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TLDR; Thanks To All Involved For Arcane Dimensions And Other New Stuff
I will just leave this here. I guess people addressed have more chances to find it here. Content:

I am eternal yak shaver and fudger. In my ~/prj dir I have shitloads of things I "intend" to "work on" but never touch.

In addition to that I play "classic" Doom. Somewhat. Regularly. That means once a month. And then I sparely "fire up" ioquake3 to harass some bots on hardcore (I put lot of them into "void jumping" maps, so that they can infight, and I can have some chances against them, preying on them due to their rigid ASS paths).

But recentlish I had some Dooming spree of every Doom I collected during the years and then some more (of interesting modern maps). Besides newest one, too hard to setup (yeah). Nogod, and even god/buddha, if I get pissed off by difficulty 3rd time around. This all happened since one of more interesting ports did full Lazarus, it seems.

And yes I also finally learned how to compile shitty wxWdigets "properly" to get working SLADE3 on my distro. Because wxWidets is "piss"... Oh! Sorry what a typo! I thought I typed "bliss".

Other one of wx-"bliss" related things that were on my infinite TODO list, was getting Trenchbroom to work from source, which I once managed already, but then forgot how (lost CLI history due to batterry darainage bla, bla). With my newly gained wx-fu the thing compiled and seems to work.

Whoa! Look ma, I am resizing brush by dragging a face! On Linux, without Vapor! Lost at words.

For everybody still laying brushes, I want to proclaim : thank you guys who are responsible for this tool!

Diving deeper ... holy shit and some BSP tools actually grew radio (-bounce), ao (-dirt?) and surface lights, like q3map2 has? I guess model loader and model shadow projection must be only thing missing...

But again, holy shit(!), do we live in the future now?

What was silently happening in the shadows?!

An that made me wonder how Quake was doing...

I read, that if anything, Arcane Dimensions is the thing to look for. After downloading we need an interpreter for this manifestation.

As I collect them (engine ports) like Pikachus (Gotta have them all!), it took some pulls to get up to speed, but unlike certain wx-(okay a I will drop that!), these things compile without hitch and seem to be actually maintained in working order, despite having less commits...


...and now I want 4 days of my life back!

You crazy fucking bastards! What a ride! This was most entertaining time lost in a very long time. Holy fucking shit! I am glad I lived through that!

I almost forgot how fun frantic strafing (while firing shotgun) in Quake is! And I hear they don't make them like this anymore (FPSes). More kudos to you people!

Armies of enemies, brutal map design, brutal map lengths, crazy pickups, crazy puzzles, great shortcuts, non-linearity(!), oh my motherfucking "verticality"(!) and related wall jumping. Or should I say wall climbing? Shadowaxe! Fucking crazy bosses! So many kinds of monsters!

And here I thought Painkiller was last semi-successful attempt at an actual game. Fuck that, this is several times better! All hail simplicity!

And engines!

Quakespasm seems very robust and QSS got really nice particles (although for some reason, full, point blank blast into wall from widowmaker, or what is the name of triple shotgun, makes my little card cry for half a second there). FTE seems nice too, while digging out Darkplaces repo took some effort (I hope I got correct one).

Overall solid 11/10. Will play again? You bet!

Thank you deeply, all involved!

And thank god we still have communities like these, that are keeping misunderstood esthetics alive! Your teary eyed casual Quake-r.

Over and out.
What A Post 
Soon you can compile TB without wx. We‘re switching to qt. Sorry for the hassle ;-). 
this should go in the Arcane Dimentions thread 
okay reopening, i guess this is a general "community is great, thanks guys" post, so ... carry on. 
We‘re switching to qt. Sorry for the hassle ;-).

Qt is a beast with way too many tentacles. We've spent many hours removing Qt dependencies from our comercial projects. It's excellent if you're all in and start using it for everything from IO to json parsing to networking to GUI. But if you don't plan to do that, it takes a lot of effort to keep it contained and you still pay for all of the std::foo to QFoo conversions.

This is your OSS project so it's obviously up to you to use whatever you want but if you don't have personal interest in learning Qt (and moving TB to Qt is a great way to learn it, sure) I'd reconsider and go for something slim (like, IDK, dear imgui maybe). Yeah, wx is archaic, unmaintained and you have to build it. But it doesn't force itself on the rest of the application, which I like.

So, yeah, unsolicited opinion, sorry about that. 
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Cool Post 
I guess if you have taken a huge break from Quake then most of the community work will be a massive surprise, and a good one too. Glad to see this old game still giving people joy! 
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