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Q1SP : Cloisterfuck By SHAMBLERNAUT
The Snaut is back with a new / old map. Finished last year and for some bewildering reason not revealed until now. It's a coppery castley medieval chunk of Elder World goodness with monsters and secrets and stuff. Go play!


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Didn't realize there was a second map until I clicked back to Quake after writing the review. The second map was absolutely awesome. Really loved it, especially the area with the maps. I wasn't a fan of the forced acid damage and there were a few acid death traps from which one cannot recover as far as I can tell. Also if you take the wrong door in the area leading to the pipes, you miss one of the buttons and you have to swim through acid to get back there, taking a lot of damage due to having already used the biosuit.

Found the secret exit early but reloaded in order to continue finding buttons. Only got 66/73 enemies. I found the super nailgun but I think that was the only other secret that I found.

In spite of the death traps and forced damage, I loved the layout and I really, really enjoyed this map. One of the better base maps that I've played. Well done. 
Nice Classic, Atmospheric Vibes. 
I had a good time with this map, but missed quite a lot of stuff apparently with 1/4 secrets and 61/86 kills. Although the map is quite dark at times, I liked the overall lighting and architecture, the dead trees in the beginning, and little details like that. Nice work! 
Yes Was A Cool And Proper Map. 
Felt a little bit like "E4 if it was done by someone with good taste". I felt it could have had more details and more variety in the outside scenes, but it was good overall with a decent style and fun fair combat.

There was a second map?? 
There was a second map??

I got taken to a very nice base map when I clicked through the end of map screen. 
WTF Is That Second Map!? 
Turns out that the second map was acidtrip/Organic Dissociation. I had it saved in my maps folder and Cloister transitions to acidtrip. I hadn't gotten around to playing acidtrip yet, which is why I didn't recognize it as a separate map. 
I couldn't help but be reminded of Soul of Evil from this map. Here's a playthrough
I Derped 
Missed a large chunk of enemies some where. Nice details, fun id feel but a bit dark at times. 
Forgot Vidya Link 
thanks for the play throughs and the comments guys :) 
A great, classic feeling map. Fun throughout, but I also missed all those monsters in the hidden courtyard. A shame, really. I only discovered their location after watching some YT footage.
My playthrough (with Polish commentary): 
Thanks for playing through, the only polish word I understood was kurwa... The playthrough was awesome, really entertaining. That lava fall XD

Don't worry about the secret, it was locked off after a certain point, and was kinda cryptic. 
Kurwa XD 
That's the most universal Polish word, heh.

Thanks for watching and of course for creating the map itself. I intend to catch up witch your previous ones... ;) 
It sucks that Polish is mostly known for a swear word. :-S 
only play acidtrip, thats the only one of my other maps that is worthwhile

the rest are all experimental garbage 
@Thulsa Well, I don't mind that at all xD

@Snaut I've seen some of your maps on your YT channel, I don't think I agree ;) 
I don't have a public youtube channel, you're probably getting me mixed up with shambler.

He's been lurking and reviewing maps since forever and has only recently gotten into mapping. His maps are very good fodder for your channel. 
You're Right. 
I've got you two mixed up indeed. Sorry about that.

Right, gonna give that Acidtrip a look xD 
Thanks Snaut! 
FWIW you streaming making Acid Trip was definitely a positive influence on me mapping and streaming. 
How Did I Miss This One? 
A very nice map Shambler. Good stuff all around, I especially liked the occasional view through the windows showing off a lot of the castle grounds in the distance, really made it immersive and feel as if I was traversing through the inside of a large fortress.

I was unable to find any secrets or the other monsters, sadly, as well as all the monsters and I didn't want to take up the whole demo trying to find them. But regardless nice job!

First run demo, hard skill: 
A very nice map SHAMBLERNAUT. 
yo, thanks for the demo... out of interest, what engine / mod did you record it with?

when I played the demo in QSS most of the func doors were borked 
Just the latest Quakespasm with no mods. 
As I've posted on Quaddicted:

'Played it twice since I couldn't reach the outside the first time around. Strangely, mixed theme works well. Enjoyable progression, albeit a little on the easier side. A fine map overall.'

Here is the third time's demo.
QS 0.93.1 (666) / skill 2 / 11 mins / 100%. 
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