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Quake Speedmapping Pack 202: Recycled Garbage
Old, horrible levels remade and reborn into newer, possibly better versions.

Featuring 3 DM map from Cocerello, and 2 SP maps from Greenwood and Ionous.

Screenshot poster (courtesy of OTP):

UPDATE: high res poster

Download it here:
Two Quick Plays 
Do you have a lower resolution version of the poster? I can nearly make out structural features in that image. 
Best I Could Do 
Kinn: imgur shat all over the image as usual, so here's the original:

I only had 640x480 images supplied by ionous though, so that might not help a whole lot.

mfx: Fuck off. 
So that's what it looks like with linear filtering off! No wonder killes likes it. 
Thx Otp 
added high res image to the OP. 
For the demo (WW) and the high-res image (Metlslime).

Also, comparing the same area between the two map versions. 
I Like Mfx's Version Tbh 
Leaves your imagination to fill in the details 
Here's some of my playthroughs. I didn't include Cocerello's maps since they seemed to be DM focused. I'll see if I rope my brother into a few matches sometime... 
I'd be happy to play with you this weekend if we can make some time. 
Yeah, they are DM only. I preferred to work on more maps for this pack than to add singleplayer mode for them, even though i know the community is singleplayer focused.

They have been tested with Omicron bots so you can try that way too. They become a bit unfair on the third map but they play well on all. 
Duel With VuRkka 
We played the DM maps with VuRkka 
Thank You 
for the videos. Truth to be told i forgot about this pack. 
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