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ADSP: Fireplace By Cthulhu
Hello! This is my first map. I made it for Arcane Dimensions. Thank you, dumptruck_ds for your tutorials.



Requires AD 1.70P1
Congrats On Your First Map! 
Looks nice from the pictures!
Will try to give this a play tonight :) 
The mood was good, very old school. The difficulty was just tight not too hard not too easy. The progression in the level felt natural yet not too linear. the lights were good also. Level of detail of the brush work and a sense of place can be improved. other than that a solid map, everything worked, nothing was annoyingly difficult or confusing.

I liked the tower mechanic and the green armor on top made the exploration worth.
Cant wait to see what you come up with next!! 
Thank you for your opinion. Now I know, that I move in right direction. 
Fun Stuff! 
short and sweet, good use of sound and lighting in particular! Definitely keep making more maps :)

Here's a demo 
Shots Look Good 
Thought it said APSP at first so had to modulate my expectations a bit hahaha
Congrats on first map, will try to find time to play and give feedback but who really knows these days 
Thank you for attention and demo. Now I know much better how people playing ). Ideas, ideas .... 
Pretty cool lightning effect and demon head scripting. Take a demo :) 
Hey neat little map! Would love to see what you come up with next. Here's my playthrough
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