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Quake Sewer Mapjam!
Sewer maps! Love 'em or hate 'em, they're a classic of FPS level design, so come on down to the sewers: we all float here.

Starts July 28th and runs through August 31st at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time.

I don't expect anyone to use this whole month+ on a sewer map. The long deadline is so folks can fit a couple hours of mapping into their schedule, and so newcomers have more time to learn the basics.

Where do I submit?
You can email me with your map at, or send me a message on the Quake Mapping Discord.

What progs?
We're using a modification of the underwaterjam progs

What textures?
Use whatever you'd like, but we put together some wads to spark some creativity.

Anything else I should know?
- Have your level exit to "start"
- Name your map "sewerjam_[username]". For example, mine will be "sewerjam_yoder".
- Include a readme with your submission.
- If this is your first map, let us know so we can help!

More Information Here!
Dibs the play of "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties" as a mapname.
Also, please modify the prefix- sewerjam not only is too long for some names (such as mine) to work on certain systems, but breaks uniformity with hwjam, uwjam, dm4jam and so on.
swjam_ works nicely in that regard. 
Forgot to mention: I'll post the updated progs once they're ready. We're still sorting out a few changes, hence the start date next weekend. Feel free to sketch ideas in the meanwhile! The schedule isn't very strict. 
Maps must start with swjam_ 
"swjam_" prefix works. Will update the post on my site. If moderators here could change that in the main post as well, I appreciate it! 
Implement The Copper Drowning Health Regen Please & Thanks. 
Just Implement The Moving Water Into Copper Instead 
Nice One Dongalong. 
Probably not in but that's a good theme. 
Jam's Starting! 
You have until the 31st to get your maps in! Hop to it1 
^ To clarify, you have till August 31st! The jam runs all month, so remember to pace yourself :)

I also gathered up some reference images of sewer levels in other games, for those of you who find that useful.

Good luck everyone! 
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