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2019 Quake Christmas Jam
2019 Quake Christmas Jam
1024^3 maps for Arcane Dimensions

It's come that time again for everyone to cozy around the fire, cradle your shotgun and hold your compiler close! With how utterly amazing last year's pack was, there was no way we weren't coming back for another round.

As is tradition at this point the theme is simply size constraints, being a 1024^3 box. Along with being a good setup to allow people to work quickly, I've found that some of the best layouts happen within these tiny constraints (Regardless of how much people love spamming the smaller spider enemies).

Don't forget to use all the space. Use every vertical inch the constraints, allow, re-use areas, use the wonderful AD entities to change the layout and progression of the map itself. For reference, feel free to check out last year's Christmas Jam:

The deadline is December 15th

Send your completed maps to:
func DOT xmasjam2019 AT gmail DOT com
fw#1312 on Discord

- Maps need to be fully compiled, vised, lit and preferably tested. Skill settings and compatibility with AD 1.7 is also a must.
- If you need help with testing, post here and hopefully someone will assist.
- There is no limit to how many levels you can submit, however with the shorter time span it's recommended to stick to the one and polish it up.
- Your trigger_changelevel should have spawnflag 6 and return to start.bsp
- If you're not familiar with AD, you can find documentation, downloads and other resources here:
I am plenty excited for this. 
Two Tiny Requests Though. 
1. Winter themed maps are obviously a good fit for a winter timed jam but don't overdo it please.

2. Take it easy on the goddamn fucking spiders this time.

That is All. 
Better get working on Spiderbox 2019 (All Weapons In Secrets Special Edition) 
Shambler maps will always be accepted Spiders or otherwise. 
My favourite jam, have fun everyone! 
Sadly am not going to make the deadline on this one, I'd say my map is... 80% complete? Hopefully I can sneak in on any extensions. 
Sneak Peek
Here are some WIP screens, by the way. 
You have to finish it ! 
Unfortunately extensions simply cannot be a thing with the deadline being so close to Christmas. I have to package and ship this soon! 
Could you make a door for Pritchard's map (closed with wooden planks or something like that) on the start map?

This way, when Pritchard finishes his map, he can just release it as a DLC (with a start map without those wooden planks, so we can enter his level). 
dm4 jam had a 3 map dlc and it worked 
Mega Bump! 
I just played Pritchard's Biome map as found on Quaddicted:

And I just had to pop on here to say how much fun it was. There were a couple of glitchy bits (I fell out of bounds as I activated the robots, for example) but all in all it was a fantastic experience.

I'd love to see a whole map pack with this vibe and style. Great stuff and worth the wait. :) 
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