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SM195: Gotta Go Fast
7 speedy maps from 7 speedy level designers made in the span of 24 hours!

Screenshot preview


- Artistical
- Fairweather
- Ing-ing
- Pinchy
- Sankyou
- Yoder
- Zungryware

Download: Zip
Great Turnout 
congratulations everybody! Looking forward to trying these tonight :) 
The original download had a broken version of my level, that's been fixed. 
Is this because of the Sonic movie trailer? 
"[4:47 PM] fairweather: SM195 - as celebration of the new sonic movie, make a map in 24hrs, gotta go fast.
4:47 PM] fairweather: not even joking, :gomap~1:"
Excellent Maps All Around 
I was particularly impressed by Pinchy's and Yoder's submissions, but I'm a sucker for blue and grey colors. Sankyoou and Zungryware, are you new? I liked the lighting on both your maps, very pretty. Artistical, I like the idea of an underwater crypt, and I like what you did with the water-windows. Ing-ing, your mapping is getting better, but your level was just unfair at points; I had to use god mode on the last room. Fairweather, I really liked yours, but I have to admit that I got stuck on the gold-key/vore room. Where do I go after that?
This is an impressive set for having been done in only 24 hours. I guess I'm going to have to figure out Trenchbroom at some point so I can stop just being a critic and start making shit. 
Played The Two First Maps

Artistical, nice ambience and details, I like how 'low powered' the map is, when getting a box of shells is an exciting event :)

Fairweather, cool map with a few surprises. So much jumping was somewhat frustrating, but teleporting mechanic was pretty fun and could be used creatively to escape damage and surprise enemies. Traversing to the golden key area was too hard to execute IMO. 
Yeah, Heh 
@Renuciant Originally my level was supposed to be a puzzle platforming level with multiple routes, but due to the time constraint the only area of the map like that is the golden key area! It requires either finding a secret, or making some tricky platforming.
On the note of you making maps, go for it! Trenchbroom is easy and powerful software. 
Some More Demos

Pinchy: nice visuals, chaotic gameplay which I didn't like very much. Secrets seem to be almost mandatory to proceed.

Sankyou: Simple, but quite pleasant map. I liked the magic columns underwater, pretty cool detail.

Yoder: Reminded me the Toybox mod released recently. Overall small and efficient map. Liked the instant quad that forced me to aggressively move forward and set the pace for the map. 
Thanks for the demos. Dropping down to get the green armor was something I hadn't thought of (one of the buttons in the water opens the door). Glad to see there's more than one way to get there! 
I beat all my maps secretless and saveless on hard before publishing 

The good ones were good. The less good ones were less good. One thing to note is that making a speedmap simply bigger rather than better seems superfluous to me. 
Anyone know how to access the LG secret in ing's map? 
Anyone having problems with Fairweather's map?

The exit doesn't work for me. I tested in quakespasm 0.93 and quakespasm-spiked. But then i saw JCR playing the map on youtube, and the exit works for him.

I noticed the name of the pack is "sm195_pack_fixed". Maybe the exit was working on the old pack, and something went wrong with this new "fixed" pack?

Also, the map calls for track193 but there's no music file in the zip :( 
Works for me, QS 0.93.2, "fixed" download. 

Now it works for me! It wasn't the engine and there's nothing wrong with the "fixed" download.

Somehow I was still playing the "un-fixed" version that i downloaded from quaddicted. I think windows didn't overwrote the files. I unziped the "fixed" version again and everything is okay now :) 
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