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Sean's Better Quality Sounds For Quake UPDATED

I did it guys! I updated the mod. It shouldn't be ear-piercing anymore. Give me feedback. PAK files are also now included. Thanks for your patience. Let's not make this thread another argument about source-ports, okay?

Original spiel:

Are you a fan of the original sound design of Quake, but tired of the sounds sounding like they are coming from a telephone? Well, that fatigue is about to fade because I remastered all the sounds from Quake 1 as well as the two official mission packs. Download it today. I assure you that you will never want to go back to playing Quake the old way again.
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Not noticing a difference is the whole point. Nothing is replaced, except for samples with existing high quality versions. The remastered samples are what they are, remastered by an aspiring sound designer. Maybe try getting used to it. The person that you saw play it found it weird at first, then mentioned that he can't go back. 
Status Update 
Hey guys. I found the original sample for "train1.wav." It was in Qtest. I had to decrease the tempo, since the original sample is faster. 
Quakespasm Playback? 
I extracted the sounds from the pk3 so I could hear them in quakespasm but they're STILL not playing. Im only hearing the old versions. They're in the id1/sounds folder like they should be. 
Sndspeed 44100 
I got it working fine in FTE (with openal-soft HRTF to boot!)
The ambient sounds and most other environmental sounds are certainly sharper and clearer than before however the monster and player sounds seems to be overdone and can sometimes sound 'grainy' if that makes sense.
Weapons especially suffer from this, they seems to lack a lot of the bassy low end. The nailgun in particular sounds very tinny. I'd imagine these problems wouldn't be too difficult to equalize. 
There is no snd_speed variable in quakespasm. At least none by that exact name. If there is a sound playback rate selector I dont know the CVAR and there is no documentation anywhere for the types of CVARs that quakespasm has. 
sndspeed not snd_speed. I guarantee. 
#61 Yeah, I Know 
I am busy working on it. The problem should be significantly less noticible once the update is released. A new thread will be opened when the time comes. 
Appreciate The Effort 
Yeah, the weapons seem to have lost their low end, but the ambience sounds sure do sound better! I certainly appreciate your efforts and look forward to seeing the update. When I have a moment I am going to fire up VLC and make a mix of this and Seven's old improved sounds. Keep it up, Sean! 
Thanks. I am going to solve this issue. I kinda already did. The ambient sounds were from Mindgrid, except for wind2, suck1, fire1, swamp1 and swamp2. Those were remastered by me. Don't fret. An update should be available before QuakeCon... I am not attending it, I just hope it gets noticed by then. I was just caught up with reworking my Serious Sam remastered sounds, as well as recording a YouTube let's play series of TFE. 
So, people were telling me that the sounds weren't bassy enough; that they lacked the "low-end." I fixed that. No need to provide a link, just click the link to download the update. Delete any previous version you have. 
Just For The Record 
I assume sndspeed should be set to 22050 for these files, right? 
Not sure what might cause it, but my first impression is that it sounds worse than the original sounds. The sounds I've heard so far are tinnier and has too much treble or something.

Using the pak-version with vKQuake and sndspeed 44100 
You're Not Wrong. 
These do indeed sound pretty awful. No nostalgia ears here. Listening on professional equipment just to make sure and I can confirm these are worse than the originals by virtue of being overly processed and obviously modified. Filters and pitch scalers don't magically create useful information where there is none.

It's like upscaling an image; you can't just "create" information out of nothing unless you really delve into deep learning etc and even then it can be ropy. The same applies for audio.

There just really isn't a lot you can do with such old sound files no matter how many passes you do. Stick with the originals for consistency and purity. 
Ah, well, it's not that I don't like the original sounds. Quite the opposite. I just got a bit curious by watching Dwar's rather entertaining playthrough on Nightmare with Copper, as it's one of a couple of mods he is using. 
So far I've tried the "HD/Better/Proper" quality sound packs for both Dooms and Quake and personally I don't like them either.

I know that some of the better quality Quake sounds in that pack came from QTest1, some from the library but yes obviously most of others were processed.

The Doom pack sounds however were mostly identified and pulled out of the original sound library in their original quality, with some alterations (pitch, speed, editing) to match the originals. But even with those (not "upscaled" or "upmixed") sounds I also get the same feeling - too much treble and not enough "meat".

It would be really nice to check out the Quake sounds in the quality how they were created originally. Maybe someone still has them stashed somewhere to unleash one day like Romero released those 'missing' rotation sprites and other stuff for Dooms. 
This Project Is Old. 
I see some VERY NEGATIVE things being said here. This is an old version of the pack. I have a much newer one on ModDB. I will update it again some time in the near future. 
The OP Is From 2019 
In Quake hobbyist time, 2019 is like yesterday. Maybe more like 5 minutes ago.

I've barely reached 2017 in my "quake maps/mods I have yet to play" backlog. 
Tried The Updated Version. 
Tried it, the same criticisms apply. These just don't sound good even if you exract them and listen individually. They are far too processed.

Obviously not all of the sounds are bad, but the inconsistencies in filtering/crispness/bass/etc/etc are not conveniently masked by ye olde 11025 Hz like the original ones. Feels tacky like most "HD" texture packs. 
What's the aural equivalent of :ponkie: ? 
Needless Effort 
There's only so much you can do with low-quality sound samples. Personally I don't use these resample packs at all and stick to the original sounds with any resampling the ports have to offer by themselves (if any). It's more than enough for my taste. 
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