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Sean's Better Quality Sounds For Quake UPDATED

I did it guys! I updated the mod. It shouldn't be ear-piercing anymore. Give me feedback. PAK files are also now included. Thanks for your patience. Let's not make this thread another argument about source-ports, okay?

Original spiel:

Are you a fan of the original sound design of Quake, but tired of the sounds sounding like they are coming from a telephone? Well, that fatigue is about to fade because I remastered all the sounds from Quake 1 as well as the two official mission packs. Download it today. I assure you that you will never want to go back to playing Quake the old way again.
Nice work man. I've only heard a few samples so far but it sounds good. I know that there have been high quality versions of the stock sounds that id used but I didn't expect to hear higher quality custom sounds like monster groans. 
I am very impressed. 
How was this done? I am interested in the process. 
Sounds Great 
I'm also interested in the process. How did you remove the noise and sibilance from the high end? An eq/deesser sort of combo or some magic plugin? 
great work! 
This should be a news thread. 
I’ll see if I can convert it. It ought to be a moderator feature to reclassify threads, but it isn’t. 
It's pretty impressive stuff. I want to know if you dove down deep into samples to clean these up.

I know some of the effects are available in the Sound Ideas Library but certainly not all of them.

Very curious to know your process. 
Yes, Mankrip, 
I will make this a news thread. 
My Process? 
I have no way to really explain, but here's what I got:
I used Audacity and Wavosaur. I use Wavosaur for pitchscaling the resampled audio. I save the pitchscaled sound to a subfolder in each folder the base sound comes from. I then put the regular sound and the pitchscaled one into Audacity. I apply a high-pass filter to the pitchscaled one and perform noise reduction with both the built-in tool and RX7 Elements Volume De-Noise tool. (We got it on sale). Some sounds, not many, are voiced over by me... With a high-pass filter. The rest I found from other sources, including Qtest1, Quake 2 and Mindgrid. I am sure that is a good explanation, yes? 
My Favorite Samples I Worked On. 
I would have to say winch2.wav is my favorite, alongside of the water sounds, player sounds, the zombie, the guns, and the medkey.wav 
New Download Link! 
I decided to create a bitly link so I can track downloads. Comments have been enabled for the file on Google Drive. Comment away! 
Fixed Link.

It wasn't a link in the previous post. 
How Do I Install This? 
where do I put the pk3 files? Do I have to unpack or rename? Which engines will it work with? 
Installation Guide 
There are 3 folders in the zip. Just drag those folders into the base Quake directory. 
Some are good but a lot have a nasty hiss. axhit2 and land2 show it up pretty clear. 
DarkPlaces and FTW uspport pk3s for Fitz based engines unzip the pk3 (they are zip files actually) to the appropriate sound folder. 
Nasty Hiss? 
Wwhat do you mean? 
Ww Complaint Solution 
I will make a 22 khz version. I probably just went apeshit with the highs. 
Quakespasm-Spiked also supports pk3... i never tested, but it's listed as one of its many core features: 
Yeah QSS is great. Better than Quakespasm by a longshot. 
PAK Versions 
I have repacked the sounds into Quake PAK format for easier handling in ports like Mark V.

Dropbox link (zip, 34.2 MB):

How to use:
1) Unzip zipfile into your Quake dir
2) Rename the included pakx.pak files in id1/hipnotic/rogue subdirs for proper loading (e.g. if the last pak in your id1 subdir is named pak1.pak, rename pakx.pak to pak2.pak)
3) Load the game and enjoy 
Quake3 has the same armor sound 22.05 kHz 
PAK Version Not Found 
The previous download link doesn't work. 
@zz And @Barnak 
@zz I found the sound from Qtest. But thanks anyway.
@Barnak just get Quakespasm Spiked. 
@NightFright Your Link Is 404 
There is no file in your dropbox link. 
Quakespasm-Spiked works for you, but it breaks demo compatibility (by default anyway). Demos are used often in the mapping community to share feedback. If someone records a demo in Spiked it will only play in Spiked unless specific steps are taken. Those steps BTW make Quakespasm Spiked exactly the same as QS. So what's the point?

There are good reasons people use their source ports of choice. Better to make versions of YOUR content available to others as opposed to forcing a specific version. 
Working Link 
My apologies, link must have changed when I reuploaded the file.

Proper link: 
"cl_nopext 1" should fix that demo issue. 
Are These Sounds Really Better? 
I'm alwaysusing QSS. The sounds were already very good with stereo. I don't feel there's much improvements with the previous sounds file. Some are even feeling "low resolution". 
"cl_nopext 1" should fix that demo issue. From what I gather, that command basically makes Quakespasm-Spiked into Quakespasm as I mentioned above. 
Ooohh boy... Here we go. Did you set snd_speed to 44100? My remastering skills can only do so much. 
Yeah, but it still would have pk3 support, unlike regular Quakespasm. 
Thank you for your contribution. Haven't I seen you on Quakeone? 
Yeah, I Use -sndspeed 44100 In QSS 
and yet, the sounds aren't better with your pak file. Some sounds (especially the fiends jumping sounds) feel low resolution or oldish. 
I am sorry buddy, I don't know. 
Record footage and post a link. I will try to figure out what's going on. 
Yeah, but it still would have pk3 support, unlike regular Quakespasm. for those who can't handle dropping folder of sounds into another folder. :P

hehe... you do you Sean 
I'm afraid I don't follow this, would you mind explaining the first step (pitchscaling, hi-pass filter) in more detail please? Are you pitching each by +12? 
Reply To #39 
Yeah, that's about right. 
Yeah QSS is great. Better than Quakespasm by a longshot.
that's ga. funny

this qommunity prefer q over q in some weird way 
Fun fact: the game I'm currently developing only works properly in QSS, not in QS.

For some reason my QC third-person camera code doesn't work in regular QS. And this is not due to any extra features in QSS, because it also works in vanilla WinQuake. Something in QuakeSpasm is broken, and Spike fixed it in QSS. 
and i'm ok with it

i myself prefer mV over qs and
it's a real damn shame that nobody appreciates qss on this board 
I don't use MarkV because it doesn't have OpenGL on Windows. Direct3D 9 is slow. It is called MarkV, so why doesn't it have Vulkan? 
I only play quake with QSS :)

Because i love to use the effectinfo file to customize some effects (like explosions and bloodsplat) and also i can make rain or snow in some maps (which really helps with the immersion) using the weather.cfg

But i'm not a mapper, i'm just a player. And from a player point of view QSS offers much more than QS. 
There's A Sdl_gl Build For Your Pleasure 
Direct3D 9 is slow lol, duh
there's the unofficial QS vulkan fork 
The "V" is for 5. As it's Fitzquake Mark V. 
I know. But it would be genius. 
I said Windows. Windows, as far as I know, doesn't have OpenGL for MarkV. If you'd like to prove me wrong, post a link. 
QSS Is Awesome 
>I only play quake with QSS :)

Same here, but some of the latest community maps don't work properly (won't load at all or crashes on quicksave) on QSS so I still occasionally use regular Quakespasm. I'm hoping they will eventually add the QSS features to the regular Quakespasm release (perhaps a toggle in menu?). I love the enhancements which are tastyfully added to Quake through QSS unlike Darkplaces. 
Let's End This Arguement! 
This thread started off as an HD sound mod thread, then it became an argument about which source-port is the best. I am sorry for not uploading pak files for Quakespasm users, and I will not make this mistake again when I update the mod. 
Is there a video where I can here these or a simple unpaked version? I'm away from my pc but want to compare. 
Link For Qmaster 
Thanks! Sometimes I don't notice much difference, other times it sounds like only the higher pitched parts were preserved and that they are overblown. Kind of like excessive bloom in lighting. I'm not sure it makes enough difference. I'll have to try back on my main rig with my good speakers. 
Not noticing a difference is the whole point. Nothing is replaced, except for samples with existing high quality versions. The remastered samples are what they are, remastered by an aspiring sound designer. Maybe try getting used to it. The person that you saw play it found it weird at first, then mentioned that he can't go back. 
Status Update 
Hey guys. I found the original sample for "train1.wav." It was in Qtest. I had to decrease the tempo, since the original sample is faster. 
Quakespasm Playback? 
I extracted the sounds from the pk3 so I could hear them in quakespasm but they're STILL not playing. Im only hearing the old versions. They're in the id1/sounds folder like they should be. 
Sndspeed 44100 
I got it working fine in FTE (with openal-soft HRTF to boot!)
The ambient sounds and most other environmental sounds are certainly sharper and clearer than before however the monster and player sounds seems to be overdone and can sometimes sound 'grainy' if that makes sense.
Weapons especially suffer from this, they seems to lack a lot of the bassy low end. The nailgun in particular sounds very tinny. I'd imagine these problems wouldn't be too difficult to equalize. 
There is no snd_speed variable in quakespasm. At least none by that exact name. If there is a sound playback rate selector I dont know the CVAR and there is no documentation anywhere for the types of CVARs that quakespasm has. 
sndspeed not snd_speed. I guarantee. 
#61 Yeah, I Know 
I am busy working on it. The problem should be significantly less noticible once the update is released. A new thread will be opened when the time comes. 
Appreciate The Effort 
Yeah, the weapons seem to have lost their low end, but the ambience sounds sure do sound better! I certainly appreciate your efforts and look forward to seeing the update. When I have a moment I am going to fire up VLC and make a mix of this and Seven's old improved sounds. Keep it up, Sean! 
Thanks. I am going to solve this issue. I kinda already did. The ambient sounds were from Mindgrid, except for wind2, suck1, fire1, swamp1 and swamp2. Those were remastered by me. Don't fret. An update should be available before QuakeCon... I am not attending it, I just hope it gets noticed by then. I was just caught up with reworking my Serious Sam remastered sounds, as well as recording a YouTube let's play series of TFE. 
So, people were telling me that the sounds weren't bassy enough; that they lacked the "low-end." I fixed that. No need to provide a link, just click the link to download the update. Delete any previous version you have. 
Just For The Record 
I assume sndspeed should be set to 22050 for these files, right? 
Not sure what might cause it, but my first impression is that it sounds worse than the original sounds. The sounds I've heard so far are tinnier and has too much treble or something.

Using the pak-version with vKQuake and sndspeed 44100 
You're Not Wrong. 
These do indeed sound pretty awful. No nostalgia ears here. Listening on professional equipment just to make sure and I can confirm these are worse than the originals by virtue of being overly processed and obviously modified. Filters and pitch scalers don't magically create useful information where there is none.

It's like upscaling an image; you can't just "create" information out of nothing unless you really delve into deep learning etc and even then it can be ropy. The same applies for audio.

There just really isn't a lot you can do with such old sound files no matter how many passes you do. Stick with the originals for consistency and purity. 
Ah, well, it's not that I don't like the original sounds. Quite the opposite. I just got a bit curious by watching Dwar's rather entertaining playthrough on Nightmare with Copper, as it's one of a couple of mods he is using. 
So far I've tried the "HD/Better/Proper" quality sound packs for both Dooms and Quake and personally I don't like them either.

I know that some of the better quality Quake sounds in that pack came from QTest1, some from the library but yes obviously most of others were processed.

The Doom pack sounds however were mostly identified and pulled out of the original sound library in their original quality, with some alterations (pitch, speed, editing) to match the originals. But even with those (not "upscaled" or "upmixed") sounds I also get the same feeling - too much treble and not enough "meat".

It would be really nice to check out the Quake sounds in the quality how they were created originally. Maybe someone still has them stashed somewhere to unleash one day like Romero released those 'missing' rotation sprites and other stuff for Dooms. 
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