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ADSP: Fireplace_v2 By Cthulhu
Hello! I made new version of my old map for Arcane Dimensions. I hope you will like it. If you want challenge set skill 3 and restart map.


Nice Progress 
Very nice improvement in brushwork and scripting. Outside area is really well done. I didn't like hard to reach ogres and snipers raining fire from above. It's hard to react to them and thus it feels cheap.

I looked for entrance into the castle for a few minutes. I visited the cave with the zombies, but because it was a secret I didn't figure out that the path was there. I think that the main way through the map shouldn't go through the mandatory secret areas. I feel that the convention 'secret = optional' is too strong to play around with.

Also in the dining room the floor gave in when monster stepped on it, which was hilarious but spoiled the pretty cool trap (btw cellar is very well done, the scrag and the grenade secret were great).

You can check my demo (I cut the middle part where I look for the secret door): 
Good Fun Trip 
i think it was worth that you extended the map. now its a good short fun trip. 
Nice! I hope you didn't take my criticism of v1 to heart too much. Though I'm happy to see you expanded on your initial work. Really cool overall. I also managed to find all the secrets so there's that!

Good improvements from v1! Here's a demo:

I struggled a bit with finding the critical path through the level, but it worked out eventually.

A lot of the focus in the map seems to be on the visual presentation, which is lovely, but I'd be curious to see future maps from you with more focus on gameplay. A little work there and you'd have some excellent maps! 
Final Release? 
Is this your final version or are you planning other improvements? 
Thank You For Your Attention To My Map. 
Thank you all for your comments and demo. I will try to follow your advices in future maps. I think it is my final version of this map (maybe I will return to this but after huge period of time). Now I want to make a new map on a different topic.

P.S. I like eat. I have a cat. It like eat too. Eating people is fun. ) 
Played This. 
Firstly, don't make a map and then release an updated version in 2 weeks. Test the original more in the first place.

Secondly, aside from that, and the aesthetics / build quality being a bit rough, this is pretty cool as an early map. I particularly like you doing a small size map with a strong theme, and putting in some neat progression and details. The progress felt a bit more like exploration in Dark Souls etc, it kept it interesting. Gameplay was also pretty good although the sniping enemy at the start were a bit annoying. 
Late To The Party. 
An extremely pleasurable experiance, thank you for this map. Short and sweet, everything was just right for me. I cheesed the starting area somewhat, heh. Found all the secrets by myself for a change.

My gameplay no Skill 1: 
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