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Converting Worldcraft 1.6 .rmf To .map Files
Hi guys, I used to make Q2 maps many (22!) years ago and I have a bunch of maps made in Worldcraft 1.6a. The files are in the WC1.6 proprietary .rmf format but, unsurprisingly, Windows 10 tells me that the program (or its installer, at least) won't run on my PC, even in compatibility mode.

If I could convert them to the standard .map format, I could open them up in a more modern editor (e.g. Trenchbroom). Does anyone know of a converter tool?
...if anyone has Worldcraft installed and working, maybe I could send you my .rmf files and you could export to .map for me? Maybe? Pretty please? :) 
You Could Also 
install it on another computer, and simply copy paste the installation directory. I have a WC1.1 like that.

A last option would be to, install Jackhammer or WC3.3 with the Qadapter. Both should work.

It is strange that you even need to do any of this as Worldcraft also saves the maps on .map file.

But these things do not need a new thread. Next time you should put them on mapping help or in general abuse. 
Thanks And Sorry! 
Hey, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I don't have a spare computer running anything older than Win 10.

Yes, WC1.6 can export to .map but its default save format is .rmf. When you save a file, it doesn't automatically create a .map, you have to specifically tell it to export (which I clearly didn't do 15-20 years ago!).

I'll give Jackhammer or WC3.3 a try and I'll try to remember to use the correct thread in future.

Thanks again for your help! 
Just Two More Things 
i forgot:
If you convert them to .map in JACK, jackhammer or WC3.3 with the Qadapter, those .map files will not work well on WC1.6 (textures misaligned), as the .map format is not the same.
Also WC3.3 with the Qadapter will only work perfectly with Quake maps, not Quake 2's, but it could be used as a last resort.

I know it does not automatically save on both formats, but as every time it is compiled for testing a .map file is created on the same folder of the .rmf by default it seemed strange. 
Good To Know 
I think I'll get on just fine with J.A.C.K. - it's close enough to how I remember WC from all those years ago! :D

I don't think the texture issue you mentioned will be a problem, I'm not likely to be using WC1.6 ever again if it won't even run on Windows 10. I'm not going to dig out my old Windows XP CD just to run it lol

It's likely that I deleted map files after I was done testing them, especially as they sometimes only contained part of the level (i.e. I only compiled the area I was testing, for speed of compiling, hiding the rest of the map with visgroups). As such, I would always need to be able to work from the .rmf as the "master" file. 
Get in touch with me either discord Hydl (Orl)#3312 or email. I have Worldcraft 1.6 installed in a virtual machine and can convert those .rmf's to .map's for you. 
Hey Orl, Thanks! 
Thanks for the offer, I'll certainly keep it in mind! For now, it looks as though J.A.C.K. can handle the maps and it's a bit more modern of an editor (works OK under Windows 10 for a start). I've noticed it's mangled a few brushes but nothing I can't handle.

Cheers! :D 
That's Because 
the wad file which comes with WC1.6 is different. It also happened to me when i moved from WC1.1 to 1.6. 
I'm Noticing What You Mean... 
I'm starting to think that maybe JACK isn't too precise with my old works (that or I left them in a terrible state for no apparent reason).
I've had a map built for me by someone else suddenly leak because JACK messed up some brushes that worked fine before.
I've had other compile errors with maps that, again, worked before (at least, as far as I can remember - the last time I worked on them was about 15 years ago).
I've got brushes with the skip texture in front of light fixtures that look as though they were supposed to give some kind of fake volumetric effect. However, they no longer do anything and the skip texture doesn't give any clues... 
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