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Sm197 Six Textures Pt2 Release
The Sinister Six Returns
(create a map using only six textures)


Screenshot poster thing
You forgot to add my map, which i sent to your e-mail. 
It Is Ok 
Thank for the close-up shot, i can see my teeth well enough that if it were a bit more i could check for cavities. 
Demos Of The First Version With Hig Quality Commentary And Gameplay 
The title says it all

The comments are in the demos

dont ask what happened in Greenwoods map
OR jcr 
Good Stuff. 
Really varied, some nice maps, and some fun gameplay. playthrough with commentary. 
Sinister Six? 
There are 9 lines in that list 😛 
It is talking about the textures 
Played A Few So Far 
I haven't finished this pack but I played through a bunch just now. I'll finish the rest soon.

Pinchy - Interesting texture choice, reminds me of some of a few really old maps that I've played. I think that combat would've been a lot more intersting with better ogre placement as many of them were positioned such that they ended up shooting grenades over my head most of the time. I've noticed that a lot of your maps are pretty open in that they don't really force the player along a particular pathway, and it makes for interesting situations but sometimes it makes it tough for me to find ammo or weapons. Still enjoyable with some good use of vores to keep me on my toes.

JCR - Good combat and platforming. I liked being provided with ample ammo for the grenade launcher. I had a little trouble with the final jump towards the exit. Ogre placement was perfect as raising one of the platforms pretty much completed the path for their grenades to reach me. Nice work.

Cocerello - I was a little surprised with how short this was but I still liked the concept of sneaking past the shamblers until getting the quads. Short but nice.

ww - Challenging map with a lot of enemies in tight spaces but doable. The map was the good kind of frantic and I liked the way that it started out since it prepared the player for what to expect.

ionous - I watched you make quite a bit of this and I still have no idea how you do it. If I wasn't explicitly told that this was a speedmap with only 6 textures, then I never would've guessed. The architecture and layout were extremely nice. A really excellent speedmap.

saila - Not too sure what to make of this since I think that it was even shorter than Cocerello's map. There was a lot of text and I didn't understand what any of it meant. The encounter with the vore and two knights was good though since it involved accounting for the vore balls while trying to avoid the knights in close quarters. I liked the lava damage at the end as well since my health was low enough that I was able to go out in a blaze of glory. 
Demos With Commentary 
I always forget what I like and dislike after I play each map so tried live commentary as I played. Excuse my loud ass blue switches in my keyboard. 
Just watched some of these, good stuff 
Take these critiques with a dash of salt. It's been a crappy week and I am not feeling myself today.

Artistical: beautiful construction but I kept falling. Not sure if I like reading that many messages... I'll come back to it when I am in a better mood.

Cocerello: died a few times until I noticed the Quads - then it got really fun. Ended too soon but good job for 2 hours.

Fairweather: Some great moments and some tedious combat here and there but I liked it overall. Please texture this one and do a proper release. The geo is too impressive to settle on this one.

Greenwood: you and I have discussed the map at length - go read up on Shambler's design theories!!

Ionous - such a gorgeous map (I am going to use your 6 textures as a base for something one day!) overall it's short but sweet.

JCR: I think this was my favorite of the pack. Had me on my toes. I did run out of ammo and could not hit an elevated switch with my ax at one point. The last jump took me quite a while to hit. Not enough health for nade jump.

Pinchy I died a few times before I realized what was going on with your layout. But after i got the hang of it this was a bunch of fun. Interesting theme, maybe a bit too bright but still a good map.

Saila - great looking and great storytelling... ended too soon for me but I agree with the comment above about the encounters. Good combat for only 7 enemies. I hope you keep mapping!

ww - neat design/look but had to save spam to finish this one. pretty devious traps etc. I resorted to some serious cheesing to complete it.

Congrats everyone! 
Artistical: A wondrous abstract, introspective experience. Love the Q.U.B.E-esque design and the custom music is a nice touch. It felt a bit too dark in many tight places, but the overall lighting was nice. I fell. A LOT. One time I fell straight into some lava. I think you’re always supposed to teleport back up to some platform, so I guess something went wrong. Anyway, lovely map.

Cocerello: It’s impressive that you pulled that off in 2 hours. I would not be able to do that myself. Was fun to blast everyone away with quad damage!

Fairweather: The whole time playing through this thing, I kept wishing that you used proper textures, because the architecture is so great in this map. The only way I could survive was through in-fighting, but I feel like that was maybe the idea. I’m not a fan of the craziness in the beginning, but I might have caused that myself. The ending was fun and the overall architecture in this map is awesome.

Greenwood: Crazy map! It was a bit tedious to get rid of all those ogres, but I led the Hell Knight outside and he gave me a hand. So many grenades bouncing around everywhere! It’s amazing how they almost always miss you if you just keep moving. Oh, there are 2 Silver Key doors in your map. I had to cheat for a second key.

Ionous: My favourite. The map was very short, but I loved everything about it. The architecture, the textures, lighting and also the enemy placement just felt perfect. Gorgeous and fun, but very short.

JCR: Nice map! It was a bit too difficult for me, but somehow I managed. I especially like the mechanics with the two ogres and platforms; simple, but created some interesting gameplay. That one jump towards the end with the globelight teleporters was hard. It took me a while to make that jump. I started thinking that the player has to use the momentum from the teleportation in order to get across, but I did make the jump without it in the end. I would have liked a bit more ammo in the beginning. Overall a very enjoyable and great-looking map.

Pinchy: I felt a bit overwhelmed and confused at first, but things became clearer after dying a few times, heh. Interesting use of textures. I fell like the lighting was a bit too bright overall, and too dark in some places, but it was a fun map, although a bit confusing at first.

Saila: Another favourite of mine. The storytelling was nicely executed, although I didn’t quite understand it. It was way too short, but I loved the architecture, the textures, lighting and also the enemy placement, and I love how it loads ionous’s map at the end and not the start map. Great work!

ww: Very good-looking map. I almost gave up on this one. It felt completely unfair to me and I kept dying, but I’m really glad I didn’t give up. This map is hard as hell, but it’s also great fun once you get the hang of it. Great stuff! 
Stream Time 
Don't have a lot to add that hasn't been said already, but I do have a couple of demos I had lying around and I forgot to upload, hope they can be of use.!zrglQaob!9f_TShg8ng_hrHlMxSyH6mVnskAQYpwg0Wm2hWMKnh4 
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