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Help To Id Mystery Maps From Alien Quake Russian Dreamcast Bootleg
So I played it more than a decade ago without even knowing it's a bootleg (4in1 Quake, Alien Quake, Raptors Quake, Dissolution of Enternity disc for Dreamcast - yep, totally legit :| ) until I tried to replay it recently and found out what mod version has less maps:

Start: Introduction -- by Gustav Tax‚n
Alien0: Storage Bays -- by Dave Wallin
Alien2: Power Station -- by Dave Wallin
Alien3a: Containment Area -- by Dave Wallin
Alien3b: Alien Extermination -- by Dave Wallin
Alien3c: The Garage -- by Gustav Tax‚n
Alien4: The LV-426 Medlab -- by Gustav Tax‚n
Alien5: Discharge Tunnels -- by John Diamond
Alien6: Central Command -- by John Diamond
Alien7: Entering the Lower Ducts -- by John Diamond
Alien8: Waste Disposal -- by John Diamond
Alien9: Alien Hive! -- by John Diamond
Secret level: CTV The Nostromo -- by Gustav Tax‚n
Deathmatch: The 20th Century Complex -- by Gustav Taxen

Bootleg version has these maps from Alien:

start - difficulty select from Quake Alien
alien3c - interesting, alien3a and alien3b are missing
alien9 - alien hive
nostromo - secret map from Quake Alien
dm1 - dm map from Quake Alien

And these mystery maps:


I'm 99% sure what cavers is from Shrak Quake because I played it a bit, but dunno where rest are from. They were probably added by bootleg creator because Alien mod was too short due being unfinished, not sure why alien3a and alien3b levels were removed though.

Here is link with ID3 folder in case someone want to check pak files. It doesn't work without ID1 folder nearby, doesn't work in quakespasm, but I managed to run it in darkplaces:!3wcBCIrR!MHSoggvpgfyduyVto3GeLdvU5utGFRI_U2Jgj-GdENo
No Idea. 
But this is a great thread title. 
Try posting this on Quaddicted forums or Tweet to Spirit. He might know how to solve this mystery. 
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