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SM196: Quick Honey
8 speedmaps done over the weekend, in style of czg's Honey maps (and Map Jam 1 maps).

Poster Combo

Map Authors:
-Yoder (Mclogenog)

Fixed Version. 
A little teeny update, fixing a bug in one of the maps. 
damn these look great! 
Congrats Everybody! 
Played through these last night and sent demos out in the discord. Pretty good variety! Especially enjoyed the movers in Fairweather's map. Solid encounter design to Muk's and Danzadan's maps too :)

Ing-Ing, your maps make me feel like I'm playing Kaizo Mario. I don't know if that's the mood you're after, but once I started thinking about the map that way, I enjoyed it more :D 

The good ones were good. The good ones that were blatantly not speedmaps were even better. The less good ones and ones not adhering to the theme were less good. Of note was Yoderdongalongschlongs which was the nicest map I've played of his. 
Got to play Danz and Fairweather's maps just now, good times there. Yeah Fairweather's use of movers was tip-top, just hitting the amount of puzzling/platforming that fits well into Quake. The yellow armor secret behind the vertical bars for example was a perfect amount of huh?/hmm/aha. 
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