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ADSP: Adrift
This is my first released map for Quake, an abstract blue void level for Arcane Dimensions. I know I cant deliver anything close to the scale/polish of the stock AD maps, but I like its expanded bestiary and scripting possibilities. So I made a fairly straightforward & small-scale but hopefully still enjoyable map. 106 enemies on skill 2.
Uses textures from Heretic 2's Cloudhub set, as well as a few extras. Texture wads and map source included if you're interested in such things.


Interesing Stuff 
here is my demo (first run)

For a first map the brushwork and lighting is really nice.
The path of the player is sometimes confuse but it's ok you know where you need to go.

Adding a void, space or cloud skybox could be cool on this map.

I'm not a good player so I play in skill 1
I couldn't finish the map the end is too hard :
You put a shambler and a huge green shambler in a room where you can't hide with other enemies around, It was impossible to survive the end for me. (I'm waiting for others demo to compare :D)

I didn't understand how to get the yellow key.
I did a rocket jump to take it but I'm pretty sure that's not the good way.

Anyway the rest of the gameplay is good, even if I hate platforms. (it's stressing me so much when i'm recording a first playing demo).

Great job for the rest. I'll watch for your next stuff ! 
@here: You don't need to do rocket jump in order to take yellow key. Just shoot it, then it will fall down. 
Thanks for the demo Here. It is definitely possible to complete the end battle with minimal damage taken, you need to melee-bait the shamblers (while strafing to avoid the skull wizards) and pound them with the SNG. But i will tone it down for skill 1.

There was another shootable chain before that to help people understand the concept, but I guess it was too tucked away to notice.

Also, you can fall in the void once and it will teleport you to the start. After that it's death. Kind of like an "extra life". 
The map has been updated and the link can be found at

This is the final version barring any unknown major bugs. 
The link doesnt seem to work 
It seems the period at the end of my sentence was automatically turned into a link. Just remove the period and it works. 
I was a little lost without my shotgun, but it didn't stop me from having fun! Nice map! :) 
Thanks for the playthrough. Quite skilled if i might add. 
Ah I meant to post this a while ago! I played through this map finally: Playthrough 
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