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Halloween Jam 2019
Halloween Jam 2019 is upon us! Make something spooky, scary, or otherwise halloween-themed!

Mod and Assets:
As with last year's Halloween Jam, we'll be using AD 1.7. Here is the devkit, including custom models and some .wads to get you started.

NewHouse has some exciting plans for the start map, which means we need to know how many people are participating in advance. You can register to particpate Here. (Or, if you don't like forms, let me know and I'll add you manually.) The deadline for registration is September 30th.

The jam starts tonight, so feel free to start mapping!

The deadline for map submissions is October 26th, 11 PM Eastern Time (UTC -4), and you can submit your maps to me at or by sending me a message on the Quake Mapping Discord.

More Information Here!
I'll Join 
Ijazz here,finally going to make a map for hwjam2. 
Nice One. 
Not sure if I will join in, but there's a discussion channel set up anyway: 
Thanks Shambler! I've rejoined tf so folks can ping me there as well if they have map submissions or questions/concerns. 
Hoping to have the map pack out in a couple days, but in the meanwhile, here's a teaser trailer: 
On Fire 
Great vid! 
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