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Func Map Jam X Released
Quake Map Jam X: Insomnia is here. Fourteen nightmarish maps based on CZG’s classic episode.

Participants include:
Artistical, Bloodshot, Fairweather, Ionous, KalebClark, JCR, Mafon, Mazu, Naitelveni, NewHouse, Pinchy Skree, Strangework, Ukko and Yoder

Teaser poster here:

Download it here:

Or indeed here:
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Looks like we have another amazing pack. GG Ionous for doing all the heavy lifting! 
So I have been informed that there actually is a Mugwump "map" in this pack that is a hallway and teleporter leading back to the start. I wanted to clarify that this is not a bug and that's not my actual map either, it's a placeholder. I'm still working on the real thing and it will come soon as a DLC. 
the final map will have two teleporters. 
I will make some time to play this! 
To Be Fair 
I did have a good amount of help throughout the process.

Bal made a bunch of nice textures, did the JamX TB def file, assisted with the level select portion of the start map, and saved said map from eight hour compile times with his wizardry.

Dumptruck made a nice preview video and developed the progs used for the event. I really wanted to use the gib fountains and forcefields, but my good ideas all fell through. You ended up getting the dregs.

OTP generated a nice wad with CZG07C adjacent textures, along with convincing me to not call this Jam10. He was ultimately right.

Mugwump expanded OTP's wad with some nice variations of his own.

Strangework did the initial run through the maps, and helped make sure everything worked as intended.

WW made a lovely teaser poster for me to plaster everywhere.

And, lastly, thirteen mappers put their free moments into this time-vampire of a project. That means a lot. 
Thanks for organizing the jam, Ionous!

Also congratulations to everybody who released map. The few I've played through so far were excellent and very different flavors from other recent jams and speedmaps :) 
A Big Thanks For The Release ! 
Great start map ! Fantastic Insomnia vibe. So much more than a skill and map selector ! The scale is even bigger than meets the eye. What lies beyond these closed doors ? Now I need to find time to play this pack.

I was wondering why start maps are usually empty. Is there a rule to keep them monsterless ? A couple of bad guys could spawn in various places each time you revisit. Some scarce ammo and a single SSG in various spots too. Just to spice up the comeback… Ah. Maybe it’s not such a good idea after all. 
Monsters On Start 
There's no rule for it but since you return to the start map time after time, it may get repetitious. It's also good to reward the player with a breather IMO.

That said, Arcane Dimensions does have monsters in the 1.6 patch I believe. 
I Agree With Previous.. 
Start maps should contain some ass holes that are there to annoy you in selecting the skill and the map gate. 
Enemies In Start Maps 
There’s ways it could be done correctly. It’s probably more suited to start maps that are purely skill select, as Tronyn did in Coven of Ebony.
Would have been ill-suited for jamX, though the upper skill select are would probably lend itself well to a SP remix. 
The Jam X start map would be a great DM level too. I may attempt a conversion at some point. 
Monsters In Start Maps 
would be great if every time you return there it's a bit different.

If the monsters are the same all the time it would suck and feel tacky. 
You are welcome to give it a go. I’d be interested in your take on it. 
Congrats to everyone- I'll have to find some time to play through these. It'll be on my mind until then. As for monsters in start map, I think Halloween jam's start map was great in this regard. Newhouse handled having monsters in a start map tastefully. 
Contratulations to all the mappers! Saturday I'll play all these beautiful maps 
Cross Post (re: Moddb) 
Sorry, I posted this in the wrong thread.

Alternative download for Jam X here on moddb 
These Maps Are *A*W*E*S*O*M*E* 
You guys are heroes

This work need an article in many modern games reviews on the net! (fuck off, Borderlands!) 
Moddb Entry 
DOH! The file needs to be approved by admins of moddb before it is live. Sorry for the confusion. I'll post an update when it's up. 
Mainstream games reviewers are all sponsored by the big games companies, and they certainly don't want a bunch of free content making their AAA stuff look like the insipid shite that it is. 
Cool Pack. 
Played it all, almost all enjoyable. Favourites were ones with a strong design theme and focus. Personal highlights were Bloodshot for some genuinely great Quake-suitable story-telling (is BS the Quake 0.0015 guy?? If so this is a quite a surprise and shows you don't need a bunch of superfluous bells and whistles, it's more about being creative with less), Nait for the great organic style especially in the main room, Mazu for a very big but properly playable and interesting map. Pinchys with the "different difficulty paradigm" (lol) was the only one that I couldn't complete, but the design at least was very cool.

I've recorded videos, I will get them up sometime. Unfortunately I think Mazu's failed to record due to disk space issues. 
Shambler's Playthrough Is Now Live apologies to Mazu, suffice to say his one was really good, I only died once due to carelessness. Also I forget to mention in my other post that Ukko's was a nice design but completely unplayable, not sure how that slipped through. 
Further Apologies. 
It has been brought to my attention that Ukko's map apparently relies on the very familiar and time-honoured Quake tradition of retreating to earlier in the map to re-collect re-spawning supplies. Based on that information I will re-attempt it. 
Dear Novice Q1SP Mappers... 
challenging gameplay != unfair gameplay 
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