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Func Map Jam X Released
Quake Map Jam X: Insomnia is here. Fourteen nightmarish maps based on CZG’s classic episode.

Participants include:
Artistical, Bloodshot, Fairweather, Ionous, KalebClark, JCR, Mafon, Mazu, Naitelveni, NewHouse, Pinchy Skree, Strangework, Ukko and Yoder

Teaser poster here:

Download it here:

Or indeed here:
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Very impressive map. There is only one map with
similar gameplay atmosphere: 
Hotfix Progs.dat For Jam X 
This is optional but it fixes the small health bounding box issue. Details in the zip.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Still making my way through the pack! It's awesome. 
Bloodshot's level have a strong ThiefDP/The Constantine Mansion influence 
Yeah. Esp. cool thing with the ceiling. 
CV, thanks for putting the Cartographer's Nightmare to my attention, very unique and atmospheric map. 
Just played 'the call from below' by hardcore mazu. Hardcore mazu my ass. Hi mfx... nice troll job! 
Minor Fix For Bloodshot's Sounds 
If you're playing Quake under a case-sensitive OS (e.g. GNU/Linux), make sure you rename Bump.WAV to Bump.wav and DistantRumble.WAV to DistantRumble.wav in func_mapjamx/sounds/bloodshot/ , otherwise your engine won't be able to load them. 
I've only played the first two maps so far. Great start to the pack though!

Artistical: it was clear pretty quickly that you were doing the "true love waits" thing here! Which was quite OK, I don't think that's been overused. And you had some very cool/ominous places to explore... some good use of scale, and seeing a destination before figuring out how to get there. It really felt like I'd been through a journey once it was done.

A couple of criticisms: 1) The "outbound trip", before stuff really kicks off, was too long. I understand tho that it's hard to judge that sort of thing with the amount of time you have to test in a jam. And 2) it seemed like the main route required jumping off of a small broken/angled surface (pillar top). That's hard to execute in Netquake, in a fiddly/random way, and it's not fun to do the save-scumming until it works. And then it seems like I had to do it again on the way back! Maybe I was just derping and missing the actual main route.

As for Bloodshot's map, it's already been talked about above. If anyone hasn't played his map from the underwater jam, you should go back and get that one too. Dude is doing good work. 
BTW, also about Bloodshot's: best use of shamblers in a while. 
What Shamblers 
stub it already 
Bloodshot Wins The Pack 
I actually had one pure and beautiful playthrough. I'm sad I didn't record a demo. Great job! 
Don't Worry Drew. 
You can still record demos for others where you die less than 2 minutes in the map and then don't even try to replay again. 
Thanks Otp 
That’s why I’m not doing demos as much. I have two kids and work like 50 hours a week just at work not to mention at home.
Not feeling overly guilty — not that guilty at all really, I’m just Canadian. 
Going To Be Finishing Out The Pack

Starts in a few minutes. 
Still going, couple more comments...

Fairweather you goof, you don't have to signpost the spots where you plan to make a bigger map later. :-) Just polish up what you got and ship it.

KalebClark: a fun sequence of setpieces and some good moments of gunning down mobs of goons! Sometimes hard to find how to progress, but nothing too frustrating IMO. The lighting was uneven... maybe a few too many really dark spots that hide a useful weapon or lead to having pitchblack monsters. A quality jam map tho overall and if this was a "first release" then extra props for that. 
Just got through with Mazu's map. That was a proper twisty epic in Insomnia style! Fun to look at, fun to work my way down and around and through, fun to fight in. The silo battle in particular was proper awesome, but it was all good.

I had played through a bit of Mazu's previous mega-map, but something about the frantic pacing and the open route structure of that one didn't grab me. This one was better IMO. 
A few last quick thoughts. I know I haven't commented on everyone's... this is just off the top of my head.

Nait: Good Insomnia-style traipsing around through intertwined base/caverns; well done. Technical issue with the final area where you can just push the same button 3 times rather than having to push the 3 different buttons.

Newhouse: A few too many reload-and-try-again encounters on skill 2. Either because the setup is kind of BS unless you know it is coming (e.g. underwater vores) or because various random things need to go right to survive (e.g. final horde of fiends + shambler).

Ukko: Great atmosphere and weird brushwork! I think it was pretty clear that the nails+health at the beginning were respawning, but I'm not sure why you did it that way... running back to the start occasionally wasn't all that bad, but NOT running back to the start would have been better. Still a good odd vignette of a map.

Yoder: A polished Quake-y atmosphere from the start, which I was in the mood for at this point. The "annoying zombies now, find GL later to get revenge" setup is pretty tried-and-true but may have gone on too long w/ because of the initial elevator ride. In general though I liked that this map was basically one long string of gentle expectation-subversions. 
My dudes, I forgot to post my MapJam X Playlist so here it is! 
Nothing Beats New Quality AD Content 
I just started playing this. Been looking forward to this ever since it was first announced. First of all, the start map is incredible. I had a lot of fun trying to find the nightmare secret as well as the other secret. I started off with Chambler's map.

Chambler - Very enjoyable map with a few very frustrating bits. I didn't save on my first attempt and I hadn't realized it until after I died instantly from full health due to a tarbaby ambush. The final fight was also a bit aggravating. Aside from that, combat was good in spite of having little room to maneuver most of the time. This map felt like a Quake equivalent of a tilt shift lens photo in that it almost seemed like it was composed of miniature set pieces. I liked the small bits of architecture and traversing the waterways. I also think that you made pretty good use of AD monsters and features. I liked the Necro Keep-style ground fog in the sewer, which was a fun section itself. I liked how it was possible to even gib some zombies using the exploding enemies instead of using the axe. Leaving a few extra zombies to gib after getting the triple shotty was a nice touch too.

Somehow I managed to find a whopping 5/18 secrets. I think that's a new record for me in a Chambler map. Good map and good way to start off the pack. Gonna dive into the rest of the maps now. 
Where the heck is the exit in your map? I've given up looking for it for now but the map was interesting. Found all the secrets. I love a good challenge but honestly this map was a bit too frantic for me. I found the quad too early and I ended up struggling with a subsequent ambush. There are too many enemies coming at the player from too many different directions. It seemed like you really wanted the player to keep moving but sometimes even that couldn't save me. I really just wanted a few seconds to soak everything in but I wasn't given a chance to do that until clearing up a huge chunk of enemies.

It was tough to navigate the map for a bit, which sounds silly for a small map with only two main areas on the sides. Overall though I thought it was cool, just really harsh. 
Spipper - hilarious map, had me smiling from the second I started the map all the way to the end screen after completing the map. 6 months away from the holiday but it already put me in the Christmas spirit.

Pinchy skree - unique looking map. I liked the use of the spell books even though only one of them seemed to have an obvious effect. I kind of wish that you had provided a nailgun since there were some very long distance targets but the map was still fun.

Queenjazz - nice abstract void map, just wish it had a few secrets. Also extremely short compared to the other maps that I've played so far but that's not a bad thing since there are a lot of maps to play in this pack. I liked the music.

Strideh - I loved every single thing about this map: the premise, the combat, the platforming, the visuals. Crazy amount of detail in this one and it somehow felt larger than the 1024 space constraint. This instantly become one of my favorite maps. Some maps have those moments where you come upon an area and just need a minute to enjoy what you're seeing. I'd say this happened twice for me - once coming out of the underground and facing the clergy, and again when the doors opened at the end of the boss fight. 
Excellent Thread Choice. 
So, anyone knows if Mugwump already released his map for this Jam?

Just to be clear, i'm not making demands or anything, i'm just asking because maybe it was released on Discord and people forgot to post in here :) 
He would have posted here for sure FYI. No, the last screenshot was in August and he has not been very active for a long while. Hope he's okay. 
Oh, man. I hope he's okay too :/

Thanks anyway 
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