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Q1SP Mod: Toybox
Hi folks,
I built a new mod with two new maps that focus on exploration and the joy of Quake's movement. The maps also use the runes for some interlocked secrets.

I hope you enjoy!

screenshot 1
screenshot 2
screenshot 3
screenshot 4


video playthrough:
This is pretty unique. It looks as if God has not done playing with his ideas before he settles down on a final floor plan for the universe. 
Looks Very Cool! 
I'm looking forward to play it. 
Congrats On The Release. 
I'll be playing this tonight! 
Fired It Up 
Was a long day so I want to give it more time but so far some great additions. I know you are coding now. Are you going to update this? Or working on other things? 
Definitely want to explore this design space more, but not sure yet if that means expanding this with more maps, or building entirely new things :) 
Tried It Briefly. 
Not for me at all. I would have persisted if there had been an aesthetic that was some way connected to Quake and it's myriad sub-themes, though. 
Not my cup of tea thematically, but a neat experiment that could use further exploration in the future! Long playthrough 
Cool mechanics, it's always nice to see maps with more focus on physics and interactivity bringing new ideas to the table. 
Tried It Out, Very Fun 
Make it in AD, og quake is obsolete
Also second map is very laggy. 
This is the first I've heard of lag for the second map (although I suppose I shouldn't be surprised with all the movers!) What sourceport are you using? 
Latest Quakespasm 
Could You Please 
publish your screenshots in the first post to quaketastic, or any other publicly visible place? Dropbox is asking me for login 😛 
You should be able to close the login prompt on dropbox. The screenshots are also up on my release note blog post here: 
And nice video.

Oh, god, the contrast. I *love* it! 
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