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Medieval Architecture In Quake
Hi everyone so I am still lurking around in zombie mode and I'm looking at throwing together a short article about medieval architecture in Quake. Please post any suggestions for particular Q1SP maps to look at which feature medieval/gothic/etc. architecture.Cathedrals in particular but anything "medieval" (however "speculative") would be suitable. Feel free to post your own stuff, reference materials, editor shots, ideas, theories, etc., although perhaps best of all would be direct links to screenshots or other relevant images, such as:

One place I plan to poke around is obviously Sock's web site, i.e.

One time I found a forum post where someone had found the actual real world originals of the fountain-heads used in Doom, stuff like that would also be welcome.
Did You Find Anything? 
I Thought.., 
I wanted to respond, but hesitated as I'm just shy.
It's not that great, I'm using it in my q1test remake.
But it corresponds with the subject somehow, so before the toppic grows cold I'm after the hunchback of the parish cathedral.
Nice Madfox. You are one of the only ppl I know who uses QuArK. And that looks great.

Tronyn, Qmaster's Keep beta .5 has some really nice larger scale levels with some Gothic work. I don't recall which level it was but you'll know it when you see it. 
Late But On Topic 
Thanks Guys 
I ended up focusing on Sock's unreleased/non-playable demo map (with the gargoyles and flesh), as I couldn't think of anything more gothic that has ever been made in Quake than that. I also showed the following video which shows some tapestries based on Tolkien's drawings being displayed in a cathedral in France:

So it ended up being more about how radically distorted versions of the middle ages, especially gothic architecture, end up preserving some medieval aesthetics in weird ways.

As for Keep... I am very much looking forward to delving into it. I'm aiming to use it for future maps. For the past couple years I've been swamped IRL but this summer I will finally have some time. Maybe eventually I'll write up an article on design trends in modern Q1SP, lots of amazing stuff has come out that I haven't even played yet and it's as interesting as ever to see architectural features evolve and influence one another.

Looks great Madfox, I like that you are using an actual model of the architecture. I have tried making a cathedral in Quake too but I just winged it so the scale is hard to get right. 
So ... 
... did you end up having any time at all for mapping? :-) 
the most obviously gothic would be this old q1 map: 
Some Old School Medieval Maps... 
These might have some years on them (and are not cathedrals), but they rock a mean medieval castle!

Tyrann's "Moonlight Assault" and Glassman's "Day of the Lords." 
Sorry For Gravedigging 
I was just investigating myself in medieval architecture, so the forum search led me here.
Apart from the aesthetics i'm also interested in the why's and how's of it, how casltes, abbeys and monastaries hav been planned, the more practical viewpoint of it.
How those folks thought about room layout and that sort of stuff.

I found this video quite interesting, it's in german though (but the automaticly translated subs work fine as far i can tell):

It's about a discovery that even whole medieval cities might have been very well planned from the beginning, opposed to the oppinon that they just "grew" to be how they are.

What sources, apart of google, do you folks use for your research?
Are there any good books on the matter? 
What the fuck happened to Tronyn?
what's it been, 4 or 5 years? 
Every time this thread gets new posts I hope it's Tronyn replying, possibly announcing forthcoming maps :'-(

Drew, you're about right, his latest map on Quaddicted is from 2015. I vaguely remember him posting a screenshot of a work in progress somewhere on this board and commenting he has no time for Quake anymore (and years ago, planning to release an insanely huge episode with all his maps, but I've lost hope that it will ever happen). That's really a shame and I would help if I could.

If anyone has a way of contacting him and his situation hasn't changed, perhaps he could be talked into contributing to the scrap thread onetruepuple opened recently? 
Maybe He's Still VISing... 
Actually that's a perfectly plausible explanation :) 
The last time Tronyn posted on func it was a lot of QAnon 4D conspiracy bojangles. Hope he's snapped out of it. 
Before this thread, though... 
Tronyn Lives! 
He just posted on Discord yesterday. :) 
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