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Quoth 2.2 Single Player Map Timed To Music

This is like an arena map with events timed to the music, although i would say the focus is more on the music than anything else. And I wouldnt blame you if you said this was a joke map.

Proceed at your own risk:

Screenshots to give you a TASTE of what is to COME:
I didnt put a lot of screenshots because it would spoil the EXPERIENCE.

If you are gonna play this map take this into account:
*Dont pause the game in any way while you are in the map, this desyncs events timed to the music.
*Dont quickload a save of the map, You have to always start on the begining of it, as the music will also start from the begining too.
*This map ONLY AND EXCLUSIVE WORKS WITH Quoth 2.2. If it isnt played in quoth, the map breaks(This goes to "a moron of epic level that i will not name, but you probably know who I am talking about")
*If you cant get the music to work...get it to work
*This map contains flashing lights so look out for that.
*This is more of a recomendation but turn the music up before playing it.
I forgot to put this in the post but the map does support dificulty settings.. 
I'm surprised more people haven't commented on this one, here's my playthrough:

Playthrough with commentary

I thought it was a strange theme to say the least, but the map itself worked surprisingly well! Nice job! 
I think you'd like this one. One of a kind map. 
Really? Doesn't sound like my sort of thing at all, which is why I haven't played it. 
Finally Got Around To Play This... 
...And I enjoyed it very much!
I thought it was a really funny and unique map. It is a far cry from your standard Quake map but still well executed.

I sadly didn't manage to record a demo, since that would require me to pause in order to open up the console. I only died once in the "flooding room" (intentionally vague description due to spoilers) to a overwhelming number of dogs, but otherwise didn't encounter any troubles. 
Well, That Was Thoroughly Odd 
It's like a pigeon-milk themed amusement park ride. I like how the dogs' alert sound almost seemed like more percussion in the music track. 
I've heard you play similar music in your streams, that's why I suggested you may like it. 
Good To Know People Liked What Is Basically A Joke Map To Me. 
Considering the limitations of music playback in the Quake engine, you did a great job! Final part made me laugh out loud. Must have taken a lot of playing the whole thing over and over to get the timings right. 
I Had To Play Trough The Whole Thing, Something Like 50 Times Or More 
It made it incredibly time consuming to test it, so it is good to know you liked it. 
I'm mortally offended you think my taste in music is that bad. Cheesy pseudo-cybergoth disco EDM bleeeeeh.

And yeah it's a joke map. Not my thing at all. Still Nocloz can obviously create creative stuff. 
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