the mapping to the code though. I only meant to include the asset_library.bsp and even that I forgot to move the start location back lol. Whatever, it's still beta so I can get away with being messy in the name of having it Just Work(R).

So unless I am mistaken, Egyptocoagula is really the first proper content for the Keep mod. 
Thank you! 
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