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Q1SP: Dreary Disposition
Dreary Disposition

Description : You find yourself imprisoned in a dungeon and must escape. A fairly straight-forward, average-sized, medieval-style map (mostly). My first map in almost 20 years.

Map download:


Map Information:

Game: Quake (id1)
Single Player: Yes
Co-op: Yes (not tested)
Deathmatch: Yes (not tested)
Difficulty: Yes, easy, normal and hard
Editor: Trenchbroom 2.1.0
Textures: quake101.wad
Tools: Tyr-Utils 0.15
Engines tested: Quakespasm 0.93.1
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Great Map! 
Since I'm a moron, this must be a really great map. 
Great Map! 
Since I'm a Mormon, this must be a really great map. 
Well Now. 
Really cool little map. Strong style and detailing. Good gameplay, well balanced. Liked the non-linearity and the secrets too. Outside bit was pretty. Inside bit had nice colour changes although the red brick was a bit OTT. Not sure about the tech bits but they were fairly subtle.

Proper stuff :) 
screens look nice, what other maps, 20 years ago, did you make Albert? 
Glad you guys like it. At first the idea was to create a medieval-style map that had somehow been integrated by tech, sort of like steam-punk, but I didn't do a very good job with that at all.

About 20 years ago I made 2 or 3 maps that I can remember. My parents hated it and forced me to stop, so I didn't make many maps at all. One map had a forest area and a room with a massive tree in it, and a castle entrance. The other one was a big gothic-style (but minimalistic) cathedral. I also started making the interior of the Event Horizon, but never finished it. Those maps are looong gone though. 
on the long delayed first release then! 
And Played. 
great first release
very strong and strange old school vibes, for better and for worse, mainly for the better. liked gameplay flow though a bit more bulking up of baddies and more ambush closets/teleporter use could have scaled it up more.
recorded demo with minimal comments will post soon. 
I Liked It 
Particularly the secrets, non-linearity, and interconnectivity (jumping down the well and finding yourself in the sewer section again). I also particularly liked the one bit where you get a glimpse of the outdoors while still inside the prison; I'm a sucker for inside/outside transitions or hints and I love that "frogs and insects" ambient sound. One question though: what's with the rocket launcher at the very end? 
This Is Great 
I really liked this map. I'm a sucker for more traditional, old school styled maps and this really fit the bill. The outside sections looked fantastic. Regarding the rocket launcher at the end, I wonder if the idea originally was to rocket jump up to the exit? 
Cool, I Like It! 
demo with few comments (and one misprint in header) 
nice detailed map, enjoyed it 
Skill3 1st Run Demo 
Thanks For All The Demos And Comments! 
I'm not exactly sure who's demo it was, but in one of them there was an ogre that totally glitched out. It appeared out of nowhere and just disappeared. No idea what that was all about. Never experienced that myself or seen it in another demo. Thanks for all the demos by the way. Such helpful feedback.

About the rocket launcher at the end. I don't have a straight answer for that. I tried to design the map so that it would be playable in deathmatch, and the rocket launcher was meant as a deathmatch weapon. I wasn't sure how to make it for deathmatch only, and somehow just forgot about dealing with it, or removing it. Now it's just causing mass confusion and conspiracy theories about rocket jumping to the exit, which is a pretty good theory actually, sadly false. Just a noob making some mapping mistakes.

Oh, and there is some glitch where even if you kill all of the monsters, there are always a few monsters not accounted for. I've been told it might be the fish glitch. Not sure what that means. I know that the gibbable crucified zombie in the beginning doesn't count as a kill, even though it counts as a monster. My apologies for all these flaws. 
Nice Map! 
took me three attempts on skill 2, mainly because I'm bad at Quake :D but I liked this map a lot. Here are three demos I made if you want them. 
The fish glitch is a bug on the original quake that makes each fish counts as two monsters.

c0burn made a fix for this, if you want:!piwDiK5B!Kc90JQEftzSbvCJSANqZNNpg-8yXboPY8rr4JiUCUIk 
Thanks For The Fishfix! 
So, I suppose anyone playing a map with fish in it needs to have that pak2.pak in their id1 folder to prevent the glitch happening to them. 
Interesting architecture, I liked it. Nice atmosphere, good detailing and gameplay. The corridors were winding enough, but I had no problem finding a way out.

I did not manage to use the first quad, since I discovered it when all the enemies were killed.

The biggest question: what does rocketlauncher do in the last room?

Thanks for map! Good luck 
Got around to this one, I really enjoyed it! Here's my playthrough with commentary:

Really cool map! It looks great, and I really liked how the "secrets" provided alternate routes through the map. The grenade-focused gameplay was fun.

The ending was a bit too easy to cheese, though. The monsters are so far away it's easy to methodically mow them down before they close enough to be a threat.

Thanks for the map, hope you make more. 
Great Map 
I liked this map a lot, cool traps in it! Like the crushing walls at the silver key. Cool stuff! Uploaded a playthrough as well! 
Sweet. It looks real good! 
Thanks Glad You Guys Like The Map 
The rocket launcher at the end is a beginner's mistake of mine. Answered it in more detail in a previous comment. And yeah, the end fight, I'm not too happy about it either. Not with the monster set-up or the room design really. It's one of the weakest parts in this map I suppose. 
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